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How Can I Get on AirG from my Computer? +  

If you want to chat on AirG and want to get on it from your computer, it can be done easily. Firstly, you should go to Mozilla website and search for the AirG add-on. Now, you should install: XHTML Mobile Profile 0.5.3 which is a WAP add-on and enables you to read XHTML with your version of Firefox. Here, you will have to install another add-on also which is ‘Quick Preference Button 0.1.8’ from the web address: Now go to the option ‘Prefs’ in the menu bar and select ‘Spoof’. You should make it highlighted and click on ‘Keep Out’.

Why Can’t I Hear Anything on My Laptop? +  

Sometimes you are not able to hear anything on your laptop. This type of problem may be related to your audio devices or digital output. To fix this issue, you should first go to the ‘Start’ menu and then to ‘Control Panel’. Now you should select the option ‘Sound and Audio Devices’. Here, a box will open having a volume tab. Click on the volume tab then select the option ‘Advanced’. Here you will see a ‘Play Control’ option. Click ‘Options’ and then check ‘Advance Controls’. Now, go to ‘Properties’ and mark all options. Then click ‘OK’ button. Make sure that you have not muted any option.

Syncing Someone Else's iPod to my iTunes +  

In order to allow someone else’s iPod to have your iTunes list, you can simply drag and drop the songs from your iTune to your friend’s iPod. This is possible in spite of the fact that your friend’s iPod will not have the same user identity. This also means that automatic sync is happening without any problem. However, for older iPod models, it can be difficult to transfer songs without deleting the entire iPod content before synchronizing.

Send Pictures From Computer To Phone +  

It is easy to transfer pictures from a computer to a phone using Bluetooth or a USB wire. Since a USB wire may not be at hand every now and then, it is useful to have a phone that has Bluetooth activated while transferring. Basic phones lack Bluetooth, but it is important to have it installed in at least one computer that you access regularly. A phone that comes with picture-viewing facilities usually supports Bluetooth.

I Lost My Phone, Can I Track It? +  

Although phone tracking has been a commonly heard phenomenon in the digital market, only high end phones like the N95 support tracking. However, with most other phones, all you can do is report about the loss and block your SIM card. Triangular technologies in mobile tracking are applicable only to security and emergency services as of now. Although there is no US legislation barring users from owning traceable phones, the system’s inclusion might make mobiles very expensive.

How To Format Gateway Laptop? +  

In order to format a Gateway laptop, you may need to format the whole hard drive space. This means changing the partitions and deleting all data from the computer. If you do not want to change the partition and keep the data drives untouched, simply follow the instructions after inserting a Windows boot CD. That will help format the systems drive and delete all temporary and downloaded files, unless you have saved anything in ‘My Documents’.

How To Connect A Laptop To A Car +  

Being able to connect a laptop to your car depends on the model and make of the vehicle. Some cars may have a laptop port, which draws power form the car battery. A simpler alternative may be just a space for keeping the laptop and working on it conveniently. As a matter of fact, you will not need to connect the laptop for interaction with your car’s intelligence as maps and guides on the car’s screen will appear as long as the systems are provided by speed shops.

How Do You Copy A Dongle? +  

Dongle purchasers have to agree to usage policy even as they spend about $3,000 buying it. If you go to, the user agreement documents do not allow the copying of a dongle. Abridged dongles are also expensive and cost about $500. However, tweaking the dongle’s circuitry, especially if they are RS-232 or IEEE 1284 can help you restore the dongle, especially if it gets damaged, or does not allow the router or any other device to work. Getting another copy of a dongle is difficult and expensive.

How Do I Unlock My Ipod? +  

Although earlier iPod’s did not provide this facility, the newer models such as iPod Nano, Full-size iPod and iPod 5th Generation allows a 4-digit code that only the user may know when he or she needs to use the device. In order to unlock, you can connect the iPod to the computer and disconnect. However, that is not a permanent solution, and you may not have a computer every time you want to listen to music. However, you can ‘restore factory settings’, which will delete all songs. However, a back of your collection on iTunes will save you from hassle.

How Do I Retrieve My Messages From Another Phone? +  

At times one may be using two mobile phones. One of them may be away in a locker or a safe while only the other phone may be allowed on certain premises. If you need to divert the messages in the phone that is not with you to the phone that is with you, it may be difficult. An easier way to know the messages is by activating touchtone, and dialing the other number. After that, you need to hit the ‘#’ key, which may be the pound key in some cases. The voice-recorded message will automatically start playing.

What Are Some Good Earbuds? +  

The best earphones or earbuds for listening to music come from Apple and Bose. Excellent quality and light-weighted earbuds are available for less than $100, as models such as Etymotic ER6 continue their successful runs in the market. Good quality earbuds also come from Sony, and they cost less than $50. However, the output power for cheaper earbuds is generally lower than earbuds from Apple. It is important for good quality earbuds to have adequate insulation.

Are You Able to Print From an Ipad? +  

Apple’s IPad allows wireless connection to printers. However, wireless printing is possible only with printers that come with the tag “Air-Print possible”. The IPad comes with a port at the bottom, very similar to the iPod. One can use IPad’s USB wire. However, the end which plugs into the Apple device is different from the usual USB port. While air printing is possible only with printers installed in MAC systems, the IPad can be connected to any printer using the wire.

How to Charge a Phone without Electricity +  

You will not need an electric point or a plug point for charging your mobile phone. If you have a powered laptop that sustains on its own battery, you can easily connect your mobile via USB wire. Although some phones may not have a USB port, one end of the USB wire can be stripped to connect to the mobile’s battery terminals. One may also be able to charge a mobile phone without USB wire, although induced charging may require some expertise as well as apparatus.

Charge Phone without USB +  

Phone chargers and USB wires are apparently essential for charging phones. However, if none of them is available, one can resort to a method called e-Coupling. It is important to use the right devices as it involves intricate cancellation and amplification of minute electromagnetic fields. One needs an enclosure such as a bowl or a large cup to truncate and concentrate the electromagnetic fields so that they start charging the mobile phone well enough. This requires another electronic device in no apparent connection with the phone.

Charge Phone without Plugging It In +  

A phone is easy to charge if you do not have a phone charger to plug in. All you need is another electronic device as years of research have rewarded mankind with the possibility of charging mobile phones through the ether. Electromagnetic induction is the basic process that allows the charging, while it is made strong enough by a method called e-Coupling, so that charging has an effect that is palpable. Without e-Coupling, the electromagnetic fields are negligibly small for charging.

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