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All about animals and pets.

What is a Bottlenose Dolphin? Sounds, Fun Facts, Pictures and Video +  

Bottlenose dolphins are the most common type of dolphins and other most well-known. Not to much larger than humans, they travel in pods, which are generally groups of 10 to 30 dolphins, although they can be as large as 1,000 or more. Dolphin survived by using teamwork to hunt schools of smaller fish, using a primitive form of sonar to locate their prey.

What is a Hammerhead Shark? Information, Diet, Pictures, and Video +  

Hammerhead sharks are a type of shark named for the very distinctive shape of their heads, which look much like a hammer. This hammer shape is also called a cephalofoil. This cephalofoil serves a number of useful purposes for the shark including positioning its eyes like that of a bird to encompass a full 360° of vision. It also The hammerhead shark in all its gloryThe hammerhead shark in all its gloryprovides lift for the shark, helping to keep it at an appropriate depth.

What is a Chimpanzee? Chimp Information, Facts, Diet and Pictures +  

Chimpanzees are a type of ape native to an area of Africa near the Congo River. The term chimpanzee includes both common chimpanzees and bonobos. Chimpanzees are known to develop complex social relationships and system, and are marked by a generally omnivorous (eat all forms of food) or frugivorous (fruit-eating) diet. Chimpanzees are quite intelligent and Chimpanzees are extremely intelligentChimpanzees are extremely intelligenthave been known to use tools for at least the last 4500 years.

What is a Liger? Liger definition and information +  

The definition of a Liger is a cross between a lion and a tiger, producing a half-lion/half-tiger animal, hence the name, Liger. To produce a Liger, a male lion is bread with a female tiger.

A picture of a Liger and its trainerA picture of a Liger and its trainer

Ligers do not exist naturally, and were first created in the early 1800s by human naturalists working in Asia.

What is a Setter? Setter definition and information +  

The definition of a setter is a type of dog bred in Europe -- particularly Great Britain -- for hunting purposes, and includes a number of breeds.

A picture of an Irish SetterA picture of an Irish Setter

Setters are characterized by long hair, silky coats, and pleasant personalities. Due to their fine coats, they often need attention from their owners to maintain the coat.

What is a terrier? Terrier definition and information +  

The definition of a terrier is a type of small dog, characterized by high activity and "fearlessness." Terriers encompass many breeds, rather than a specific type of dog.

A picture of a Boston Terrier, a common breed of terrierA picture of a Boston Terrier, a common breed of terrier

Terrier originate primarily from Ireland and Great Britain, and were used in part for helping in fox hunting. The small dogs helped to corral the foxes and rabbits. Terriers have smooth coats and are small in appearance. A common breed of terriers is the Boston terrier.

What is a Hound? Hound definition +  

The definition of a Hound is a specific type of dog that has been bred for catching various types of hunting game, and includes a number of dog breeds. A broader, more informal definition of a Hound, is any dog.

A picture of a houndA picture of a hound

Hounds generally have a strong sense of sight and a strong sense of smell, powerful legs, strong stamina (ability to run for long periods of time), and long (often droopy) ears.

What is a Goose? +  

The definition of a goose is a type of bird, specifically, it is any bird that is a member of the family Anatidae. The word goose also typically refers to a female bird, in contrast to a gander which refers to a male bird. The word goose can even refer to a female bird that is not actually a goose, as is the case with gander.

A picture of a Goose in a flock of GeeseA picture of a Goose in a flock of Geese

What is a Bull? +  

The definition of a bull is, simply put, a male cow. Unlike cows, bulls often have horns. Bulls are often more aggressive than cows, and can often fly into a rage-like state in which they will use their horns to charge various things. Indeed, bulls have become quite famous for their rage through bull fights, which are common in Spain. During a bull fight, a picador will slice and poke at a bull with a sword to irritate it. Then, a matador will use a red cloth to enrage the bull, and then attempt to kill the bull with a sword.

What is Pteropus Alecto? +  

The definition of Pteropus Alecto, also known as the Black Flying-fox bat, is a bat that is inhabits rich habitats in Indonesia and also New Guinea.

What is Nyctimene Robinsoni? +  

The definition of Nyctimene Robinsoni, or Eastern Tube-nosed Bat, is a bat that lives in the eastern part of the continent of Australia.

What is Nyctimene Cephalotes? +  

The definition of Nyctimene Cephalotes, also known as the Northern Tube-nosed Bat, is a bat native primarily to New Guinea and Indonesia.

What is Syconycteris Australis? +  

The definition of Syconycteris Australis is a small bat, also known as the Common Blossom-bat, native to eastern Australia (primarily). The bat eats the nectar from blossoms of various types, among other things.

What is Macroglossus Minimus? +  

The definition of Macroglossus Minimus is a very small bat, which eats nectar from blossoms, and is located in northern Australia (primarily). The bat is also native to South East Asia.

What is Dobsonia Moluccense Magna? +  

The definition of Dobsonia Moluccense Magna (latin name) is a Bare-backed Fruit Bat, a small bat native to Queensland, Australia and New Guinea, and which primarily eats fruit.

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