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What is the Project Natal Release Date? Xbox 360 Add-on Price and Specs +  

The highly anticipated Project Natal system for the Xbox 360 has a projected release date of Holiday, 2010. This will likely lead to a release in November, 2010 but it could happen as early as September, although game consoles are rarely launched that early in the year.

What is the HP Envy 14 Release Date? +  

The HP Envy 14, the new updated version of the Envy series of laptops, has a scheduled release date of June, 2010 in the United States.

The HP Envy 14 is quite similar to the Apple MacBook Pro. It has a metal case (magnesium alloy instead of aluminium), glass screen, backlit keyboard, and high-speed specs. The laptop will be priced to start at $999.00 (US).

Is it good to discharge batteries all the way? +  

The age-old question: should you discharge Lithium-Ion batteries all the way? The answer is no. The more you use a Lithium-Ion, or Li-on, battery, the more it will chemically degrade overtime. Therefore you should charge it as soon as possible, performing a so-called "shallow discharge".

Can the iPad run Windows or Mac programs? +  

With the launch of the popular Apple iPad, many potential users are wondering whether their existing desktop applications will run on the device. The short answer is no, your existing applications will not run on the iPad.

What is the average CPM for banner/display ads? +  

Online publishers and advertisers often have one burning question in common: what is the average CPM (cost per thousand impressions) for the niches they are interested in? What is the average Internet-wide?

This is a complex question to answer as obviously the most direct answer is "your results may vary" depending on various factors such as ad network, content niche(s)/keywords, location, banner placement/site layout, etc.

iPad Website Compatability Check without an iPad +  

Many web developers want to check that their website will work on the iPad without actually having to go out and buy the device.

There are several ways to do this. First, you can consider getting the Apple development tools which includes an iPhone/iPad emulator (including the browser). Note that this will require a Mac.

How to create iPad webclip home screen icon for website? +  

To create an icon for your website, all you have to do is the following (very similar to creating an Internet Explorer-supported icon).

First, create a 45x45 pixel icon and save it in PNG format. You do *NOT* need to make it have rounded corners and shiny - the iPhone adds that automatically.

Second, put this in the root of your website (top level). Be sure to name the icon apple-touch-icon.png.

That's it!

In case you don't have access to the root of your folder (e.g. you are using Blogger, etc.) then you can the following tag to the header of your website:

Is the iPad compatible with Verizon Wireless? +  

The Apple iPad is available in a 3G model which includes both Wifi access and cellular data so you can use it anywhere. At the moment, the 3G model only supports AT&T and is not compatible with the CDMA Verizon network.

The Apple iPad connected to Verizon Wireless -- the best of both worlds!The Apple iPad connected to Verizon Wireless -- the best of both worlds!

Diablo 2 Respec Cost: Repeatable Respecialization Using the Horadric Cube Recipe for the Token of Absolution in Patch 1.13 +  

While it is abundantly clear that it is possible to respecialize your character in Diablo 2 since patch 1.13, what is not clear is how to do it besides the Den of Evil quest. The alternative and repeatable method uses a Horadric Cube recipe to create a special item called the Token of Absolution. Here is how to perform a respecialization in three easy steps:
How to respecialize more than once in Diablo 2How to respecialize more than once in Diablo 2
1. Collect the following ingredients (drop rate is about 1 in 13 for each)

What is the Microsoft Courier release date? +  

The Microsoft Courier is the much-rumored, much-hyped but as yet unannoucned Microsoft response to the Apple iPad. The Courier folds up and has two screens, rather than one, allowing it to fit into a more compact space, but adding moving parts for the exchange. The Courier has no announced release date. However, recent rumors suggest that the device will launch in late 2010 in time for the holidays, and in time to begin competing with the Apple iPad which will be launching in April.

How to boost/increase sound volume in Windows? +  

On many setups, particularly laptops, when watching a DVD or other naturally quiet video/audio item it can be very difficult to hear, even when every slider is cranked. Luckily, in Windows Vista and Windows 7 there is an easy fix that doesn't require you to install any new software.

Bosting your sound volume in Windows to an increased level -- this is how to do it!Bosting your sound volume in Windows to an increased level -- this is how to do it!

Simply follow the following steps:

- Open the control panel

- Click on Classic View

- Click on Sound

What is the next-generation iMac release date? +  

The Apple iMac was updated recently (October, 2009) with a new screen, a multi-touch mouse, and several other features. As a result it is currently in the center, or so, of its product cycle. It is therefore probably a safe time to buy as the next update will likely be in approximately 125 days (4 months) from the date of this writing. Therefore if you just can't wait to get your hands on that multi-touch mouse, now is the time.

Next-Generation iMac release date -- what is it?!Next-Generation iMac release date -- what is it?!

How many Blu-ray movie titles are available/been released? +  

The number of Blu-ray movie titles currently available on store shelves is approximately 6,000. This is a small fraction of the number of titles available on DVD, but is quickly growing and now includes many old movies. As studios are able to charge a premium for Blu-ray movies, and also like the idea of being able to re-release old movies on Blu-ray, the number of titles is assured to continue growing.

How many Blu-ray titles have been released?!How many Blu-ray titles have been released?!

Apple iPad Preliminary Review +  

"The last time people were so excited about a tablet, there were some commandments written on it." -The Wall Street Journal

iPad pictureiPad picture

So does the Apple iPad live up to the hype? The Internet does not appear to think so. The consensus seems to be the following:

- The iPad unveiling was underwhelming/was overhyped (like Obama's first year in office)

- Not clear yet whether it is good for reading books but is probably much better than Kindle for textbooks

Alternatives to Fancast +  

Fancast is a very popular site for watching TV shows, televised events, news coverage, movies and other video content. However, it does not always work perfectly for some users, and it does not work on several popular devices.

Here are some alternative sites with similar content -- listed below.

Hulu is one possible alternative to FancastHulu is one possible alternative to Fancast

This site has much of the same content available.


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