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How Do I Take My Number Off Facebook? +  

One can easily take his or her number off Facebook. Click on your name – that will take you to your profile. After that you can find your phone number listed under the “contact details” section. You can simply blank out the field after clicking ‘Edit’ on the same page. After blanking out the field, remember to click on “Save new details”. This will not allow anybody to view your phone number. In fact, the new updated version on Facebook’s server will have blanks.

How Do I Take My Number Off AIM? +  

In order to take your number off AIM, you will need to sign in first. Go to the ‘Buddy List’ and click ‘Edit’. You then have to change the ‘settings’ for ‘mobile’. You will find a checkbox ticked for “Turn IM Forwarding On”. After that you can also delete “Registered Mobile Devices”. This will let your friends see “mobile” against your name. Without doing this you would have appeared “offline” to your friends. This is helpful for people who may have mistakenly put on Mobile Forwarding.

What Are Some Good PS3 Games? +  

PS3 games feature stories and plots that make them all the more interesting. Since PS3 games can be played outdoors with adequate battery back up, it makes for a great pastime. Action and sports are the two main types of PS3 games, as Sports Champions and good-evil games continue to rise in popularity. InFamous and Bischock 2 is a popular action game among PS3’s. Battlefield Bad Company is popular as a PS3 military and warfare game.

What Are Some Good PC Games? +  

PC games come from various makers, some of which include Bethesda and Valve. Half-life 2 has been one of the most popular games around and makes for a long entertainment session for kids, teenagers as well as adults. Fallout 3 has also been popular amongst children in the US. Assassin’s Creed has also become a popular PC game in recent years. Look for game reviews on the back of the packages, especially if you do not know about the game’s set up and the requisite configuration.

What Are Some Good Urls? +  

A good URL is typically short, easy to remember and descriptive. Most of the biggest businesses in the world host their websites on URL addresses that mention only the company name, often in short. However, in order to get noticed as a new business, one may have to add a descriptive word or two to show what the company does at the first instance. URLs are important because a business or operation finds its online identity mainly through the website addresses, especially for potential customers.

What Are Some Good Usernames for Girls? +  

Good usernames for girls include ones that typically use girly words such as ‘shimmers’, ‘angel’, ‘spring’ or girl names which may be different from the woman who wants to signs up. Usernames are important not only for emails, but also for various interactive websites and forums. Depending on the forum, a girl may choose to use a username that speaks about a particular aspect of their character. Dating websites usually have usernames such as ‘loveangel88’, while a corporate forum may have ‘samanthasdesk’.

What Are Some Good Usernames? +  

A good username typically explains as much as possible about the user. However, they are best kept short, and most email servers do not allow more than a certain number of characters while singing up. If you have a common christened name, and you may have problems creating the simplest username in your mind. Adding numbers after or in between the letters can help you out of this problem. At times, common numeric extensions such as 111, 123 may also not work. One of the favorite numeric extensions happens to be ones date of birth.

What Are Some Good Tumblr Names? +  

Tumblr users typically like creative profile names with some catch or a double-meaning. Additionally the spellings of profile names also have a special mold, mainly in compliance with the spelling ‘Tumblr’. If you want to get noticed on Tumblr find a catchy profile name. However, it is important to see that the profile name stands unique when compared to other profile names. Using another user’s sense of humor usually devalues the attractiveness of a profile name.

What Are Some Good Wii Games? +  

Many Wii Games are available as sequels to their previous versions, while others are out on their first releases for Wii game fans. Some of the favorite Wii games include Monster Hunt Tri, Call of Duty: Black Ops and Super Mario Galaxy 2. The release of sequels only proves that Wii games are becoming increasingly popular around the world. Many websites offer free Wii games as well. The Star Wars series has also become one of the biggest Wii games in the circuit as well.

Why Can’t I Download Anything on my Mac? +  

A MAC usually cautions its users meticulously against various software that may not be compatible or inappropriate for the machine. Although the hindrance is usually more than that of a PC, it can be useful to check if the software has a version specifically designed for MAC. Many downloads get blocked by a MAC due to the same reason. However, you should also check for a slow internet connection and saturated spaces in your hard drive before concluding.

Why Can’t I Download Anything on my Computer? +  

sNot being able to download files is a problem that somebody or the other comes across in every ZIP code of the US. Although the lowest available internet speed allows fast downloading of movies and other types of heavy files, certain features of your system may not permit downloading. One of the reasons is that your hard drive or the downloads section of the memory is saturated with previous downloads. You may also have been reported for counterfeit software usage. If none of these is the case, there may be technical errors happening at the service provider’s end.

Are You Able to See Who Looks at Your Facebook? +  

Facebook shields the identity of anyone who might be visiting your profile. Although certain services such as Trazkor helps in finding out the profiles that have been eager about your profile, Facebook does not allow such services to use their resources as a privacy policy. As a result, only Trazkor users can be tracked. This is not very effective, since a person who is aware of the availability of profile tracking, will avoid registering on services like Trazkor.

Can’t Open Up iTunes +  

Not being able to open iTunes is a common problem for many PC users. Although MAC users face similar problems, it is only on a rare occasion. Try uninstalling the software and recreating the folder in another account name. After that install iTunes and it should play. However, make sure that the folder for iTunes is incorporated in the iTunes software after that. Creating a new account name is easy. One has to visit the Control Panel and find ‘Create new account’ under User Accounts.

Is Multiboxing in WoW Legal? +  

Multiboxing allows multiple account-usage for one person, especially if he or she wants to impersonate multiple characters, simultaneously, in the multiple player popular online game – World of Wordcraft. A Blizzard Entertainment product, it realizes the need for various players to be able to impersonate multiple characters in a live game. Jurisdiction also permits the users to impersonate multiple characters since the game’s competitiveness does not harness violence or hatred, for which secrecy may be necessary.

Am I Being Blocked on Facebook? +  

Every profile on Facebook may have a number of friends. Each person can block anyone by clicking on ‘My Privacy’. If you want to know if you are the person being blocked, you can simply go to the suspect’s profile and check if the header says “Add friend”. If the tag appears, it implies that the person has blocked you, or deleted you from the list. Usually, if a person chooses to delete a profile from the friends-list, he or she will usually choose to block the user from further communication as well.

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