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What is the release date of Guild Wars 2? +  

Guild Wars 2 is currently under development and is anticipated to have a release date of 2010 or 2011. The highly anticipated game from NCSoft will feature a fully persistent world and likely will not have a monthly fee.

Guild Wars 2 release date -- what is it?!Guild Wars 2 release date -- what is it?!

When is Halo: Reach coming out? +  

Halo: Reach, the next installment of Bungie's epic shooter is currently set for a Q4, 2010 release date. Halo: Reach is a prequel game that is said to not feature Master Chief but will instead introduce new characters.

Halo: Reach -- what is the release date?!Halo: Reach -- what is the release date?!

What is the release date of Diablo 3? +  

The release date of Diablo 3 has been shrouded in mystery since Blizzard originally unveiled the ongoing project. In the past Blizzard has often said that their products are released "when they are ready" and that is likely to be no exception here. Current estimates put the release date at late 2010, or likely 2011.

Diablo 3 release date -- what is it?!Diablo 3 release date -- what is it?!

When does God of War 3 come out? +  

The much-anticipated release date of God of War 3 has been shrouded in mystery for some time. However, the latest intel suggests that it is likely to be released by Sony in Spring 2010.

The release date of the much anticipated God of War 3 is rumored to be in Spring, 2010The release date of the much anticipated God of War 3 is rumored to be in Spring, 2010

What is the release date of Starcraft II? +  

Starcraft II, the greatly anticipated sequel to the original Starcraft game, widely considered to be a Blizzard masterpiece, is set to be released in the "first half" of 2010 worldwide. This updated release date is after several delays, however, this is the current publicly available/listed release date for Starcraft 2.

The Starcraft 2 release date is the first half of 2010The Starcraft 2 release date is the first half of 2010

When will the next generation iPhone, the so-called iPhone 5G, be released? +  

The iPhone has been on a yearly product cycle; the original iPhone, iPhone 3G, and iPhone 3GS were all released in the United States in June or July over the summer. Thus, given that the iPhone exlusivity agreement with Verizon is set to expire in 2010, and Verizon's very public indications that it wants the iPhone (the iPhone is only available on AT&T in the U.S.), and the iPhone's past history of being updated once a year, it is reasonable to hypothesize that the next iPhone, also called the iPhone 5G, for 5th generation, will be released over the summer in 2010.

Alternatives to World of Warcraft +  

Many who play World of Warcraft realized early on that they are addicted to the game and need something else to focus their attention on or are so enthralled by the game mechanics that they seek other MMORPGs to fill their time. There are many good alternatives to WoW. Guild Wars is a highly recommended one as it is similar in many ways to WoW’s gameplay style and yet does not come with a lot of the unpleasant grinding and time-consuming issues so closely related to WoW.

How to help to protect yourself from identity theft with a paper shredder +  

Identity theft is a serious problem in the modern era. The advent of the information age, combined with organized crime, has produced a dangerous environment for your identity. Although there are certainly no guarantees, and you might consider getting identity theft insurance, one thing that can certainly help is getting a paper shredder. Paper ShredderPaper Shredder You should use it to destroy a whole your monthly bills, credit card offers, and other paper-based sources for critical personal information.

A short guide to frequent flyer programs and getting upgraded to first class for free +  

If you're a frequent flyer, the airline you pick and its corresponding frequent flyer program will have a big impact on the benefits you receive. Each frequent flyer program is different, and offers unique benefits. First ClassFirst Class Indeed, the benefits listed on the website of many frequent-flier programs is so complex and labyrinthine that can be very difficult for a new member to decide which program to go with.

Swiss Legend Watch Review +  

Swiss Legend watches have been rising in popularity over the last few months. This is because of their extremely high standards of quality in their products as well as their very reasonable prices. The accuracy of these watches seems almost second to their undeniable sense of style. They actually looked as though they are worth much more Swiss Legend watches are all the rave.Swiss Legend watches are all the rave.than they actually cost. Many more expensive watches and up falling short in terms of looks and life span.

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