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Video Streaming Websites

Is there a Teh Cake Virus? TehCake Trojans, Worms, and Spyware +  

Video websites are great and they can provide you with hours of entertainment. Unfortunately, they can also provide your computer with loads of viruses and spyware are not careful. So does the website TehCake have viruses? Our website testing team performed a series of thorough investigations into the matter and have concluded that TehCake is safe for use. As with any questionable websites, you should use either Firefox or Google Chrome as your web browser to enhance your computer’s security, as well as keep up to date with the latest anti-spyware.

Is There a Surf the Channel Virus? Trojans, Worms and Spyware on Surf the Channel +  

Surf the Channel is an excellent way to watch streaming online videos, with thousands of hours of great entertainment. But the real question is, is it safe to use? Our site testers have conducted a thorough investigation and have concluded that Surf the Channel is free of any malicious spyware and Trojans. However, Does Surf the Channel have viruses?Does Surf the Channel have viruses?always be careful when visiting sites that you are unsure of, especially since it is always possible for this to change.

Is There a Smotri Virus? Trojans, Worms and Spyware on Smotri +  

Smotri is quickly becoming one of the top ways of streaming online videos. But as nice as this can be, is it safe to use Smotri? Our site analysts have thoroughly investigated the matter and after significant testing, they have concluded that Smotri is quite safe and free of any Is Smotri safe?Is Smotri safe?harmful viruses or spyware. However, you cannot be completely sure that this will not change in the future and so due caution is advised.

Is There a ZShare Virus? Trojans, Worms and Spyware on ZShare +  

Zshare is a very convenient way to find videos to watch online and to stream them quickly to your computer. But with this convenience comes the natural questions about security that accompany anything involving one of these video sites. So is ZShare safe to use? The answer is yes. After in-depth testing of the site and its Are there viruses on ZShare?Are there viruses on ZShare?video streaming, our site testers have concluded that the site is free of any serious viruses and spyware. Be aware that this may change at some point in the future.

Is There a Wisevid Virus? Trojans, Worms and Spyware on Wisevid +  

Wisevid is one of the best ways to stream videos online and to share your own videos with the world. At the same time though, there is always the question of security for your computer and personal information. After running many tests, our site analysis team has reached the conclusion that Are there viruses on Wisevid?Are there viruses on Wisevid?streaming videos on Wisevid will most likely not pose any serious risk to your computer. This may be subject to change though, so please employ smart browsing practices:

Is There a Veoh Virus? Trojans, Worms and Spyware on Veoh TV +  

Veoh can allow instant and convenient access to a wide range of video content online. But is your computer safe while partaking of these advantages? According to our extensive testing of the site and the Veoh TV program, our conclusion is that they are free of any form of serious virus. However, you should still be safe while Is Veoh really safe?Is Veoh really safe?streaming videos with Veoh. Use Norton Antivirus 2010 or another form of antivirus software as well as a secure browser such as Google Chrome.

Is There a TV Shack Virus? Trojans, Worms and Spyware on TV Shack +  

TV Shack is a very popular video streaming links website, but is it safe for you to visit? Our team of testers has come to the conclusion that TV Shack is, for the most part, safe and virus-free. After conducting over a hundred tests, no viruses or other forms of spyware were encountered. However, it is always better to be safe as this result may not be 100% conclusive and the Does TV Shack have spyware?Does TV Shack have spyware?website may easily be subject to change in future.

Is There a Megavideo Virus? Trojans, Worms and Spyware on Megavideo/MegaUpload +  

Megavideo is one of the most popular ways to watch streaming videos on the Internet. However, some video sites lay host to insidious spyware and other forms of dangerous computer viruses. So, is it safe to trust Megavideo with your computer?
Is Megavideo safe?Is Megavideo safe?

Is There a Ninjavideo Virus? Trojans, Worms and Spyware on Ninjavideo 1  

Ninjavideo is a great website for streaming videos online. But when it comes to this kind of site, you always have to wonder if there are any viruses or other computer dangers. Well look no further: this article will tell you just what you need to know.
Is Ninjavideo a safe place to stream videos?Is Ninjavideo a safe place to stream videos?

How to get Veoh Web Player and Veoh TV to work: Fixing broken Veoh videos and slow buffering +  

Veoh has a lot of great streaming videos. Unfortunately, it has a lot of problems with broken videos and failed programming as well. Here are some ways to fix it when it refuses to work:

For the Web Player:

Refresh the page, hit stop then play, skip into the video.
One way to fix the Veoh Web PlayerOne way to fix the Veoh Web Player
Toggle back and forth between Large and Small for video size several times.

Update to the latest versions of the Veoh web player and the Adobe Flash Player.

How to get Ninjavideo to work: Fixing broken Ninja Video and slow buffering +  

Ninjavideo has some great streaming videos, but they don’t always work. Here are some simple ways to fix Ninjavideo when it refuses to work:

If you are on a Ninjavideo page using the Divx player, try the following:
This happens way too muchThis happens way too much
Right click on the Divx player and hit Preferences. In the second tab, make sure Download Cache has been enabled. In the Video Playback tab, turn off post-processing with the drop-down list.

Update your Divx Player.

How to get Divx Stage to work: Fixing broken Divx Stage videos and slow buffering +  

There are tons of high-quality videos to be found on Divx Stage. Unfortunately there are also some problems with the Divx player and some of upload files. Here are some easy ways to fix Divx when it breaks:

Hit Refresh in your web browser or ctrl-R, hit stop on the video and then play, skip forward and back in the video.
One way to fix Divx StageOne way to fix Divx Stage

How to get Ouou to work: Fixing broken Ouou videos and slow buffering +  

Ouou has a lot of streaming videos. Ouou also has a lot of problems with its video player and buffering system. Here are some simple ways to fix the Ouou player:

Refresh the page, hit stop and then play on the video.
One way to fix OuouOne way to fix Ouou
Right click on the player and go to Settings. In the Display tab, turn off the Hardware Acceleration setting. This can help with compatibility problems with certain video cards.

How to get Wisevid to work: Fixing broken Wisevid videos and slow buffering +  

Wisevid has a great selection of streaming videos. Unfortunately, it has an even greater selection of problems with its player. Here are some easy ways to fix Wisevid when it breaks:

Refresh the page, hit stop and play on the video to reset it, skip forward or backward in the video.
One way to get Wisevid to workOne way to get Wisevid to work
Right-click on the Wisevid player and select Settings. Find the Display tab. Turn off Hardware Acceleration. This helps get rid of certain compatibility issues with some video cards.

How to get Smotri to work: Fixing broken Smotri videos and slow buffering +  

It seems like for every good quality video to be found on Smotri, there are two that won’t buffer or don’t work. Here are some easy ways to fix Smotri when it pulls this on you.

Refresh the site, hit stop and then play on the video, skip forward or backward into the video.
One way to fix SmotriOne way to fix Smotri
Right-click on the video player and open Settings. The first tab is called Display. Uncheck the box for Enable Hardware Acceleration. This helps get rid of any compatibility issues that may come up.

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