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How do you foam/froth milk for a cappuccino or latte at home without a machine? +  

To froth milk for a refreshing latte you definitely don’t need a big cast-iron machine, a steam jet, or a thermometer. All you need is one of two cheap tools: a milk frother or a hand blender. Milk frothers are designed specifically for this task and An Aerolatte brand milk frotherAn Aerolatte brand milk frothercan be bought for as cheap as $10 from Milk frothers use a specially designed egg beater-like tip to whip air into the milk whether it’s hot or cold in such a way that keeps its shape for almost an hour.

What is the best milk frother brand for cappuccinos and lattes? +  

The best brand of milk frother is the European company Aerolatte. You can buy one of their products for $20 or less and they are available on They work extremely well, frothing up the milk quickly Aerolatte makes the best quality milk frothersAerolatte makes the best quality milk frothersin a way that helps the foam keep its shape whether it’s hot or cold.

How to stop pasta from sticking together: Preventing sticky pasta +  

Making a simple pot of pasta can be really frustrating when it all sticks together and comes out undercooked. It’s equally frustrating when your pasta sticks together after it has been drained. Here are some easy ways to avoid these problems:
Fanning out the pasta in the pot is an easy way to keep it from sticking together.Fanning out the pasta in the pot is an easy way to keep it from sticking together.
While Cooking:

Add a couple tablespoons of vegetable or olive oil and a teaspoon of salt to your cooking water before the pasta.

How to make a Cappuccino at home without a machine +  

The thought of making your own cup of cappuccino at home might seem silly after watching someone operate one of the giant steam-powered, cast-iron and copper cappuccino machines in coffee bar. However Homemade cappuccino is a wonderful thing.Homemade cappuccino is a wonderful thing.making a cup of good cappuccino at home is actually quite simple and not very expensive. To make it you will need two pieces of simple equipment: a stovetop espresso maker and a milk frother.

How make Irish Coffee at home +  

Irish coffee is a great way to give your coffee some extra kick and it’s quite easy to make. First brew up some hot black coffee or espresso. Read our [l: How-to-make-Espresso-at-home-without-a-machine espresso making page] for details on how to easily make espresso at home. Pour 2/3 cup You're missing something if you've never had Irish Coffee.You're missing something if you've never had Irish Coffee.of the coffee into a glass. Add in at least a teaspoon of sugar and stir it until mostly dissolved.

How to make an Iced Latte at home +  

Making a cool refreshing iced latte at home is actually pretty straightforward and cheap. Start by brewing a cup of espresso in a stovetop espresso maker. You can buy one at Target or Walmart for under $10. For easy instructions on how to use it, read our article on making espresso. Once the espresso is done, pour Making your own refreshing iced latte is easy.Making your own refreshing iced latte is into your serving glass. If you want to sweeten it, do that now.

How to make a Mocha Latte at home +  

Mocha lattes are actually quite easy and inexpensive to make from scratch. First start brewing a cup of espresso in a stovetop espresso maker. You can get one at Target for under $10. You can read It's not hard to make your own mocha latte.It's not hard to make your own mocha latte.instructions on how to do this here. Take the espresso maker off the heat but don’t pour it yet. Set this aside while you prepare the second half of the drink. Measure out half a cup of milk.

How to make Espresso at home without a machine +  

Espresso is a delicious and sophisticated drink that is actually easier and cheaper to make than you might think. There are several ways to make espresso including using the big copper and cast-iron machines You can't beat a good cup of espresso.You can't beat a good cup of espresso.that you see in coffee bars. However you don’t need one of these expensive and time-consuming contraptions to make a good cup of espresso. The best way to make espresso at home is using a stovetop espresso maker, also called a moka express.

How do you make mayonnaise? +  

Homemade mayonnaise is quite different from what you buy at the store. It has a delicious tangy flavor and is much easier to make than you might think if you know this little trick. In a blender or food processor combine three peeled garlic cloves, about two tablespoons of lemon Homemade mayonnaise is very different than what you buy at the store, and much better too.Homemade mayonnaise is very different than what you buy at the store, and much better too.juice, ½ teaspoon of salt and three tablespoons of unsweetened soy milk.

How do you eat an artichoke? +  

Artichokes can be a little strange to eat if you’ve never had one before. If the artichoke is trimmed, chopped and cooked in a larger dish, then it is usually completely edible. If you have a whole boiled artichoke there is a special way that you eat them. Pull off each leaf and you will find an edible piece at the bottom of each. Simply dip these The different layers of an artichoke.The different layers of an a sauce or mayonnaise and bite off the tender end.

What do you do with artichokes? +  

Artichokes can be cooked and eaten in many ways. Here is one of the easiest and most delicious ways. Boil a large pot of water. Wash the artichokes in cold water and cut off the stem at the bottom. Pull off some of the Artichokes might look strange, but they are so good.Artichokes might look strange, but they are so good.smaller leaves at the bottom. Boil with a lid for 20 minutes and drain. Serve warm with salad dressing or homemade mayonnaise.

How do you make tomato sauce? +  

Making tomato sauce from scratch is easy. Wash and dice up 4 tomatoes. The juicier they are, the better the sauce. Heat up a pan on medium with a couple tablespoons of olive oil. Add in your tomatoes and stir them for a minute after they start to heat up. Add in Homemade tomato sauce over penne.Homemade tomato sauce over penne.basil leaves, rosemary, or fried eggplant. Let this simmer for a few minutes before adding salt and pepper to taste. Serve on your favorite pasta or on toasted bread.

What do you do with eggplant? +  

Eggplant is delicious and can be cooked in a lot of ways, including fried up and added to tomato sauce. One of the simplest and best of these is an eggplant sandwich. Wash and peel the eggplant with a potato peeler. Slice the eggplant into wheels about half an inch thick. Salt each side of these. Put Eggplant sandwiches are truly delicious.Eggplant sandwiches are truly delicious.a few tablespoons of olive oil or butter in a frying pan and heat it on medium.

How do you use a baster? +  

The main use for a baster is to baste roasting meat. Roast your beef roast, pork roast, chicken, or turkey on a rack over a roasting pan. This will allow meat juices to collect there. Squeeze the bulb end of the baster and place the pointed end in the juices. Release the bulb slowly and it will Basting a turkey as it roasts.Basting a turkey as it roasts.suck up the juice. You then squeeze the bulb again to release the juices over your meat. This keeps your roast nice and juicy so that it doesn’t dry out as it cooks.

How do you separate fat with a baster? +  

Separating fat with a baster is quite easy. Pour your broth into a glass measuring cup or bowl, the smaller the better. Squeeze the bulb end and place the pointed end at the surface of the broth where the fat is. Release the bulb slowly and it will suck up the fat. Squeeze the bulb again with the A baster is quite easy to use for separating fat.A baster is quite easy to use for separating fat.pointed end over another bowl to release the fat. A few squeezes and the fat will all be gone.

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