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abook Linux Command Reference Example: command man page +  


abook - text-based address book program


abook [ OPTION ]


This manual page documents briefly the abook program. This manual page was written for the Debian GNU/Linux distribution because the original program does not have a manual page.

abook is a text-based address book program. It contains Name, Email, Address and various Phone fields. It is designed for use with mutt, but can be equally useful on its own.


-h --help

Show usage.
-C --config
Use an alternative configuration file (default is $HOME/.abook/abookrc).

abicheck Linux Command Reference Example: abicheck command man page +  


abicheck - check application binaries for calls to private or evolving symbols in libraries and for static linking of some system libraries.

abicheck [-h] [-k] [-a] [-I] [-v] [-f listfile] [-o outfile] [-p pattern] [-e pattern] [-j njobs] [-l library] [-L ldpath] [(-s|-S) dbfile] [(-d|-D) dbfile] [-O dbfile] [-A listfile] files

abicheck is run on application binaries and issues warnings whenever any of the following three conditions are detected:

abcde Linux Command Reference Example: abcde command man page +  


abcde - Grab an entire CD and compress it to Ogg/Vorbis, MP3, FLAC, Ogg/Speex and/or MPP/MP+(Musepack) format.


abcde [options] [tracks]


Ordinarily, the process of grabbing the data off a CD and encoding it, then tagging or commenting it, is very involved. abcde is designed to automate this. It will take an entire CD and convert it into a compressed audio format - Ogg/Vorbis, MPEG Audio Layer III, Free Lossless Audio Codec (FLAC), Ogg/Speex, MPP/MP+(Musepack) and/or M4A (AAC) format(s). With one command, it will:


abc2midi Linux Command Reference Example: abc2midi command man page +  


abc2midi - converts abc file to MIDI file(s)

abc2midi infile [refnum] [-c] [-v] [-ver] [-t] [-n limit] [-RS] [-quiet] [-Q tempo] [-NFNP] [-OCC] [-o outfile]

The default action is to write a MIDI file for each abc tune
with the filename N.mid, where is the filestem
of the abc file and N is the tune reference number. If the -o
option is used, only one file is written. This is the tune
specified by the reference number or, if no reference number
is given, the first tune in the file.


abc2ly Linux Command Reference Example: abc2ly command man page +  


abc2ly - manual page for abc2ly (LilyPond) 2.10.33


This program converts ABC music files (see to LilyPond input. Options:
show program's version number and exit
-h, --help
show this help message and exit
-o, --output=FILE
set output filename to FILE
-s, --strict
be strict about succes
-b, --beams=None
preserve ABC's notion of beams

abc2abc Linux Command Reference Example: abc2abc command man page +  


abc2abc - a simple abc checker/re-formatter/transposer

abc2abc file [ -s ] [ -n ] [ -b ] [ -r ] [ -e ] [ -t semitones ] [ -nda ] [ -u ] [ -d ] [ -v ] [ -v] [-nokeys] [ -nokeyf] [ -usekey(sharps/flats)] [ -OCC ]

abc2abc is a simple abc checker/re-formatter/transposer. It will check whether the file given on the command line obeys basic abc syntax.

If you want to check an abc tune, it is recommended that you use abc2midi with the -c option. This performs extra checks that abc2abc does not do.

ab Linux Command Reference Example: ab command man page +  


ab - Apache HTTP server benchmarking tool

ab [ -A auth-username:password ] [ -c concurrency ] [ -C cookie-name=value ] [ -d ] [ -e csv-file ] [ -g gnuplot-file ] [ -h ] [ -H custom-header ] [ -i ] [ -k ] [ -n requests ] [ -p POST-file ] [ -P proxy-auth-username:password ] [ -q ] [ -s ] [ -S ] [ -t timelimit ] [ -T content-type ] [ -v verbosity] [ -V ] [ -w ] [ -x -attributes ] [ -X proxy[:port] ] [ -y -attributes ] [ -z -attributes ] [http://]hostname[:port]/path

aaxine Linux Command Reference Example: aaxine command man page +  


aaxine - an ASCII art video player


aaxine [aalib-options] [-A] [-a] [-R] [MRL...]


This manual page explains the aaxine program. Aaxine, is an aalib based frontend for libxine, a versatile video/multimedia player.

aaxine is for those who don't have a high end video card, but just want to watch DVDs on their good old vt100 ;-)

aafire Linux Command Reference Example: aafire command man page +  


aafire, aainfo, aasavefont, aatest - aalib example programs

aafire [options]
aainfo [options]

aasavefont [options] file_name variable_name long_name short_name

aatest [options]


This manual page documents briefly the aafire, aainfo, aasavefont, and aatest programs.
All of these programs exist to demonstrate the capabilities of the aalib library, an ascii art library.

aafire displays burning ascii art flames.

a52dec Linux Command Reference Example: a52dec command man page +  


a52dec - decode ATSC A/52 audio streams

a52dec [-h] [-s [track]] [-t pid] [-c] [-r] [-o mode] [file]

'a52dec' plays ATSC A/52 audio streams. Input is from stdin if no file is given.
display help and available audio modes
use program stream demultiplexer, track 0-7 or 0x80-0x87
-t pid
use transport stream demultiplexer, pid 0x10-0x1ffe
use c implementation, disables all accelerations
disable dynamic range compression
-o mode
use audio output driver 'mode'.
A list of modes is available using the -h option.

a2x Linux Command Reference Example: a2x command man page +  


a2x - convert Asciidoc text file to PDF, XHTML, HTML Help, manpage or plain text




a2ps Linux Command Reference Example: a2ps command man page +  


a2ps - format files for printing on a PostScript printer


a2ps [OPTION]... [FILE]...


Convert FILE(s) or standard input to PostScript.

Mandatory arguments to long options are mandatory for short options too. Long options marked with * require a yes/no argument, corresponding short options stand for 'yes'.


display version
display this help

report guessed types of FILES
report the full path of library files named FILES
report the full path of library files matching FILES

Bluetooth Tethering for iPad: Can you Tether the iPad to an iPhone 3G/3GS/4? +  

The iPad does NOT currently support bluetooth Internet tethering, so you will not be able to connect it to your shiny iPhone 4 to share its Internet connection. To get online in the great outdoors on the iPad, you will unfortunately need to buy the expensive 3G version.

Deer Hunter: African Safari for iPad Review +  

The latest installment in the long-running Deer Hunter series, African Safari for the iPad pits you against a good array of exotic creatures. Your hunting skills will be tested as you bring down Zebra, Buffalo, Lions, and Elephants (although no deer). The gameplay is simple but polished, allowing for tight control and easy aiming. The graphics of this title are quite excellent and place it near the top of the list in terms of iPad graphics. Unfortunately, there are some negative aspects to the game as well. Much of the cooler weapons and gear are only available by paying additional money.

Skee-Ball for iPad Review +  

At first glance, Skee-Ball for the iPad might seem too simplistic to be worth your time. This is definitely not the case. One of the most addictive and entertaining games available for the iPad, Skee-Ball draws you in quickly with a low learning curve and has you earning prizes in no time. Gameplay is as simple as drawing a quick gesture with your finger to launch your ball. A great array of winnings keep you coming back for more. Unlike many other iPad games, Skee-Ball does not suffer from any instability and crashing issues that plague many titles.

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