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World Records

What is the World’s Biggest Bicycle ever Ridden? +  

The biggest bicycle ever built was 25 feet 7 inches long and 12 feet 2 inches tall. This enormous bicycle was built by Didi Senft. This man has also built more than 100 other unusual bicycles, many of which have set other records. This is the largest bicycle ever built that has been ridden successfully by human. There are others larger that are not capable of being ridden.

What is the Biggest/Largest Baby ever Born? +  

The biggest baby ever born in the world waits 19.2 pounds. The baby was 2 feet long and was delivered by cesarean section operation. This is almost 3 times the size and weight of a normal newborn baby and is almost the same size as a child who is one year old. Such unbelievably large babies are incredibly rare.

What is the Longest Time Anyone has Held their Breath? +  

The longest time anyone has ever held their breath underwater was 15 minutes and 58 seconds. This record was set by a Lithuanian boy named Arvydas Gaiciunas. It was extremely dangerous and left him in the hospital after setting this record. This unbelievably long breath holding record was set in the summer of 2007.

Who is the Youngest Marathon Runner in the World? +  

The youngest marathon runner in the world was Budhia Singh, an Indian child only 4 ½ years old. He actually ran more than a marathon, totaling a distance of 40 miles. He ran this ridiculous length in May of 2006. The tiny marathon runner was sold shortly after childbirth for some of less than $20. This was before he’d run the marathon.

What is the Fastest Mile ever Run? +  

The fastest mile ever run by them human was 4:04.4 minutes. This unbelievably fast smile was rammed by Glenn Cunningham at the age of 28 in Hanover, New Hampshire. Less than 20 times in the history of racing has a man ever run a mile in under four minutes and 10 seconds. These ridiculously fast times require exceptional training and massive amounts of stamina and willpower.

What is the Longest Distance ever Run by a Human? +  

The longest distance ever run by a man was 226.2 miles. It was run by Dean Karnazes in a about 50 hours of non-stop running. He is also one of the first people to ever run a marathon in Antarctica, the coldest place on earth. Such truly long distances should not be run by normal human beings as they can cause extreme health problems if not very well trained.

What is the World’s Coldest Place? +  

The coldest place in the entire world is Antarctica, with temperatures dropping below -120 degrees Fahrenheit. The average annual temperature is –33 degrees Fahrenheit. Antarctica is inhabited only by penguins and seals in certain places along the coasts and is devoid of almost all other forms of life.

What is the Hottest Place in the World? +  

The hottest recorded air temperature in the world was 160°F in the Lut Dessert in the middle eastern country of Iran. The highest ground temperature that has ever been recorded with 201°F in death Valley national Park in the United States. This temperature was recorded in the year 1972.

What is the Deadliest Poison in the World? +  

The deadliest poison the entire world is a substance known commonly as nerve gas. It takes less than five molecules of nerve gas to be a completely lethal dose. Nerve gas works extremely quickly, killing in some cases in less than a minute in the majority of cases no longer than five minutes. Nerve gas only exists in a weaponized form in the possession of certain military research groups.

What is the World’s Unhealthiest/Highest Calorie Food? +  

The unhealthiest food in the entire world is, you guessed it, raw cooking oil. Cooking oil has a total of 1990 calories per 216 grams, with more than 35 grams of saturated fat. An even more unhealthy version of this is in its hydrogenated state. This gives it cancer-causing attributes as well as making it even more saturated and high in cholesterol.

What is the World’s Lowest Calorie Food? +  

The lowest calorie food in the world is a Japanese group called Konnyaku or Konjac. A 100gram serving of Konnyaku has 6 calories. To make this even better, Konnyaku are very filling because they are extremely high in dietary non-digestible fiber and so they keep you full for a very long time making the perfect diet food. Konnyaku usually comes in either a jellylike block or in the form of noodles.

What is the World’s Healthiest Food? +  

The title for the world’s healthiest food is tied between several foods in their natural forms. These foods are nuts, cow’s milk, berries, natural meat, and beans. These foods are extremely low in sugar and high in important nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, calcium, antioxidants, and protein. The combination of low glycemic index due to the low presence of sugar give these a particularly healthy quality.

What is the Smallest Living Thing in the World? +  

The smallest living thing in the world is a single celled organism called a Nanobe. Nanobes are one tenth the size of the smallest of all bacterias. They are made out of filaments and are found in rock and sediment and were first discovered in 1996 by the scientist Philippa Uwins of University of Queensland. Viruses can also be considered to be the smallest living organism however there is much debate as to whether or not they are actually living.

What is the Biggest Living Thing in the World? +  

The world’s biggest living thing is a giant fungus in the Malheur National Forest, Oregon. It spans a total of 2200 acres of area or just short of 9 km². This enormous mushroom is of a special species called Armillaria Ostoyae, or Honey Mushrooms. There has been some debate as to whether or not this mushroom is indeed one organism or many together in a colony.

What is the Smallest Tree in the World? +  

The world’s smallest tree is the Dwarf Willow, growing to a height of less than 5cm when fully matured. This tree grows in the frozen tundra of the Northern arctic regions. These trees tend to spread out along the ground a little bit, but never grow much taller than 5 cm in height. This is officially the shortest tree in the world when fully grown.

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