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How to get Your Old Dog to like Your New Dog +  

Older dogs typically lose the habit of ‘being young’ once they get accustomed with the human way of life. Although you cannot prevent the dog from ageing, you can get new zest in its life, especially when it is beginning to droop and slouch for most part of the day. One of the easiest ways to get the old dog to behave young is by bringing home a puppy and seeing to it that a healthy camaraderie builds between the two pets. Agility and new habits can change the outward look of a dog immensely.

How Can I Stop My Neighbor’s Dog from Barking? +  

Confronting your neighbor against a barking dog usually does not work. One of the ways you can avoid barking of your neighbor’s dog includes segregating your premises in such a manner that the dog will not be able to come near audible distance. If you intimate your housing association about the disturbance, action will surely be taken. You also have the option to sue your neighbor in a small claims court. However, dogs seldom bark without a reason.

Are Tomatoes Toxic to Dogs? +  

Some tomatoes, particularly unripe tomatoes can be toxic to dogs. If your dog has eaten tomatoes, consider whether or not the dog is in good health, does he/she have any allergy or sensitivities and how much tomato did the dog ingest. Green tomatoes, or tomatoes that are not ripe, are toxic to dogs. Depending on the above variables and how much the dog ingested, you will know if your dog needs veterinarian care and attention.

Are Tomatoes Bad for Dogs? +  

Tomatoes contain a substance known as tomatotine, which is an alkaloid related to solanine. As tomatoes ripen, the tomatotine is metabolized and its presence is lessened in the fruit. Therefore, ripe tomatoes are less likely to be problematic to dogs than those that are not ripe. Some of the signs that a dog has been poisoned due to eating too many tomatoes or non ripe ones are: drooling, vomiting, seizures and diarrhea. While dogs may love tomatoes, it is really best to avoid giving it to them, just to be on the safe side.

Are Apple Seeds Poisonous to Dogs? +  

Apple seeds and cores can cause cyanide poisoning in dogs. If you think your dog may have eaten some apple seeds and he is vomiting, is drooling excessively and is listless, get him to the veterinarian right away. These are symptoms of cyanide poisoning. So although a dog may eat an apple seed and be fine, other times that can cause poisoning. The best bet is to not let your dogs eat apple seeds and keep them safe away from the seeds.

Are Apples Good for Dogs? +  

Apples are not necessarily good for dogs but they aren’t bad as long as they are given in moderation. The problem is the seeds. The seeds in apple carry a form of substance that can lead to cyanide poisoning. If you feed your dog large quantities of apples then eventually it will cause them harm. Dogs love apples as treats but the best advice is to core the apple, get rid of the seeds and give it to them in moderation.

Are Orange Spiders Poisonous? +  

Orange spiders are among the largest spiders in existence. They can be found to be one inch in length with long legs. They are not poisonous but their bite does hurt because of the size of the spider. They are known to weave rather large webs and stick to the outside of houses and trees. People have been known to have a skin reaction to the bite and if this happens you should go to the doctor. But generally, orange spiders are not poisonous.

Are Oranges Bad for Dogs? +  

In moderation, oranges are not bad for dogs. They do have acid in them, which in large quantities can cause problems such as bladder stones but in moderation they are not bad for the dogs. The peel is not good for them so make sure to peel it before giving it to the dog but the orange itself is not bad for dogs. Another problem that can be caused if given in large quantities is urine problem. They can get a condition known as struuvite crystals. But in moderation, oranges are not bad for dogs.

Are Orange Cats Always Male? +  

Orange cats are not always male but 2 out of 3 are. It’s related to gender chromosomes. Female cats have two x chromosomes and male cats have an x and a y chromosome. Since male cats have one x chromosome, if that chromosome ends up having a dominant orange color, the cat will be orange. For a female cat to be orange, they would have to have dominant orange genes on both their x chromosomes. There is a 25% chance of that happening. Most orange cats are male; however there are also some that are female.

Are Cucumbers Bad for Dogs? +  

The skin of cucumbers can be bad for dogs. It can make it very hard for the dog to digest it. Also, the ASPCA suggests not giving your dog table scraps or “people food.” Dog’s digestive systems are very sensitive and like any fruit, if you give your dog too much of it, it can cause diarrhea in the animal. Also, there are reports of dogs having a seizure after eating a cucumber but this is very rare. All in all, the evidence to date reports that cucumbers are not bad for dogs.

Are Cucumbers Good for Dogs? +  

There is currently no scientific evidence to prove that cucumbers are good for dogs. They don’t contain protein and are a fruit, which is not bad, since fruit is mostly water. Cucumbers do contain plant nutrients and antioxidants which would make the cucumber good for the dog but that is just a theory. They are also loaded with enzymes and are low in calories. The vast majority of dogs love cucumbers and will gobble them up. So they can be used as a treat when training or just for fun for your dog. So in that way they are good for dogs.

Is Turkey Bad for Dogs? +  

The skin of a turkey, if fed to a dog in large quantities, can cause a life threatening condition called pancreatitis. Also, just like humans, dogs are susceptible to Salmonella. This can be found in the tartar of the turkey so avoid giving that to a dog. Additionally, you have to be careful with bones. Dogs can choke and die on turkey bones. Overall, however, in low quantities, turkey is not too harmful to dogs, as long as these guidelines are followed.

Will Cats Keep Mice Away? +  

Cats certainly helps keep the mice away. They may not kill the mice. It is the odor of the cat that will keep the mice away. Sometimes it will depend on the cat. There are some cats that are great mousers while some cats are really lazy and they do not care if something is moving around in the kitchen. If your cat loves to chase things away it would definitely keep the mice far away from your apartment. If the cats just sit at one place you can find mice in your apartment, chances are they won't kill the mice.

Will Cats Kill Each Other? +  

Cats can kill each other. This behavior is commonly seen in the wild and not with domestic cats. Kitten killing is frequently seen after the inexperienced or highly stressed cats deliver their kittens. Research has found out that there can be some hormonal or genetic reason that triggers this behavior. Male cats sometimes kill other cats because of the competition. A cat can attack another cat when they are playing or when they just cannot get along with each other.

Will Cats Starve Themselves? +  

Cats might starve themselves. On several occasions over the years, a cat will starve itself before eating a particular type of food it does not like. Cats, unlike dogs, have strong preferences when it comes to their diet. They would simply not eat the food if they do not like the smell and the taste. There are many other reasons why the cats can starve themselves. Whatever be the case you cannot let a cat starve for more than 24 hours because they can develop liver problems.

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