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All about animals and pets.

Can Crabs Live in Fresh Water? +  

Crabs need brackish water to survive. If they are left in fresh water, they will not live for very long, as they are meant to be salt-water creatures. Fiddler crabs are often sold in pet stores but without sand, and in some types of salt water they won’t survive more than a few months. If you want to have crabs in an aquarium you must use brackish water, which is very difficult to maintain, and usually the crabs do not survive long.

Can Lobsters Hurt You? +  

Lobsters can hurt you. If they get a hold of you, the really big ones have been known to break bones. There reflexes are really slow and they tire easily in a chase but you have to be careful of the big lobsters with big claws. If they grab you the best thing to do is to release your grip. The lobster will usually let go thinking it can make a quick escape. Be careful when catching lobsters and do your homework on the correct way to hunt them. Otherwise they can hurt you.

Can Lobsters Live in Fresh Water? +  

Lobster cannot live in fresh water in general, however, there is a rare variety of lobster than does live in fresh water. Lobster is a member of the crustacean family and this variety of fish can only survive in salt water. In some countries there is a type of lobster-like creature that can live in fresh water, but it is not like the lobster we know and eat. So for the most part, no, lobster cannot live in fresh water.

Is Rhubarb Poisonous To Dogs? +  

It can be consumed in small quantities. However, either raw or cooked leaves of rhubarb can be very poisonous to dogs in large quantities. They can evoke such undesirable symptoms as comma or convulsions. In some cases, they can even lead to animal’s death. Usually, rhubarb leaves have to be used only, when they are young. Old rhubarb leaves accumulate poisonous substance and can be poisonous even for people.

Is Swiss Chard Poisonous To Cats? +  

Swiss chard is not a poisonous plant. It can be consumed by cats in small quantities. However, should be avoided in large quantities, as swiss chard contain much of the oxalic acid. This acid can stop proper calcium absorbtion process in cats’ bodies and cause some undesirable health effects. Small amounts of the swiss chard are good for cats, as this plant takes the second place after spinach in the nutrient rich list of vegetables.

Is Cinnamon Good For Dogs? +  

Cinnamon is an herb grown in Asia. It has various health effects and is wide known for its anti inflammation qualities. Sometimes, dog with join arthritis can be treated with cinnamon foods to help them get rid of inflammation. Cinnamon is not listed among the poisonous herbs for dogs. However, in rare cases dogs can be allergic to it. Treating dogs with cinnamon products, make sure those products have only natural ingredients in them.

Is Cinnamon Bad For Dogs? +  

Cinnamon is rarely consumed by dogs. Generally it is not bad for dogs, but some dogs may be allergic to it. In some cases, cinnamon can evoke extreme swelling. Sometimes, people use cinnamon in dog food to help their digestion or to normalize their blood sugar level. However, there no clinic data on such dog health effects of cinnamon. Cinnamon is considered to be a neutral spice for dogs.

Is Thyme Bad For Dogs? +  

Thyme oil may have a strong effect on your dog, however, thyme plant itself is pretty safe for dogs. Unlike thyme oil, it does not have a high concentration of thyme substances and can be safely consumed by dogs. Though, thyme is not one of the dogs’ favorite plants. They leave them pretty indifferent. However, in some cases, when this plant is consumed in large quantities, it can evoke such symptoms as vomiting or diarrhea.

Is Thyme Oil Toxic To Cats? +  

Thyme is one of the many safe plants for cats. Nevertheless, thyme oil is not that safe. It is concentrated. It has all the thyme plant substances in it, but they are highly concentrated there. Thyme oil can produce a different effect on cats than the thyme plant. In some cases animals consuming or breathing in thyme oil can have certain health problems. Vomiting or diarrhea can be listed among the symptoms of cat poisoning by the thyme oil.

Is Thyme Safe For Cats? +  

Cats can consume many herbs and plants. Thyme is among the plants safe for cats. However, thyme oils can be potentially poisonous for cats. Oils contain concentrated thyme substance and can cause more severe effects on cats than the plant itself. Such undesirable reactions as diarrhea or vomiting can be evoked by thyme oils. Therefore, avoiding using this oil in aroma therapy is essential for the cats’ health.

Is Thyme Toxic To Dogs? +  

If you have a pet, you need to be careful as to what plants you grow in your garden. Many plants are safe for dogs, but some are not. Thyme is one of them. However, this does not mean that your dog will not try to eat or damage your thyme bushes. Placing pine cones or tea leafs around the garden can prevent your dog from damaging your plants. Pine cones and tea smells are the one dogs strongly dislike.

Are Hippos Violent? +  

The hippopotamus is one of the most aggressive creatures in the world. Hippos are often regarded as one of the dangerous animals in Africa. They turn more violent when they feel that their territory is invaded and also when they are disturbed or attacked. They have been known to attack humans for coming too close. The hippopotamus is the third largest animal after the elephant and the rhinoceros. It is semi-aquatic. Hippos are recognized by their barrel-shaped torso, large mouth and teeth, nearly hairless body, stubby legs and enormous size.

Are Tigers Nocturnal? +  

Tigers are nocturnal and mostly hunt at night. In fact, it is the state of all cats as they see great at night. The Siberian tiger, which is the world’s largest cat, is more active at night than during the day. They often sleep during the day. So are the Bengal tigers. The tiger usually kills its prey with a bite on the back of the neck if the prey is small and with a bite to the throat if it is large. Tigers are an endangered species.

Are Tiger Barbs Aggressive? +  

Single specimens of tiger barbs tend to be aggressive and should not be kept without companions. The only drawback to tiger barbs is their tendency to nip the fins in the tank. They are schooling fish and don’t do well in groups less than 7 or 8. They are also one of the most popular species that we keep today. The tanks in which they are kept should be sparsely planted with a lot of open space to enable them to swim freely.

Is Barley Good For Dogs? +  

Barley is actually quite good for dogs because it contains enzymes which play an important role in the dog’s digestive system. For this same reason, dogs are seen instinctively eating grass as it is rich in enzymes that help in the digestive process. Barley food greatly helps in the raising of dogs for its rich nutritional value. Barley is the most alkaline of all cereals. The barley dog foods that are available on the market are generally loaded with active enzymes.

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