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How to Disable Aero Shake Gesture in Windows 7? Stop/disable shake minimize all windows +  

Ah, Aero Shake. Why are you so annoying? Follow this simple guide to turn this feature off once and for all.

Aero Shake Gesture -- How to disable it?!!Aero Shake Gesture -- How to disable it?!!

- Hold down the Windows key and press R. This will open the run window.

- Type gpedit.msc and press enter.

- Now select User Configuration, then Administrative Templates, and then Desktop

- Scroll down and choose "Turn off Aero Shake window minimizing mouse gesture"

- Double click on it

How to Check Free Disk Space in Linux? Remaining space available +  

The easiest way to check for free disk space in Linux is by using the DF command:

df -h

Simply type this command into a terminal and press enter. The -h option adds a human readable output. Run the command in the mount that you want to see. You do not need to run it in the top level; you can run it anywhere in that mount and it will show the free disk space available, as well as the total.

How to fix PHP mail() function slow with sendmail problem +  

The PHP mail() function with sendmail can become slow or get blocked if the /etc/hosts file is not configured correctly. What is happening is that the mail() function is being blocked and forced to timeout based on this information. Check that the /etc/hosts file is setup with the correct hostname. If you are not sure how to do this, you may want to call customer service for your web hosting company and ask them to help you with it.

What is the Virgin Galactic SpaceShip Two 2 Release Date? Service Launch Date +  

Virgin Galactic's SpaceShip Two has a rumored release date of late 2010 to early 2011. However, given that the spaceship is being built from scratch by Mojave Aerospace and Scaled Composites, delays are possible. Nevertheless, the company is taking new bookings on their website. No publicly announced dates are available, but flight testing of the two-part spaceship continue and are expected to accelerate through the next few months.

How to fix OnLive error code a25? Logging in error, username and password error +  

For those lucky enough to be in the OnLive a25 public beta, things usually work quite well. However, sometimes either of the following can happen:

- Error a25 (shown in gray, at the bottom, left corner) "An Error Has Occurred" You have been disconnected from the OnLive Game Service. Would you like to reconnect?
- Invalid Email Address or Password (even though you repeatedly type in the correct password)

If either of these errors occur, then you should try the following:

Does FaceTime work Over Verizon Wireless MiFi? +  

Apple FaceTime on the iPhone 4 does indeed work on Verizon Wireless using a MiFi. All you need to do is get a MiFi from Verizon Wireless, connect your iPhone 4 to it over WiFi, and connect. Here is a video demonstrating the feasibility of this. This video was recorded in the United States. It may not work as well for international video calls.

Why Xbox 360 Kinect Needs to Have Apps, Too +  

You've probably heard about Microsoft's attachment for the Xbox 360 called Kinect, which can sense full body motion and gestures. We ran a computer simulation of what Kinect with an App Store would be like, and we think the results speak for themselves:

What is the Motorola Droid 2 Release Date? +  

The Motorola Droid 2 has a rumored release date of July, 2010, putting it within range of the iPhone 4 launch, potentially doing attempting to take some sales away from the Apple's juggernaut. The phone is rumored to have a 1 Ghz processor and 512 MB of RAM, making it one of the more powerful smart phones on the market. A price and official release date have yet to be confirmed by Motorola representatives. The video below shows leaked footage of the highly anticipated phone. The phone will be an exclusive for Verizon Wireless, which owns the Droid brand name license.

Apple iPhone 4 Sales +  

The Apple iPhone 4 is set to go on sale in June, 2010, however it was briefly available for pre-order through AT&T for 1 day. During this time, over 600,000 phones were sold in a single day, crashing AT&T's signup servers repeatedly, resulting in the pre-order process being down throughout the day for most people. AT&T has now announced that they have already pre-sold all of their inventory and are no longer offerring pre-orders of the highly-anticipated phone. Apple's website has also stopped taking pre-orders.

Microsoft Kin Sales - Latest Report +  

UPDATE: The latest breaking news has announced that Microsoft will be cancelling the KIN line of devices completely due to poor sales (see below). The company will not even bother with the planned European launch of the devices later this year based on the poor North American sales.

What is the Nintendo 3DS Release Date? +  

Nintendo's highly anticipated 3DS has a rumored release date of before the end of Nintendo's fiscal year, which is March 2011. The latest rumors put the release date of the next-generation DS at holiday, 2010. Since the original Nintendo DS was launched in the U.S. rather than Japan, it is likely that Nintendo would follow the same model with the 3DS.

Nintendo 3DS release date -- what is it?!Nintendo 3DS release date -- what is it?!

iPhone 4 Full, Detailed Specs +  

Here we'll cover the major features, but also go over some of the smaller improvements and changes as well.

First, the hardware. The iPhone 4 has glass on the front and back of the phone, and the sides are made of stainless steel. No plastic here, this is a classy piece of hardware. In comparison, most other smartphones are made primarily out of plastic, which scratches easily and also feels somewhat cheap.

Will the iPhone 4 be coming to Verizon Wireless? Latest rumors +  

When Apple unveiled the iPhone 4 today, the one question on many potential buyer's minds was: when will it come to Verizon Wireless? In the United States, the iPhone 4 is exclusively available for the AT&T network which is widely regarded as being inferior and slower than the Verizon Wireless network. Indeed, Saturday Night Live, The Daily Show, and many other popular comedy shows have made fun of the poor quality of call reception and data download speeds on AT&T.

Export Bookmarks to CSV Format Add-on for Firefox +  

Kay Circle has developed its first Add-on for Firefox! This plugin will let you export all your bookmarks to CSV format with one click.

Screenshot: Export Bookmarks to CSV Format with One Click!Screenshot: Export Bookmarks to CSV Format with One Click!

Simply go to the Tools menu, choose Export Bookmarks to CSV, and a Save As dialog box will appear. Choose a name, and your bookmarks will be exported to Excel-compatible CSV format.

Does Redbox have Blu-ray Discs? +  

Redbox does not currently have Blu-ray discs, however they reportedly will begin offering Blu-ray discs soon for $1.50 per rental in the United States. An exact date for the launch of Blu-ray on Redbox has not been set, but will likely be in the next 3 months (by August/September 2010).

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