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Charge Phone without Charger +  

A phone can be easily charged by plugging it into to a laptop or a computer’s USB port. However, some mobiles do not have this provision. For such cases, open the mobile casing to reach its internal wires. You will need to take out the phone battery first. You will find red and black wires in the mobile, which will have to be connected to the strands of a USB wire before replacing the battery. For this you can use any USB wire which is okay to rip apart at one end. Switch off the mobile before beginning this operation.

How Can I Stop My Neighbor from Using My Wireless Connection? +  

Since wireless connections provide facility over a considerable area, your network may be accessible for your neighbors, especially if you do not have wireless network security on. If you feel they can begin to depend on your wireless connection without paying, make sure that your network security is protected. If the network security is off, it becomes very easy to copy the connection number which is rightfully associated with the wireless network. Network security does not allow others to copy that number.

Best Way to Treat Your Computer +  

When a computer is not in use for a few minutes, its screen usually goes off. In MAC one can switch it back to the last screen by pressing the power button only, which is a less laborious way. However, for PC, one may have to ensure a proper turning off mechanism, without which the computer remains on in spite of the screen going off. Making sure the computer is turned off saves electricity bills and keeps the computer away from fatigue.

Adding Extra Graphics Card To Laptop +  

A laptop comes with motherboards that house the main functional chips of a computing machine. In order to improve graphical quality on the laptop screen one may need to replace the graphics card. Although a replacement of the graphics card may not be possible in most laptops, some have ports to support an external graphics card. Changing the card on the motherboard will require the owner to refer to the laptop makers who will do the needful hopefully.

Will Stainless Steel Spark? +  

Stainless steel produces some sparks, but fewer sparks than other metals. The volume of sparks produced by stainless steel highly depends on its carbon content. In spark testing, stainless steel produces bright yellow color stripes with a small leaf like structure. In a 300-series stainless steel, the sparks are not that much dense. They are orange or straw in color. 310 series stainless steel produces red to orange color sparks that are shorter and thinner than the 300 series ones.

Will Stainless Steel React With Copper? +  

Stainless steel reacts well with copper. Copper based stainless steel cookware is a popular choice among many cooks and homemakers. Stainless steel offers a pleasant appearance and is durable, too. When it comes to good heat retention, however, it does not fair as well. Stainless steel cookware that comes with copper base helps to cook food more evenly without getting troublesome hot spots along with cooler areas. It responds quickly to temperature changes as well.

Will Stainless Steel Attract a Magnet? +  

Stainless steel is made up of iron, chromium and some other elements like carbon. As the major portion in it comprises iron, it can potentially attract a magnet. You can also find some types of stainless steel that do not attract a magnet strongly. Stainless steel containing nickel do not attract magnet. They are ideal for practical home use. However, most of the stainless steel has metallic structures that offer them some magnetic properties.

Will Stainless Steel Conduct Electricity? +  

Stainless steel can conduct electricity. In fact, most of the metals have the ability to conduct electricity. The ability of stainless steel to conduct electricity varies, according to the level of chromium coating on it. Copper can conduct electricity much better than stainless steel, however, if that is your goal. It is also less expensive than stainless steel as well. It is also easier to solder and clamp copper. Hence, copper is the best choice for conducting electricity.

C# Excpetion Manager: Block and Log Unhandled Exceptions +  

Program crashing too much? Fix it now without fixing the bugs with Exception Manager, our first open source C# library. You can choose whether or not to log, and whether or not to show a dialog box. Exception Manager only activates when not running in debug mode, so it does not interfere with your normal debugging routine.

Finally, it is implemented as just a single class, so integration is very simple.

Available for download now from Code Plex. Should work to Visual Basic as well.

Integration Instructions

What is Avatar Kinect? +  

Avatar Kinect is a rumored new feature, to be unveiled at CES 2011 by Microsoft, that will allow users to control their avatars in an online interaction space using their bodily movements, as tracked by Kinect. In essence, it might be quite similar to PlayStation Home, except that your avatars would be controlled by your body, including being able to walk around, shake hands, etc. It is possible that various cross-avatar activities would be available in this mode as well.

Tesla Model S Release Date +  

The highly anticipated luxury sedan from Tesla, the Tesla Model S, has a scheduled release date of Q1, 2012 according to the company. The announced plan is to begin production in Q4, 2011 and release the car the following year. However, financial problems may delay the eventual release. It is possible that the recent initial public offering will raise enough funding to foot the $300 million bill to begin full-scale production of the Model S.

Is Water an Organic Compound? +  

Water is made of hydrogen and oxygen and so it is not an organic compound. An organic compound will necessarily contain a carbon atom. Organic substances imply a molecule with carbon. The foods we eat are made of organic compounds and chemical tests will ascertain how much organic substance every food contains. Drinking water contains high level of volatile organic compounds that can prove harmful to human health.

Is Water a Compound? +  

Water is a compound, having two hydrogen elements and one oxygen element. In other words, water is a compound because it is made of more than one element. It is not a mixture because it only contains one type of particle that is water molecule. A molecule is formed when two or more atoms join together chemically. A compound is a molecule that contains at least two different elements. Very importantly, all compounds are molecules but all molecules are not compounds.

Is Water Polar? +  

Water is polar molecule as the electro negativity of oxygen is greater than that of hydrogen’s. Water is made up of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. The ability of one atom to attract an electron pair towards it is known as electro negativity. Hydrogen atom gets partial positive charge owing to lesser electro negativity, whereas oxygen atom attracts electron pair and gets the partial negative charge. Thus water molecules become a polar molecule. Firm hydrogen bonding exists between the water molecules.

Is Aspirin Polar? +  

Aspirin or acetylsalicylic acid (ASA) is non-polar, although it does have one alcohol group. The molecule is regarded non-polar owing to the large section of non-polarity. It will have a slight dipole but not enough to cause hydrogen bonds. It is slightly soluble in water that is less than 0.1 g per/100 ml at 23 degree C. Since it is non-polar, it is otherwise insoluble in water. Also, when aspirin hits acid pH in the stomach, it can lose hydrogen that can change the polarity to become more soluble.

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