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Why Can't I Hear Anything on Skype? +  

While making video or audio calls on Skype, sometimes you may face a problem where you can’t hear anything on it. This issue can be fixed very easily. You should first check your internet connection. If it is slow, you will not be able to hear your calls properly. Skype will also send a message that you should turn off your video to hear it better. Otherwise call ‘echo123’ to get an automatic response. If you receive it then your audio devices are working properly and the problem might be on the side of the other person you are talking to.

Why Can’t I Hear Anything on My PS3 Headset? +  

Sometimes while using Ps3 headsets, you are unable to hear anything. This type of problem can be fixed very easily. You should first check whether you battery is properly charged or not and if it is working well. If you still face the same issue, check your controller because if it does not have enough power you may face problems like headset interference and droupouts.You may also check XMB to set the headset as input/output device. If you are a USB user, make sure that you have no wire breaks or insecure connection.

Why Can’t I Hear Anything on Garageband? +  

The problem, where you can’t hear anything on Garageband is very common and can be fixed easily. You should first check your line and if you have selected ‘Out’ option in the place of ‘Input’, undo it. It is in the built-in audio. You may check it in Garageband as well as in option ‘Sound’ which is in system preferences. Now you should turn the monitoring on, if it is off. The problem may be related to your patch cord also. If the patch cord is fried, replace it. Make sure that MBP has been configured correctly. If your guitar has passive pickups, it is important to feed it into a pre-amp.

Why Can’t I Hear Anything on Ventrilo? +  

Sometimes you are unable to hear anything on Ventrilo. This type of problem can be easily fixed. You should first check your USB port. If there is a problem with the port, it will not identify your headset. You may check it by plugging your headset into a different port. You can also go the ‘Setting’ option in the control panel and see if you have checked the ‘Mute’ option. If so, unmute it. You should also check the volume, whether it is up or not. If you still face the same problem, go to the Ventrilo’s forum. Ventrilo’s forum provides different fixes for each issue.

Why Can’t I Hear Anyone on Xbox Live? +  

The problem, where you are not able to hear anyone on Xbox is quite common and can be fixed easily. This type of problem may be related either to your router or to the checked settings. Firstly let the modem offline for 5 minutes after unplugging all the cables from it. Now after 5 minutes, reconnect the modem and restart your 360. After this, check your gamer zone settings and make it ‘Underground’. You should also check family settings and privacy settings if you have made some changes. Check your friend’s profile through your Xbox 360 and if you have selected mute option, uncheck it.

Why Can't I Hear Anything on Oovoo? +  

Any problem with your audio devices like speakers or headsets may cause this problem where you are unable to hear anything on Oovoo. To fix this problem, you should first open the OoVoo account and go to the ‘Audio Devices’ section in ‘Settings’. Then go to the section ‘Speakers’ and click the option ‘Test’. If you are able to hear the test music, your speakers are fine. But if the problem persists, check all the options in the section ‘Select the speakers for Audio’. Click the option ‘Test’ until you hear the music through headsets or speakers. Now click ‘Save’ button.

Error:You have been Signed out of PlayStation Network +  

On the PlayStation network you often face this type of error where a message is displayed showing that you have been signed out of the network. To fix this problem, you should first check if you have made any changes in your internet connection settings. A disabled UPnP may also cause this type of error. You should run the internet connection test after going through the wireless or wired setup. The internet connection test result may point out the cause of this error. You may also go to the PSN account in the category, PlayStation network.

How do I Check my MMS Messages Online? +  

If you want to check your MMS in a better preview, you may login to websites that offer this facility. One of these websites that provide online MMS checking facility is You should first type the web address, in the address bar of your web browser. To make your online account, you should finish the sign up process. Type your username which is your mobile number prefixed with 3digit area code. Then it will ask you for a password. Select a password that is easy to remember. You should fill all the other details like your location, recovery email etc.

How Do I Delete Videos Off YouTube? +  

Sometimes you are asked to delete your videos by the YouTube authorities or it is possible that you have uploaded the same video twice. You have to login to your YouTube account to delete videos. First go to ‘My Account’ from the main menu bar then go to the section ‘Videos’. In this section there is an option of ‘My Videos’. Select the particular video you want to delete and then click the button ‘Remove Video’. You have to click ‘OK’ option when you see the confirmation box. That is how you can delete your uploaded videos off YouTube.

How to Fix MSI Q Face +  

The task to Fix MSI Q Face can be quite difficult sometimes. The main cause of this problem is either software and hardware issues or incompatible drivers. Make sure that you have the latest version of drivers installed on your system. If you are using Windows, latest updates can be downloaded automatically as well as manually to fix the problem. One can also go to the device manufacturer websites if current drivers are not up to date or is incompatible.

Sims Digital Voice Recorder Information +  

The handheld voice recorder from Sims is one of the easy to use devices in the market today. A great instrument for journalists and musicians, the device uses digital formatting for storing the audio data, not needing the user to use cartridges like earlier times. However, the Sims Digital Voice Recorder comes with a hard drive chip that may need changing for frequent users. The device also comes with a swanky user interface and easy-to-find buttons.

Is There Paint For Macbook? +  

Paintbrush is an equivalent of Paint for a Macbook. It is available as free download software on MAC’s service website. The software allows 3D painting, and takes less than 2MB of space before installation. Paintbrush 2 has released a similar version of its predecessor, but is claimed to be better engineered, faster and simpler. Preference settings for using the software allow Windows users to grasp the software operations easily. Although Paintbrush is great for MAC OS X and the Leopard series, Paintbrush is expected to be revamped very soon.

Help Me Pick A Screen Name +  

The answer to what would be a suitable screen name depends on the internet community where you will use it. Although a screen name is not very different from a user name or profile name, it is never suitable to use a screen name with numbers such as ones date of birth. A screen name is more like a real name, but less like a user name or an email id. Screen names are more telling about the person than user names. Flash Gordon, although a famous animation character may be a good screen name for someone known for heroic deeds.

How Do You Type Different Symbols? +  

The Alt key is required in combination with certain other keys for inserting different symbols while writing in MS-Word or a similar software. In order to know the right combination for each case, one can check out the list of symbols available. Each of them has a number assigned to it, called the symbol code. For those who can remember, certain symbols require pressing the Alt key with another letter, while typing out the symbol code.

Free Version Of Adobe Image Ready? +  

Adobe Image is a photo editing software that allows one to change and format the picture in different ways. Although many online sources are unaware of a free version of Adobe Image, is one of the well-known sources from where one can download the installation file for Adobe Image. The file is relatively small (1.8Mb) as it is smaller than an averagely long music life, and comes with easy to install directions. Run the installation file on a PC to use its various features.

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