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Twilight vs. Harry Potter

According to recent figures the Harry Potter book series is still outselling that of the Twilight series. In this vein, Harry Potter is beating Twilight to the spot of the decade’s most sold book series. However, in theatres, with the release of Twilight: new moon, twilight is rapidly catching up to Harry Potter in terms of ticket sales.
Which side will you choose?Which side will you choose?Proud fans of the Harry Potter series claim that these two general trends imply that Twilight fans are only interested in the attractive actors that play the roles and not in the stories themselves. They go on to say that Twilight fans are illiterate and lazy when compared with Harry Potter fans seeing as they don’t even read the book series that their movies are based.
Angry Twilight fans have countered with claims that the Harry Potter series’ subject matter is designed for children and does not touch on the more mature themes that the twilight series does. As well they say that the romantic relationships developed in twilight as well as the depth of the characters themselves is much more sophisticated and detailed.
The more recent shift of critics of the Twilight series centers around the potential homosexuality of one of the series’ main characters: Edward Cullen. They assert that Cullen’s only interest in Bella Swan is that of a cover for his own gay tendencies and that he fears the repercussions of being openly gay. They support this with the fact that even though Edward as the body of a 17-year-old boy he is not interested in sex with Bella and that his reasons of abstinence, purity, and safety are merely thinly veiled excuses to cover his own gayness.
Anti-fans of Harry Potter have complained that the series is too melodramatic and light. They believe that it is unrealistic. As well they also criticize the series’ romances as being based entirely on convenience for the plot rather than any actual connection between the characters.
As tensions mount between the fans of the series, which side will you choose in this war between vampires and wizards?

by Claire Evans on Mon, 12/07/2009 - 02:32

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