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Do Vampires Turn Their Lovers Into Vampires? +  

With the recent rise in knowledge concerning vampires in general and vampire love affairs in particular, there has been much question as to whether or not vampires turn their lovers into vampires as well. Some experts agree that the most important aspects of answering this question revolve around the relationship held between a couple. If the relationship is passionate and intimate without much regard for danger and risk then the conversion of one’s lower into a vampire certainly becomes a stronger possibility.

Vampire Forms +  

Vampires can take on a variety of different forms depending on their magnitude of power. The most well-known of these forms is that of the vampire bat. This form can be taken almost instantly by all but the weakest of vampires and can be quite useful in gathering information, transportation, and escape. However the bat is also considerably more fragile than a vampires normal form and so extreme caution must be A vampire in bat form.A vampire in bat form.taken.

Real Vampires: Porphyria +  

Most people know about vampires and most of those people that they are not real. However there is scientific evidence to the contrary. There is a very rare disease called porphyria that has little recognition at large. However certain experts in vampires believe strongly that it is porphyria that is the cause of vampirism.

Proof that Vampires Exist 1  

There has been much speculation throughout the course of history as to the existence of vampires. There are of course the skeptics who say that there is no way that such a fantastical paranormal being could exist and they seem to have a good point. However there is actually quite a lot of evidence that would support the existence of these creatures. Among this evidence there are three types: physical, written historical, and forensic.

How to Kill Vampires +  

Vampires are among the most dangerous creatures to ever stalk the night and as such you must be prepared to face them. Vampires are very strong, extremely fast and can withstand all but the most powerful of forces to their specially evolved bodies. They can kill you with but a thought, a gesture of their hand to something so fragile as a human opponent. A Medievil vampire hunting kit, complete with stakes.A Medievil vampire hunting kit, complete with stakes.They can convert your friends and families into armies of the undead to aid them in attacking you.

How to Recognize a Vampire 1  

Knowledge is the most important weapon in the war against vampires. To be able to fight and survive against these creatures you must be able to identify them or your ignorance may get you killed. If you suspect someone you know is a vampire then you should apply the following information. If that person seems to have larger canine teeth than they should is a good initial Keep it close and you'll be safe.Keep it close and you'll be safe.indication that something unnatural might be going on.

How Do You Cure Vampirism? +  

Vampires are well-known to spread their affliction via the biting of their victims neck. What is much less known is the cure to this infection once it has taken hold. Scientists, historians, and powerful vampire hunters have over the ages put together theories as to what would constitute a potent enough chemical Garlic is an important part of the cure.Garlic is an important part of the cure.solution that could cure this ailment. The majority of work on this matter has involved small amounts of well known ingredients that actually kill vampires.

Does Sex With a Vampire Turn You into One? +  

There are many schools of expert opinion as to the effects that sex with a vampire has on the human partner. They generally agree that the effect is different depending on what gender the partner is. A male vampire with a female human is theorized to result in more dramatic effects. Internal ejaculation has been rumored to cause bodily changes in the woman sometimes even completely converting them into a vampire.

Can You Have Sex With a Vampire? +  

The Twilight Saga has us all asking the question: Can you have sex with a vampire? While it seems extremely dangerous and reckless to consider such a course of action the actual act of sex with a vampire is quite possible indeed. The sexual organs of a vampire are unaffected by his transformation from human into his empty or form and us remains a viable mate for a human.

Becoming a Vampire +  

Vampirism has been documented as being contracted in several ways. The most well-known way is that of the vampires bite the neck. Experts believe that this causes specific viruses that are present in vampire saliva to make contact with the victims blood stream and shortly after causing them to be infected by what has The thirst is overpowering!The thirst is overpowering!become known as the vampire’s disease, porphyric hemophilia.

Will Edward turn Bella into a Vampire? +  

With the recent events in the Twilight series, it has been brought into question: Will Edward Cullen turn Bella into a vampire? In Twilight New Moon, Edward makes an agreement with the vampire coven Volturi that he will convert Bella into a vampire. He is forced to do this as a condition for them to release them from capture. As such The choice is hard!The choice is hard!it is a coerced agreement and so Edwards honor code may go against this decision.

Are the Twilight Vampires Based on History? +  

The question has often been asked but never fully answered: is Edward Cullen of the Twilight series based on historical figures? The answer is in fact yes. Edward Cullen is based on a composite of two historical people of note. The first and most obvious of these is that of Count Edvard Draculia. It was upon this The modern movie version of Count Draculia, a bit far from the facts.The modern movie version of Count Draculia, a bit far from the facts.Transylvanian count that the character Dracula was most likely first created.

Will Edward and Bella Ever Have Sex? +  

Will it ever be possible for Bella Swan and Edward Cullen to have sex? There are a number of heavy obstacles that lie in their way. First and foremost there is Edwards own concept of purity and abstinence. If the two of them are ever to get together intimately Edwards will have to put aside his strong moral belief system and get into the passion.

What Beauty Products does Bella Swan Use? 1  

Bella Swan of the movies Twilight and Twilight: New Moon has used a wide variety of hair care products over the course of her appearances in the series. Perhaps the most striking of these and its effects is the Organix hair care set then many experts agree is the product in question. The coconut Bella puts the Organix Hair Care Set to amazing useBella puts the Organix Hair Care Set to amazing useflavored set which is based with palm and coconut oil as well as flaxseed gives Bella’s hair a unique and quite chic look.

Was Twilight Inspired by The Crow? +  

The rising popularity of the movie series Twilight has resulted in growing speculation as to its content. Many people believe that the darker elements and twilight and a generally Gothic theme as a background for a pure Romance may have had outside inspiration. The question is being asked: is Twilight inspired by The Crow? Sources who say that it is draw attention [img_assist|nid=138|title=The Crow in all his dark glory!

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