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What is Bella's Choice?

Many people have heard about Bella’s Choice when it comes to the Twilight series, but few people know what it means. There is often much speculation about it often centering around her choice between Edward Cullen and Jacob Black, the two prominent male characters in the series. Still others believe that relates to her choice whether or not to abstain from sex and follow Which will she choose?Which will she choose?Edward Cullen’s wishes involving purity and religion. However both of these are in fact wrong. The truth of the matter is that Bella’s Choice revolves purely around her decision of whether or not to live her life freely as the human but give up her love and romance with Edward Cullen or to succumb to her passions and follow him into a life of vampirism and darkness. It is not an easy choice for a free life as a human entails so many hardships when put into perspective with her romance with Edward Cullen. For example they cannot have sex and he is afraid of hurting her. However the opposite choice is also quite difficult for is a one-way street and once you become a vampire there is no cure. Additionally vampires are looked upon with suspicion, sometimes envy as well as fear. As well it involves giving up some part of her innocence and humanity to achieve this. In the end she chooses her pure and amazing love with Edward over her humanity and does in fact become a vampire.

by Brandi Roberts on Mon, 12/07/2009 - 02:28

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