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Am I Being Blocked on Skype? +  

Service websites for finding out user blockers on online messengers are available for Skype users. One can easily identify the email id’s that may have blocked a particular user. Such services come free, and find out the suspects who may be showing reluctance towards communicating with you online. Skype provides the option of signing in as a different user and befriending the suspects. If you find them online, but offline from your original account at the same time, it proves, they are ‘hiding’ from you.

Am I Being Blocked on Yahoo Messenger? +  

In order to know if you are being blocked by some users while using Yahoo Messenger, you will need to find out whether or not the suspected users are online at certain times. Reputed block-checking sites are available. Another easy way of finding out is to hide your identity on the Messenger by signing in with another account. While using this account, you may be able to befriend the suspects online. They might be using the same identities while blocking you on the other account in all probability.

Am I Being Blocked on AIM? +  

Being blocked from any of the online communication servers can be a result of the controlling the settings wrongly. Another possibility is that a different user has done it owing to various reasons. In order to know the right suspect, it is important to understand the personal dynamics between you and your circle (past and present). Finding out the blocker is easy since AIM provides a procedure for finding out who are trying to or have been blocking you.

Am I Being Blocked on Msn? +  

Facing a problem such as getting blocked on Msn can happen due to a number of reasons. Try checking for the possibility of the system being in improper condition. Slow internet connections and counterfeit software use may be one of the reasons that might make other users unable to see you. One can easily check out the possibilities by using a different account and adding the login id’s that are suspected of blocking you.

How to Disable Real ID +  

Disabling Real Id is tricky but it can be done. One way suggested to do that is to log in to and find parental controls. Once found, you will come to a page that asks if you have set this up already. You hit “no set up now.” For address just use your email address in all the places it asks for address. Next you will get an email with a link that directs you to another page. Click the link and you go to an important page. On this page unselect Real Id and you are done. All options will immediately disappear from your computer.

Disable Referrers Chrome +  

It is possible to disable search engines from noting your every search but it is not easy. If you use Firefox, they have an ad on that deters search engines from finding out which sites you are visiting. The ad on is called Refcontrol and it will block the websites you visit from other search engines. Yahoo, Google, Bing and all other search engines are constantly monitoring websites you visit. But there are ways to disable them. Google Chrome it is really difficult. Usually you have to purchase software to disable these search engines from seeing the websites you visit.

How to Disable Remote Mac +  

When you have multiple Mac machines running in close vicinity, there is the challenge of remote trigger command in both the machines. In order to avoid this we could disable the remote option. This can be done by going to “System preferences” and clicking on “Security” option. As this is a challenge in Mac machines many prefer to disable the remote option as the remote can communicate with multiple machines making it cumbersome.

Disable Regedit +  

This is a feature which is often disabled by the administrator. A pop up message is thrown up when Regedit is disabled. There are some spy ware, anti virus and malware, which can cause this behavior. It can be enabled easily with the right command. At times the hidden folders and files too can be disabled. This can be enabled using the Windows Task master, Registry editor and then going to folder options and choosing show hidden files and folders.

Disable Resharper +  

Disable Resharper is a useful feature when working in big web forms or win form projects. This can be disabled or suspended temporarily. The ReSharper can be disabled using the visual Studio Add-In manager. The version 5.0 of ReSharper has a keyboard shortcut to temporarily enable/disable code analysis for the current file. The command for doing so is Ctrl+Shift+Alt+8 in the earlier versions. ReSharper can be disabled through the tools option.

Disable Readyboost +  

This is a windows-Vista function. Windows 7 has a built in feature named Ready Boost. It allows the system to boost its performance by adding additional cache memory. It can be added in the form of a flash memory. This feature can be used by inserting the USB drive. This gives the user the option of using the flash drive as a Ready Boost. This feature can be used by auto play dialog box or the drive properties.

How to install OpenNI in Windows: Open Source Kinect Drivers in Windows +  

To get the sample applications included with OpenNI to run, you will need to install 3 separate packages; one of them is OpenNI. To get Kinect data with Skeleton tracking to work in Windows, follow these steps:

- Download and install OpenNI or later

Note the activation key on the download page -- you will need to enter this key when you install it.

- Download and install SensorKinect 5.0.0 or later

- Download and install NITE or later

Windows 7 Error 651 Fix: The Modem Has Reported An Error +  

This error code seems to be a bug in Windows 7 that Microsoft has figured out how to fix. It’s a problem with the modem connecting with the internet. Usually you can run an application on your computer and fix the problem but it is complicated. You must follow the application directly. Some people when they get this error code take their computer back for a refund, as it usually pops up on the initial try. Others have taken their computer to a technician.

Error Code 646 Windows Vista Update +  

Microsoft encourages Window users to always run the updates when one appears on your screen. It is generally in the best interest of the user and will make the system run better and more efficiently. If you receive Error Code 646 while applying the update, make sure first you have internet connectivity. Next, it may be the Microsoft server program that you can’t connect with. Finally, check your firewall and make sure that it’s not blocking the connection. If all else fails, go to Microsoft’s website and there you can find the answer to how to run the update.

Group Policy Error RPC Server Is Unavailable +  

Group Policy Error RPC Server Is Unavailable is the error code for group policy results wizard. It is usually a firewall issue and seems to be found more in Windows XP than any other version of Windows. Firewalls are designed to block unauthorized access to certain data on a server or computer network, however it can sometimes block access when undesired. Microsoft’s website has the solution to this error code and can offer you the step by step way to resolve the issue.

Group Policy Installation Failed Error 1274 +  

Group Policy Installation Failed Error 1274 error code is the dreaded scourge of asynchronous policy processing. It causes processing problems in certain computer functions. There are answers to how to resolve this error code on the internet on various websites. Just search the Error Code and answer websites will pop up for you. You can always go to Microsoft’s website and they will walk you through the steps to resolve the error code as another option to resolve this issue.

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