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What is the Average Cost of Cyclohexane per gallon? Average Cyclohexane Price +  

Cyclohexane has two important uses: in the chemical industry as a nonpolar solvent and in the industrial production of two intermediates used in the production of nylon. It is mainly obtained by reacting benzene with hydrogen and it cannot be easily extracted from natural sources, in the manner that benzene can be obtained. It is a colorless liquid with a sweet odor. It is a hazardous substance, which is an irritant for the eyes and mucous membranes and it can cause narcosis if exposed to high concentrations. The average price of cyclohexane is 400 cents/gallon

What is the Average Cost of Sodium Carbonate? Average Sodium Carbonate Price +  

The synonym for sodium carbonate is washing soda or soda ash. It is mainly known for its use as a water softener in the household. Naturally it can be extracted from plants and ashes, but it is also produced synthetically from limestone and table salt. It is used in the glass industry, as an agent to remove limestone found in coffee pots, kettles and espresso machines. It is also used as a food additive, stabilizer and anti caking agent. The average price of sodium carbonate is $280/ton

What is the Average Cost of Phosphoric Acid? Average Phosphoric Acid Price +  

Phosphoric acid is a mineral acid that has the chemical formula H3PO4. Phosphoric acid can be found in its natural state in many fruits and vegetables. On an industrial scale it is produced from phosphate ore. Phosphoric acid is a colorless liquid used in fertilizers, detergents, flavorings and medicines. It can also be used to remove the rust by direct application to affected areas. Food additive studies have shown it to have negative effects on kidney health. It is a cheap and accessible substance. For example a bottle of 500 ml can be bought for as low as $20.

What is the Average Cost of Staurolite? Average Staurolite Price +  

Staurolite as a metamorphic mineral is mainly used by the mineralogists to determine the degree of metamorphism. It is popular due the fact that its crystals are tinned and form the shape of a cross. Its name comes from the Greek “stauros” meaning cross and “lithos” meaning stone. It can be found in regional metamorphic rocks along with other minerals such as kyanite, micas, biotite and sillimanite. In Christianity it is associated with the symbol of cross and good luck. A specimen of 35 mm staurolite is sold for $55.

What is the Average Cost of Dolomite? Average Dolomite Price +  

Dolomite was named after Deodat de Dolomieu, a French mineralogist, and it is a sedimentary rock that forms minerals. It is a very common rock and can be found all over the world. It can be found in hydrothermal veins, metamorphic marbles and replacement deposits. It is usually colorless or white, and it is rarely found in its pink variety. It is used as an ornamental stone and as a source of magnesium oxide. The average price of dolomite is $40/ton.

What is the Average Cost of Sillimanite? Average Sillimanite Price +  

Sillimanite is also called Bucholzite and like Kyanite and Andalusite is an alumino- silicate polymorph. It was described for the first time in 1824 and was named after the American chemist Benjamin Silliman. There are known two varieties of sillimanite: traditional and fibrous type, both of them occurring in sedimentary rocks. It has a white, brown or green color, with a vitreous luster for the traditional sillimanite and silky when it is fibrous. It is rarely used as a gemstone and as a mineral specimen. A small specimen of sillimanite weighing 0.8 pounds can be bought for $31.5.

What is the Average Cost of Kyanite? Average Kyanite Price +  

Kyanite is a blue silicate mineral that often occurs in sedimentary rock and in metamorphic pegmatites rich in aluminum. The name of kyanite comes from the Greek word “kuanos” that means deep blue. Kyanite is used in the ceramic industry for the manufacture of porcelain dishware, but it is also used in electronics. As a gemstone it has a limited usage due to its anisotropism and perfect cleavage. Usually it can be found in a blue color but it also occurs in white, green or grey color. A 37 grams piece of kyanite can be bought for $42.

