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What is the Microsoft Office 2010 Release Date? +  

Microsoft Office 2010 is scheduled for a release date of June, 2010. The software will be available in a number of bundles, in 32-bit and 64-bit versions. Office 2010 will only ship for Windows operating systems (the separate Office:Mac product will be shipped later).

A picture of Office 2010 -- what is the release date?!A picture of Office 2010 -- what is the release date?!

What is agile programming/development? +  

Agile programming is a new model of programming in which two (or more) programmers work together at a single computer.

Agile programming is often used in Java developmentAgile programming is often used in Java development

The idea is simple: two programmers work together, often with one typing, while the other looks over his/her shoulder and together they discuss design and implementation ideas and issues. This is in contrast to most software development work, which is typically solitary.

How to make/clear free space in a Drupal MySQL database? +  

To clear out free space in your Drupal's database -- typically a MySQL installation -- you can generally empty the cache tables. Many versions of Drupal include a bug in which the cache_form table is not cleared, causing it to grow to be quite large in size over time. Note that emptying these tables could have a short-term effect on your website; for example, clearing cache_form will clear any forms currently being filled out on the website.

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