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Religion and Mythology Terms

Is Jacob Black Going to Steal Bella Swan? +  

In Twilight, with the relationship related difficulties between Edward Cullen and Bella Swan, there has been much speculation as to the increasing importance of Jacob Black. Theatrical experts agree that there is a strong possibility that in the next Twilight film Eclipse, that the screenwriter and director may deviate from Don't do it Bella! You could lose Edward forever!Don't do it Bella! You could lose Edward forever!the original novel’s story. They suggest that the abstinence that Edward so eagerly insists upon will drive Bella away from him.

Twilight vs. Harry Potter +  

According to recent figures the Harry Potter book series is still outselling that of the Twilight series. In this vein, Harry Potter is beating Twilight to the spot of the decade’s most sold book series. However, in theatres, with the release of Twilight: new moon, twilight is rapidly catching up to Harry Potter in terms of ticket sales.

Is Edward Cullen Gay? +  

There is evidence that the vampire Edward Cullen of Twilight and Twilight: New Moon may be gay. While it is well known that Edward carries on a romantic relationship with Bella Swan it does not in fact prove that he is straight. There is much evidence that can be found that demonstrates that he may in fact be homosexual.

What is Bella's Choice? +  

Many people have heard about Bella’s Choice when it comes to the Twilight series, but few people know what it means. There is often much speculation about it often centering around her choice between Edward Cullen and Jacob Black, the two prominent male characters in the series. Still others believe that relates to her choice whether or not to abstain from sex and follow Which will she choose?Which will she choose?Edward Cullen’s wishes involving purity and religion. However both of these are in fact wrong.

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