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All about animals and pets.

Will Snakes Eat Dead Mice? +  

Snakes do eat dead mice. In fact, snake is one of those reptiles that loves easy meals and hence there is nothing better than dead mice. One of the aspects associated with snakes is the fact that they would never like the idea of starving, no matter what the situation is. Hence, they do not mind eating dead prey. This is mainly the reason why they would be more than happy to eat dead mice.

Will Rabbits Eat Cucumbers? +  

Mostrabbits do eat cucumbers. In fact, many of them like to eat it and often do not miss a chance of pouncing onto one. Raw vegetables are perhaps a rabbit’s most favorite snack or meal. However, there are also few rabbits that don’t really enjoy eating cucumbers. A recent study shows that cucumbers are safe to eat in case of a rabbit and hence there is no harm if your rabbit gulps down few every day.

Will Rabbits Eat Rat Poison? +  

Rabbits might eat rat poison, but they won’t eat rats. Rabbits are vegetarians and so the question of their eating poisoned rats will not arise. If rat poison is put at the backyard and the rabbits have an access to the area then the possibility of their consuming the poison exists. Consumption of rat poison can cause coagulopathy wherein the blood does not clot properly. This is a common type of symptom seen in cases of rat poisoning of rabbits.

Will Rabbits Fight? +  

Rabbits will fight one another sometimes. Rabbits normally live within a territory of about five acres. Whenever there is a territorial dispute, one tries to dominate and drive the other rabbit out resulting in a fight. If the rabbits are put into a cage they may fight due to inadequate space. Proper bonding amongst them can prevent these fights. It is often seen two unneutered male or two unsprayed female rabbits put together will fight.

Will Rabbits Kill Each Other? +  

Rabbits enjoy the company of each other once they are bonded. The bond can sometime break although very rare but if broken fierce rivalry can take place. Once they indulge in a fight it can be fatal too. If any fight, harsh nipping or biting is noticed the rabbits should be separated. They don’t fight in the presence of human beings. Rabbits by nature are sociable but while they are in a fight they can kill each other.

Will Rabbits Eat Pansies? +  

Pansy, a hybrid plant is popular as a garden flower. The flower resembles a human face and hence the named pansy meaning “thought.” The stem of this plant rots if unsterilized animal manure is left nearby. Rabbits stay in thick cover and amidst lots of low-growing greens. The gardens with Pansies appeal to the rabbits. One rabbit can do a lot of damage. He may eat the whole plant and slowly the entire garden flowers will disappear one day.

Will Rabbits Eat Mums? +  

Rabbits will not eat mums unless they are starving. Mums are common household poisonous plants. The botanical name is Chrysanthemums whose leaves and stalks are poisonous. An insecticide called Pyrethrums is extracted from these seeds. By eating mums the rabbits are likely to fall sick due to its poisonous characteristics. Rabbits should be given maximum hay and some vegetables. Rabbits will eat just about any green plant but mums must not be given to them.

Will Chickens Eat Pumpkins? +  

Chickens will eat pumpkins, and they particularly enjoy the seeds. This big orange fruit with tough thick skin poses great difficulties for chickens initially, but they can overcome it. If the pumpkin is cut open, that increases the likelihood that they will eat it. The chickens peck the tough outside skin and eat the layers of pulp inside, the seed membrane and the seeds. Pumpkins grow on the ground. Sometime it gets rotten and opens up. The chickens find it convenient to feast on the soft skin and the seeds of the pumpkin.

Will Chickens Eat Lettuce? +  

Chickens will eat lettuce. They enjoy eating all types of greens, in fact. The chicken feeds generally are millet, corn and other small grain but chickens eat whatever they find like insects, warms and other food materials. In the poultry farm, chickens are given health and nutritional benefit feeds including soybean oil, salt, and limestone but lettuce is not used as feed for chicken. Even though it may not be given as a regular part of their diet on some farms, they will certainly eat it.

Will Chickens Eat Mice? +  

Chickens prefer fresh and natural feeds rather than dry and preserved feeds. Chickens are omnivores and they will eat any small prey. Mice eat pet feed and their hidden places are in close proximity to food materials. Strong odor of mice urine also makes them vulnerable and if chickens can catch them they will surely eat them. Mice normally avoid bright light and their movements are very fast for chicken to catch them easily. When mice are in the process of consuming food they are on their two hind feet and can fall prey to chicken.

Will Chickens Run Away? +  

Chickens will not run away, if you let them free out of their pen. They will wander here and there in your yard, eat up all the worms and bugs and return to their pen at night to sleep. Letting chicks free range can help improve the health of birds. However, they will be susceptible to predation by dogs, hawks and foxes. Sometimes, they may not return to the pen at night because they may feel comfortable outside.

Will Chickens Eat Stink Bugs? +  

Chickens like to eat stink bugs. If you want to get rid of stink bugs from your garden, you can raise chickens. They would also eat worms, grubs, leaves and almost anything they can take with their beaks. They help to keep your garden pest free. The eggs produced by the chicken that eat stink bugs do not smell. However, you may come across some other problems in growing chicks in your garden. Chicks will eat all the tender plants and shrubs in your garden.

Will Chickens Eat My Garden? +  

Chickens will eat your garden. They can eat almost all garden plants. However, they sometimes eat up bugs in your garden and help your plants grow well. They also offer manure to enrich the garden soil. Nevertheless, if you leave the chicks and hen free ranged in your garden, there will not be any leaf or flower in your garden. It is worth to grow some ducks in your garden than chicks. Ducks do not cause that much damage to your garden.

Do Cuttlefish Bite? +  

Cuttlefish can bite. The mouth of the cuttlefish has a sturdy beak like structure that helps to bite its prey. It eats shrimp, crabs and other small cuttlefish. It lives in coastal waters. It has ten tentacles. The two longer tentacles are useful in catching the prey faster. It uses its denticulate suckers to safeguard its prey from other species. Though it has sharp beaks, there is no report that it has bitten any swimmers.

Can Crabs Hear? +  

Crabs can hear but not like people do. Crabs, just like all other crustaceans, were not created with ears like humans and other mammals have. They are invertebrates, so they do not have the bones and cartilage as human ears have. Crabs spend a lot of time underwater, so their hearing needs are quite different from ours, yet there are some similarities. As humans, we hear sound waves and crabs can sense the changes in water pressure.

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