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Why Plastic Junk is Coming to a Kinect Near You, and Why the Controllerless Console Won’t Remain that Way for Long +  

Microsoft introduced a revolutionary controllerless device: The Kinect Sensor, which has been met with lots of willing buyers. But will it really remain controllerless?

We believe publishers will sooner or later (read: sooner) realize: why charge $50 for a Kinect Game when you can throw in some cheap plastic junk and charge $80-100 for the same thing? Introducing the future of Kinect titles:

Halo Kinect: Trackable Plastic Assault Rifle IncludedHalo Kinect: Trackable Plastic Assault Rifle Included

Outlook 2010 .pst 2GB Limit on File Size +  

By default, Outlook 2010 does not have a 2 GB limit in file size. However, if your system administrator (particularly if you are part of a large corporate domain) has set a MaxFileSize property in the registry it is possible for a 2 GB limit to be put in place if this has been set. When set, Outlook will not allow the size of a .pst file to grow beyond this size.

Quickest way to Max upgrade weapons + accessories in FF13 (Final Fantasy XIII) +  

1. After fighting the Chapter 11 boss on the bridge, warp back to Grand Pulse and learn Death. You unlock level 9 for everyone; and only Vanille learns it in Saboteur!
2. Make your team Vanille/Saboteur/Synergist
3. As soon as possible, cast her summon and kill off the turtle with Death.

After the battle:
1. It drops 2 crystals. One sells for 150,000 gil, the other is required to make ultimate weapons and is much cheaper to sell. Only sell the crystal that sells for 150,000 GIL
2. Buy 99 Jelly (they cost 80 gil).
3. Buy as many Super Conductors as you can.

Group Policy Power Options Event ID 8194 Error Code 0x80070003 +  

Group Policy Preferences management can be a daunting task. In general, you will need to be a system administrator to apply group policy preferences. If you are an end user, you will likely not have permission to make the appropriate changes.

An error message that can occur in the application logs is:

The client-side extension could not apply computer policy settings for '' because it failed with error code '0x80070003 The system cannot find the path specified.' See trace file for more details.

addid Linux Command Reference Example: addid command man page +  


addid - add ID's to selected elements


addid [ -x ] [--] elem|.class|elem.class [ html-file ]


The addid command opies an HTML or XML file to standard output, while adding element IDs to the specified elements or classes.

For example, given the input

A paragraph without an ID
the command
addid p
will output
A paragraph without an ID

addftinfo Linux Command Reference Example: addftinfo command man page +  


addftinfo - add information to troff font files for use with groff

addftinfo [ -v ] [ -param value... ] res unitwidth font

add_friends Linux Command Reference Example: add_friends command man page +  


add_friends - Send friend requests to another user's friends.


# Send friend requests to everyone in user 12345's friend list.
add_friends [-q] 12345
add_friends will run, printing status for you. When it hits a CAPTCHA reqponse, it will display a URL for you to copy&paste into your web browser, and prompt you to continue. Stop when you like, and start again 'cause it'll just skip over those who are already your friend and those for whom you have pending friend requests.

acyclic Linux Command Reference Example: acyclic command man page +  


acyclic - make directed graph acyclic

acyclic [ -nv? ] [ -o outfile ] [ file ]

acyclic is a filter that takes a directed graph as input and outputs a copy of the graph with sufficient edges reversed to make the graph acyclic. The reversed edge inherits all of the attributes of the original edge. The optional file argument specifies where the the input graph is stored; by default, the program reads from stdin.

The following options are supported:

acpitool Linux Command Reference Example: acpitool command man page +  


acpitool - a Linux ACPI client, allowing you to query or set ACPI values

acpitool [ -aAbBcefFhjlmnosStTvVwWz ]

acpitool is a Linux ACPI client. It simply reads /proc/acpi entries and presents the output in a meaningfull, human-readable format.
It provides a.o. information on battery status, AC adapter presence, thermal reading, etc. This command is most useful on laptops with an ACPI compliant BIOS and a Linux kernel, preferably from the 2.6 series, with ACPI enabled.

aconnect Linux Command Reference Example: aconnect command man page +  


aconnect - ALSA sequencer connection manager


aconnect [-d] [-options] sender receiver
aconnect -i|-o [-options]
aconnect -x


aconnect is a utility to connect and disconnect two existing ports on ALSA sequencer system. The ports with the arbitrary subscription permission, such as created by aseqview(1), can be connected to any (MIDI) device ports using aconnect. For example, to connect from port 64:0 to 65:0, run as follows:

% aconnect 64:0 65:0

aclocal Linux Command Reference Example: aclocal command man page +  


aclocal - automatically generate aclocal.m4 from

aclocal [ --acdir=DIR ] [ --help ] [ -I DIR ] [ --output=FILE ] [ --verbose ] [ --version ]

Automake includes a number of Autoconf macros which can be used in your package; some of them are actually required by Automake in certain situations. These macros must be defined in your aclocal.m4; otherwise they will not be seen by autoconf.

ack Linux Command Reference Example: ack command man page +  


ack - grep-like text finder


ack [options] PATTERN [FILE...]
ack -f [options] [DIRECTORY...]

Ack is designed as a replacement for 99% of the uses of grep.

Ack searches the named input FILEs (or standard input if no files are named, or the file name - is given) for lines containing a match to the given PATTERN . By default, ack prints the matching lines.

Ack can also list files that would be searched, without actually searching them, to let you take advantage of ack's file-type filtering capabilities.

File Selection

achfile Linux Command Reference Example: achfile command man page +  


achfile - change type and/or creator of Apple Macintosh files (netatalk format)

achfile [ -t type ] [ -c creator ] file ...

achfile changes the Macintosh type and/or creator of the file arguments which have a corresponding .AppleDouble file.

-t type change the type.
-c creator change the creator.


returns exit status 0 if all files changed successfully

access Linux Command Reference Example: access command man page +  


access - determine whether a file can be accessed


access -mode file


Exit successfully if file can be accessed with the specified mode. mode is one or more letters of rwx, where r is for readable, w is for writable, and x is for executable.

The difference between access and test is that the latter looks at the permission bits, while the former checks using the access(2) system call. This makes a difference when file systems have been mounted read-only.


access accepts the following additional options:


ac Linux Command Reference Example: ac command man page +  


ac - print statistics about users' connect time


[ -d | --daily-totals ] [ -y | --print-year ]

[ -p | --individual-totals ] [ people ]
[ -f | --file filename ] [ -a | --all-days ]
[ --complain ] [ --reboots ] [ --supplants ]
[ --timewarps ] [ --compatibility ]
[ --tw-leniency num ] [ --tw-suspicious num ]
[ -z | --print-zeros ] [ --debug ]
[ -V | --version ] [ -h | --help ]

ac prints out a report of connect time (in hours) based on the logins/logouts in the current wtmp file. A total is also printed out.

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