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What is Chablis?

The definition of Chablis is a type of dry white wine that is grown and produced in and around the Chablis town in France; Chablis is located inside the larger Burgundy region. Virtually all of Chablis wines are made using Chardonnay grapes, and are renowned for their fragrant, pure aromas and flavors. This is due in part to the cooler climate of this region, which produces a greater concentration of acidity in the final one product. By French law, only wines grown in this area may bear the Chablis name on the wine label. The area includes seven grand cru designated wines, including for example: Les Preuses and Bougros; the region also includes tens of premier cru designated wines as well.

Chablis WineChablis Wine

by Margaret Walker on Tue, 12/15/2009 - 07:22

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