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World Records

What is the Widest Tree in the World? +  

The widest tree in the entire world is a European chestnut tree called The Tree of a Thousand Horses. It’s total circumference was more than 190 feet. The living tree with the world’s widest trunk is the Santa Maria Arbor del Tule, in Mexico. It’s circumference is 164 feet. This tree is over 2000 years old, a true marvel of all trees.

What is the World’s Tallest Tree? +  

The tallest tree in the entire world is a Sequoia redwood tree called Hyperion, measuring over 115 meters or 380 feet. This tree was discovered in Redwood national Park in the summer of 2006 and has been measured as the world'’ tallest living thing. This tree is estimated to be over 1500 years old all of the exact age cannot be determined until it dies.

What is the World’s Biggest Cancer Tumor? +  

The world’s biggest cancer tumor weighed over 300 pounds. It was removed from a woman’s stomach during a six-hour surgery. The tumor was so massive that it weighed almost twice as much as the woman it was removed from. The tumor removal procedure was performed in the Stanford Hospital in Palo Alto California in 1991.

Who is the World’s Richest Man? +  

The richest man in the world is William Gates III, more commonly known as Bill Gates the owner of the enormous software company Microsoft. Bill Gates owns a total of $40 billion. Bill Gates has more recently retired from Microsoft and devotes much of his time and money to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

What is the World’s Biggest Diamond? +  

The world’s biggest faceted diamond is called the Golden Jubilee and weighed a total of 755 carats (150 grams) when it was first discovered. This diamond was later cut down to size of 545 carats (109 grams). The Golden Jubilee is a brown diamond that was discovered in 1985 by a miner in South Africa.

What is the World’s Biggest Cigar? +  

The world’s biggest cigar measures over 6 meters long (about 20 feet). This ridiculously large cigar measures about 1 ½ feet in diameter and holds close to the exact same relative proportions to a regular sized cigar. It is made of tobacco and held in a wooden frame to keep it from losing its shape. The entire cigar ways about 300 pounds and is estimated to be the equivalent of about 4000 regular sized cigars.

What is the World’s Smallest Human Stomach? +  

The smallest human stomach in the world belongs to a Chinese woman named Cathie Jung. Her stomach measures just under 2 inches in diameter. Cathie Jung is 70 years old and has a 39-15-39 figure. Her stashing figures seems to be a combination of genes, lifestyle, and wearing a corset every day that has tightened to an extreme.

What is the World’s Biggest Human Stomach? +  

The title of the world’s biggest stomach goes to a Scottish man with a stomach that measured a little over 3 feet in diameter. His stomach was so voluminous that he could need more than 20 pounds of meat at one time. It has been rumored that there are people with even larger stomachs than these but they have not yet been officially recorded.

What is the World’s Biggest Hand? +  

The biggest hand in the world had a finger that measured over 12 inches in length, or 30cm. The total weight of the arm was 22 pounds (10kg). This unbelievably large arm belonged to Liu Hua from Jiangsu, China. He has since gone through a plastic surgery operation to reduce the mass of his hand by a full 13 pounds.

What is the World’s Longest Finger? +  

The longest finger in the world is a full 12 inches long from base to tip. That is over 30cm long. This enormously long finger belonged to Liu Hua from Jiangsu, China. he also had the World’s largest hand which weighed more than 17 pounds in total.

What is the World’s Biggest Hat? +  

The World’s biggest hat is 6m x 6m x 4 ½m in size. This comes to about 20 ft by 20 ft by 15 ft. The hat was created for the Middle East exhibition and conference for professions, education and training in 2006. This hat was unveiled in Bahrain and has been listed in the Guinness World Records.

What is the World’s Biggest Shoe ever worn? +  

The largest shoe that is actually regularly worn by a person is a size 37AA shoe. Robert Wadlow wears this shoe and measures over 8 ft 11 inches tall. Such an extremely large person is very rare and is the result of special genetic factors that cause extremely fast and unimpeded growth over the course of the persons developing years.

What is the World’s Biggest Cow? +  

The largest cow in the world is a Friesian cow named Chilli. He measure is over 6 1/2 feet tall and weighs more than a metric ton. Chilli is black and white and is the size of a small elephant. Most cows come to only about four or 5 feet tall but this one simply overshadows all of them with its enormous size.

What is the World’s Shortest Song? +  

The shortest song in the world is You Suffer by Napalm Death. It is less than 2 seconds long with these lyrics: “You suffer, but why”. While there are most likely songs that are even shorter and have even less content, this song was named as the World’s shortest song by the Guinness Book of World Records.

What is the World’s Longest Song? +  

The longest song ever recorded is “The Chosen Priest and Apostle of Infinite Space” by Bull of Heaven. The song is over 2 months long. Bull of Heaven is a noise band well known for their extremely long songs, many of which are several weeks long. The longest studio recording is Dragonsblood Incense by The Dragon Cult.

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