What is the Average Cost of Syenite? Average Syenite Price +  

The name “syenite” comes from Syene, a city in Egypt, where a lot of historical monuments are made of a stone like Syenite. It is an intrusive igneous rock which has the general composition similar with the granite, only that the quartz is either present in small amount or is absent. Syenite is rich in alumina and alkalies and contains a moderate quantity of silica. It has a granular texture like granite but is less common. The average price of Syenite is $450/MT

What is the Average Cost of Nepheline? Average Nepheline Price +  

Nepheline, also called Sodium Potassium Aluminum Silicate, is a mineral from Silicates class that occurs in volcanic and intrusive rocks poor in silica. It is used as a mineral specimen and as a material for different types of ceramics and glasses. There are known two varieties of nepheline which are very different in appearance: glassy nepheline which has transparent and colorless crystals, and elaeolite characterized by a greenish or grey color with a greasy luster. Nepheline is not sold for commercial purpose.

What is the Average Cost of Dimension Stone? Average Dimension Stone Price +  

Dimension stone is any type of stone, igneous, sedimentary or metamorphic rock, that is cut, trimmed or drilled in order to obtain blocks of different sizes and shapes. When selecting the type of rock an important criterion is the durability, the color and the texture. Granite, marble, limestone and sandstone are the most known rocks used as dimension stone. It is produced in states such as Indiana, Georgia and Wisconsin. The average cost of dimension stone varies depending on the type of the stone. For example for granite the price is $30 to $60 per sq ft.

What is the Average Cost of Ball Clay? Average Ball Clay Price +  

Ball clay is a very rare mineral that cannot be found in many places. Its name comes from ancient times, and it refers to those specialized tools used in mining in order to extract the clay in cube shapes of 30cm. Because of the handling the corners of the cubes became rounded and took the shape of a ball. The most important deposits of ball clay are found in Devon and Dorset from where are they exported to over 80 countries for the manufacture of washbasins, wall and floor tiles and tableware. The average cost of ball clay is $70 per ton.

What is the Average Cost of Clay? Average Clay Price +  

Clay is a mixture of aluminum silicate minerals such as silicic acid and natural salt, which contains silicon, aluminum, manganese, titanium, potassium, calcium and sodium. It is also rich in active biological substances, mineral salts and trace elements such as magnesium, barium, beryllium and iron. Egyptians used clay to preserve mummies, and the Romans used it during bathing. In ancient scrolls were found clay recipes for the treatment of various external or internal swelling, infections, abscesses and intestinal disorders. The average cost of clay is $35per ton.

What is the Average Cost of Carbonatite? Average Carbonatite Price +  

The main composition of carbonatite is calcite which have an igneous origin. Carbonatite is an intrusive or extrusive rock which sometimes is confused with marble. It consists more that 50% carbonate minerals and less than 10% SO2. On the earth there is only 330 carbonatite localities, most of them being shallow intrusive bodies of igneous rocks rich in calcite. Only one volcano of carbonatite has erupted so far. It is the Ol Doinyo Lengai volcano in Tanzania. Carbonatite is usually not sold for commercial purpose.

What is the Average Cost of Brine? Average Brine Price +  

The ingredients needed to obtain brine are water and salt. Brine it is a liquid mainly used to preserve different food items such as vegetables, fruits, meat and fish. It is also used to increase the taste of Feta and Halloumi cheese or to preserve it. In some kitchens brine is used to marinate different types of meats such as chicken, turkey, duck or pork meat. Another use of brine refers to large refrigeration installation in order to move heat from one place to other. A ton of brine cost $16.

How to get Your Old Dog to like Your New Dog +  

Older dogs typically lose the habit of ‘being young’ once they get accustomed with the human way of life. Although you cannot prevent the dog from ageing, you can get new zest in its life, especially when it is beginning to droop and slouch for most part of the day. One of the easiest ways to get the old dog to behave young is by bringing home a puppy and seeing to it that a healthy camaraderie builds between the two pets. Agility and new habits can change the outward look of a dog immensely.

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