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All about animals and pets.

Is Chocolate Bad for Dogs? +  

Chocolate is not suited for a dog’s health. Theobromine that it contains proves harmful to dogs. However, a small piece of chocolate will usually not make a difference. It generally matters only when the quantity goes too high. The symptoms of chocolate over-eating by dogs usually are increased urination, vomiting and diarrhea. Since these are early warnings, you have sufficient time to treat your dog. In some rare cases, it may further lead to increased heart rate and the animal may slip into a coma and eventually die.

Is Milk Good for Cats? +  

In general, milk is not recommended for adult cats as many of them are lactose-intolerant. That is why many lactose-free milk substitutes have been developed for cats. Milk can cause adverse effects to cats. The lactose present in milk causes them upset stomach or cramps. For cats that love milk, small amounts of cream may serve the purpose and even that should not be more than thrice in a week. So, the special cat milk that is available in the pet stores will ideally serve the cats.

What is a Gander? 1  

The definition of a gander is a male goose. The definition of a goose is a type of bird, specifically, it is any bird that is a member of the family Anatidae. Male and female goose and gander are spoken of in the plural form as geese.

A picture of a Gander and his friendA picture of a Gander and his friend

What is dog repellant? +  

Dog repellant is a type of substance, typically sprayed on with an aerosol can, that creates a smell that is highly undesirable to dogs. It is heavily used by mail carriers, for example. A popular brand of dog repellent is Halt! brand.

Another approach to having dogs leave you alone is to use an ultrasonic-based system. Instead of spraying your body with chemicals, these devices work by means of a battery and a small emitter which produces a sound that humans can't hear, but which annoys dogs. These devices can be quite annoying to dogs and therefore can achieve a similar effect.

What is a Treeing Walker / Coonhound? +  

A Treeing Walker, or Coonhound, is a type of dog breed that is characterized by speed, agility, and endurance. They are very suitable for various types of sporting tasks because of these characteristics.

A Treeing Walker Dog, or CoonhoundA Treeing Walker Dog, or Coonhound

The dogs are known for being friendly and caring, but like other types of athletic dogs, such as dalmatians, they are full of energy and need to have a rich life outdoors with lots of excercize. They are not particularly well suited for staying indoors all day.

Best way to keep cats from clawing your furniture +  

Cats that have not been declawed can be a real menace to your interior decoration! They can trash your drapes, sofas, upholstery, even hardwood furniture items!

Dum dum dum...Dum dum dum...

There are several ways to address this problem, some work better than others:

What is El Chupacabra? Chupacabra Facts, Video, Pictures and Sightings 1  

Chupacabra is a mythical creature that takes its name from the Spanish words for “goat sucker”. It retains this name due to its rumored method of eating: sucking the blood out of goats and other animals. While A potential chupacabraA potential chupacabracurrently labeled as a cryptid (unconfirmed existence), chupacabra sightings are well known throughout Latin America. With a heavy build, this animal has no hair and spikes on its back.

What is a Tree Frog? Tree Frogs for Sale, Facts and Pictures +  

The tree frog is any species of small frog that spends the majority of its life living in trees. There are numerous types of tree frogs. Usually tree frogs do not leave their trees unless mating or spine, and some even do not do this. They can even build foam nests in trees to spawn their offspring. The backs of tree frogs are Tree frogs can be deadly poisonousTree frogs can be deadly poisonoususually a bright green, with other parts of their bodies being other colors including orange and yellow.

What is a Tigon? Tiglon Facts, Pictures and Video +  

The tigon, or tiglon, is a hybrid between male tiger and female lion. It is similar to the liger, which is a hybrid between female tiger and male lion, although much less common. Tiglons may carry spots or Tiglons are mysterious creaturesTiglons are mysterious creaturesstripes, depending upon their exact genetic makeup. Although usually sterile, tiglons have been observed to successfully mate. Like their parents, tiglons survive on raw meat from hunted prey.

What is a Koala Bear? Facts, Pictures and Habitat +  

Koala bears are a type of marsupial animal that lives in trees throughout Australia. Koala bears survive primarily upon vegetation, usually the leaves of the eucalyptus trees that they live in. Koalas are found in the forest and regions of coastal Australia along the eastern and A female koala bearA female koala bearsouthern coasts. Many koala bears were exterminated in the early 1900s, but the populations have since been rebuilt due to changes in ecological legislature.

What is a Bonobo? Bonobo Monkeys for Sale, Pictures, and Information +  

Also known as a pygmy chimpanzee, bonobos are a type of monkey or a native to certain regions of Africa. The bonobo is an endangered species and is found almost exclusively within the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Bonobos are rather closely related to humans, along with chimpanzees to which they are close cousins. The difference between chimpanzees and bonobos The bonobo is a type of chimpanzeeThe bonobo is a type of chimpanzeewas most likely caused by the Congo River forming 2 million years ago; this type of monkey is not a good swimmer.

What is a Hinny? Facts, Pictures and Information +  

A hinny is a hybrid of female donkey and male horse. These domesticated animals are the counterpart to the mule, which is the offspring of a female horse and a male donkey. Hinnies are generally a little smaller than mules and not quite as well-Hinnies are hybrid animalsHinnies are hybrid animalssuited to being pack animals. Hinnies tend to look more like horses than donkeys, unlike most mules.

What is a Mule? Facts, Pictures and Information +  

Mules are a strange hybrid animal, resulting from mating between a female horse with a male donkey. The alternative to a mule, offspring of a female donkey and male horse, is called a hinny. Mules are most often used as pack animals in numerous human societies around the world. Mules can The mule is a hybrid animalThe mule is a hybrid animalbe of varying sizes, which depends primarily upon the genetics and breeds of its parents.

What is an Ostrich? Facts, Pictures and Ostrich Riding +  

Large in size, ostriches are flightless birds that originate on the continent of Africa. distinguished by their large bodies and long, thin necks and legs, ostriches can run extremely quickly, up to 45 miles per hour in some cases. Ostriches are the largest birds in the world and lay the biggest eggs. Ostriches primarily and have at the savanna An ostrichAn ostrichof Africa, south of the Sahara desert. Some species of ostrich even inhabit the desert regions of Africa.

What is a Lemur? Facts, Pictures and Habitat +  

Lemurs are a type of animal native to the island of Madagascar, off the coast of Africa. lemurs have highly reflective eyes, similar to a cat, due to their nocturnal lifestyles. Lemurs actually first arrived on Madagascar are by floating across the ocean from Africa on rafts made out of plants and dirt, between 60 and 70 million years ago. Up until about 2000 years ago, there were lemurs Lemurs inhabit the island of MadagascarLemurs inhabit the island of Madagascarliving on Madagascar are the same size as fully developed gorillas.

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