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Easy Group Text for iPad Review +  

Easy Group Text app for iPad can help one to easily stay in contact with friends or family. Easy Group Text is a social text messaging app which allows you to send free, unlimited texts from your iPad or iPhone Touch. With this app, everyone in the conversation will get the message, as well as any replies. These texts will also work if the friend receiving the text does not have an iPhone or iPad.

ClickyTouch for iPad Review +  

ClickyTouch for iPad is great for those who requires a reading of website statistics while on the go. Some of the data a ClickyTouch for iPad user can expect to see are; bounce rates, bookmarks, links, time average, live active visitors, social media, searches, actions, overall visitors and goals and campaigns. This app also automatically refreshes, so you receive the most up-to-date data.

iBend Pipe for iPad Review +  

The iBend Pipe app is a useful tool for builders and the like. iBend Pipe calculates such things as fractions and metric measurements. Some examples of what iBend Pipe can calculate are; segment bends, concentric bends, parallel offsets, rolling offsets, compound 90’s around with a round, square or rectangular obstruction and more. iBend Pipe can calculate any bending angle, not just the standard 30 and 45 degree angles.

Streaks for iPad Review Motivational Calendar App +  

Streaks for iPad is a tracking app for those with a goal. If you are tracking your goal and want to monitor your progress, then Streaks for iPad is for you. You can mark your Streaks calendar with your daily accomplishments, and even add more as along the way. Some of the features include; multiple calendars for multiple goals, beautiful themes, streak trackers, personal note capabilities and more.

Pocket Docket for iPad Review +  

Pocket Docket for iPad is an app for making lists. A very simple app that is similar to how one would send a text. This app has the capability of remaining in sync with your other devices, such as your iPhone, iPod and more. Even if you are offline, you can still look at and work with your lists, and changes will update themselves when you go back online.

Electronic Toolbox for iPad Review +  

One iPad app which will prove popular and convenient for construction workers, architects and more is the Electronic Toolbox app for iPad. Electronic Toolbox for iPad is great for those who desire a comprehensive list of electronic devices and materials. There are over twenty different types of electronic tools in this app. Just a few of the tools are; transistors, resistors, coils, filters, indices, symbols, measurements, ohms law, V regulator, and more.

Tii Podcast App for iPad Review +  

Tii Podcast App for iPad is a great addition to your iPad. These podcasts help the user become familiar with the product and learn about a slew of features that the average user might not be aware of. There is also user interaction, so you are able to email or call the show. The show’s host also has a twitter account, and the show has its own website.

CamScanner+ for iPad Review +  

CamScanner+ for iPad is perfect for those who might require a scanner while on the go. Any receipt, note, paper or whiteboard discussion can be recorded onto your iPad easily. CamScanner+ for iPad also includes anti-shake snapshots, multi-page file support, image processing, sharing, tagging, uploading, email, duel viewing modes and more. CamScanner+ for iPad will also fit the scan to your screen for easy reading.

Pastebot for iPad Review Command Copy and Paste iPad App +  

Pastebot for iPad is a clipboard manager that allows the user to store text and images from another device, such as an iPhone or iPod. With Pastebot for iPad, you can do a search for text and clippings, crop and rotate images and more. There are 14 filters and more coming. The Pastebot for iPad app is a convenient addition to your app collection.

ZAGAT To Go for iPad Review +  

ZAGAT To Go for iPad is a handy app for those who travel a great deal and who frequent new restaurants, shops and hotels. Whether you are a frequent traveller or not, ZAGAT To Go for iPad will prove helpful. Some of the many features of this app are; location finder, extensive search capabilities, reviews, and a slew of categories including food, décor, and service.

Showtimes for iPad Review +  

The Showtimes app for iPad has many great features for the movie lover. This app helps you to find the nearest theater to you by using your zip code or GPS. It also has links to such sites as IMDb and Metacritic, which are helpful in deciding which film to see. It can also mark your favorite theaters so that they show up first.

Wikipanion for iPad Review +  

The Apple iPad has many apps available, including the Wikipanion for iPad. Wikipanion for iPad is a great app for those who use the Wikipedia sites and need information fast. Wikipanion for iPad includes such features as; custom formatting, autocompletion, multilingual language support, bookmarking and article history. This is a super-convenient app for those who require information in the blink of an eye.

WhatsApp Messenger for iPad Review +  

An app is an application for a device, in this case, an Apple iPad. WhatsApp Messenger for iPad is a messenger app. This app allows the user to instantly message family and friends, and also receive messages from their loved ones. Not only messages can be send, but pictures, audio and video messages as well. Everything needed for the app is already built into the system, so it can be used easily.

Alarm Clock Pro App for iPad Review +  

. The Alarm Clock Pro App for iPad is a great app for those who have trouble waking up when they need to. The Alarm Clock Pro App for iPad can play songs you like and has an array of themes. The Alarm Clock Pro App also comes with a built-in flashlight. It also gives the weather and includes LCD display in many bright colors.

Performance Shootout: Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard vs. Windows 7 64-bit +  

Mac OS X Snow Leopard vs. Windows 7 64-bit: Desktop OS ShootoutMac OS X Snow Leopard vs. Windows 7 64-bit: Desktop OS Shootout

The two most popular desktop operating systems (in terms of new sales) are Windows 7 and Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard, however, little is known about their relative efficiency and performance. Our goal here is to set up an epic shoot out between these two operating systems (ideologies?), to crown a new champion in the operating system wars.

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