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What Will Make My Car Insurance Go Up?

Here’s a list of potential factors that will affect your car insurance.
1. The price of your car – the more valuable your car the more your insurance
2. Accidents—car accidents increase your insurance significantly
3. Age—if you are below the age of 25 you will have much higher insurance
Accidents have a serious affect on your car insurance rates.Accidents have a serious affect on your car insurance rates.4. Moving violations and DUIs—having traffic tickets and arrests on your record will increase
5. Credit rating—having a low credit rating generally increases your insurance
6. Safety features—car alarms and other safety features help to lower your insurance
7. Gender—women have slightly lower insurance rates than men
8. Marital status—being married generally reduces your insurance rates

by Margaret Walker on Thu, 12/10/2009 - 07:26

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