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How to make a CSS style: external CSS style sheet help +  

To make a CSS style, first create a CSS style sheet, perhaps called styles.css and put it in the same directory as your HTML page. Then reference it using the following tag:

< link href="style.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" media="screen" >

Once you do that, edit the CSS file. Add any styles that you would like to have, such as:

a:link {
COLOR: #0000FF;

Once you do this, load the page in a browser to test it. Your new external CSS style sheet should now be visible.

C# WPF global exception handler catchall +  

Rather than manually try/catching everything, for some purposes, it can be appropriate to create a global exception handler using Application.DispatcherUnhandledException. This is an event that is called when an unhandled exception occurs. At this point you can eat the exception if desired, and attempt to continue operation of the program. Note that control flow of the program will be affected.

Netflix Streaming-only Plan Release Date? Information +  

It is rumored that Netflix is preparing a $7.99 and an $8.99 streaming-only plan, that is, a plan that does not include mail-order DVDs or Blu-ray discs. This plan would be cheaper than the $9.99 streaming + DVD plan that is currently offered. Given that there is little profit margin left in an $8/month plan, this may remain a rumor. It is currently undergoing testing, with no firm release date yet announced.

Press Release: Target is First Mass Retailer to Offer Social Network Connectivity at KODAK Picture Kiosks +  

Guests Can Now Print Photos from Facebook® and The KODAK Gallery in Target Stores

MINNEAPOLIS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Today Target® announced that KODAK Picture Kiosks featuring Social Network Connectivity are now available in most Target stores nationwide. With this new offering, Target guests can use KODAK Picture Kiosks to access and print online photo albums directly from their Facebook or KODAK Gallery accounts.

"We're proud to partner with a retailer like Target that truly understands the needs of their guests in today's digital world."

What is the Mac OS X 10.7 Lion Release Date? +  

The sequel to Mac OS X 10.6, dubbed Mac OS X 10.7 Lion has an anticipated release date of Summer, 2011. Apple is not currently providing a more precise release date than that.

The operating system will feature the Launchpad, which is an iOS-style grid of icons, and support for full-screen apps and an app store.

What is Zero Point Energy (ZPE)? Definition +  

Zero Point Energy is defined as energy resident in the vacuum, that is, "empty" space. Rather than being truly empty, the vacuum is a place of extensive activity in which virtual matter-antimatter particle pairs are created and destroyed randomly. The energy of the vacuum cannot be directly observed, but its effects on other phenomena in the universe can be observed. The Casimir effect is a well-documented result of Zero Point Energy.

What is the Blackberry Playbook Release Date? +  

The greatly anticipated iPad competitor by RIM, the Blackberry Playbook has an anticipated release date of Q1 2011 in the United States. Other release dates for other territories are not yet announced as of this writing.

What is the Nissan Leaf Release Date? +  

The highly anticipated all-electric Nissan Leaf has an anticipated release date of Q3/Q4 2010. Nissan is currently accepting reservations online and at dealerships and is investing in a broad publicity campaign that includes test drives around the country.

What is the HP webOS 2.0 Release Date? +  

HP webOS 2.0 (formerly Palm webOS 2.0) has a scheduled release date of October 19, 2010.

What is the Windows Phone 7 release date? +  

it has been rewritten Windows Phone 7 will have a release date in Europe before the United States. They currently were murdered release date for Windows Phone 7 will be November 8 in North America, launching on AT&T. the devices will include Zune music sharing capability, Web browsing, and multi-touch gestures. the operating system will launch on HTC devices, as well as potentially Samsung-based devices.

How to stop/prevent HP ENVY 14 from taking focus on volume key? HP ENVY 13, 14, 15, 17 Volume Takes Focus Laptop +  

The HP ENVY 14 (and ENVY family in general) is a great laptop, but has one huge annoyance: when you press Volume Up or Volume Down, a bar appears and TAKES THE FOCUS away from the running application, closing full screen video and minimizing full screen games.

We have the fix. Luckily it is simple.

- Click the Start Menu
- Type System Configuration
- Press Enter
- In the screen that appears, click Startup
- Uncheck the item called HP MediaSmart SmartMenu
- Click OK
- Restart your computer

Here is a screenshot of what that looks like:

What is HP Order Dropped to Factory Status? HP order status +  

When ordering a computer -- such as a desktop, laptop or server -- from Hewlett Packard (HP), there are a number of status messages which will appear in the online screen. HP's Order dropped to factory message means that the order has been approved by sales and has been sent to the factory's queue for production. This message means that it is currently queued for production, but that production on the laptop has not yet begun.

What is the iOS 4.0 for iPad Release Date? When is iPhone 4 OS for iPad Coming Out +  

Apple has announced that iOS 4.0 (previously known as iPhone OS 4) will be available for the iPad in the fall. In the mean time, several small service releases are available for the iPad. However, iOS 4.0 is currently only available for iPhones, not the iPad. The delay is due to additional work that is needed to tailor iOS for the iPad. It is rumored that additional features will be added to the iPad version that are taking longer to complete.

What is iPad Not Charging Indicator? Problem Charging iPad with USB Ports on Computers +  

The Apple iPad requires 10 watts of power to charge. As a result, it will refuse to charge from many USB ports on computers, even some MacBook Pro models. If you cannot charge your iPad from the computer then this is the problem. To charge the iPad, you should use the included wall charger.

Do you need an Intel Xeon CPU to have dual processors? Are Xeons required for dual processor motherboard? +  

You do indeed need to buy Xeon processors to configure them in a dual processor (as opposed to dual core) configuration. Xeon processors are generally more expensive than non-Xeon (e.g. Core/Pentium) processors. Xeon chips have a certain flag set on them that will cause them to be recognized as Xeon CPUs by a motherboard and then run in a dual configuration. One alternative is to consider AMD solutions.

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