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Video Game Terms

What does DPS mean in World of Warcraft? DPS WoW Term Definition +  

The acronym DPS means damage per second in World of Warcraft. Your DPS can be calculated by dividing your damage done by the number of seconds over which the damage was done. If you deal 500 damage over 10 seconds, then your DPS is 50. Damage meter add-ons can be used to give you accurate information about how much damage you deal. The DPS WoW term definition is known and used by almost all WoW players.

What is Threat in World of Warcraft? Threat WoW Term Definition +  

Threat, when used in World of Warcraft, refers to how likely an enemy is to attack you. The general rule is that if you have the most threat on an enemy, then they will attack you. Threat is generated by almost all actions performed in combat. Damage generates threat at about a 1 to 1 ratio, unless you have a reduced or increased threat buff. Healing generates half its value in threat. A taunt (a skill that forces an enemy to attack you) will increase your threat to a level high enough for that enemy to attack you instead of their current target.

What is a Damage Meter/DPS Meter in World of Warcraft? Damage Meter/DPS Meter WoW Term Definition +  

In World of Warcraft, a damage or DPS meter is an add-on that keeps track of how much damage you and other party members deal in combat. The most common damage meter is Recount, which can show you total damage, damage per second, healing, damage taken, deaths, and many other useful statistics from a fight. When someone says “Link the damage meters”, they mean “show the stats on the damage meter in party chat or in a whisper”. The damage meter WoW term definition is used often and is known by most WoW players.

What is the Omen Threat Meter in World of Warcraft? Omen WoW Term Definition +  

The Omen Threat Meter is an add-on for the game World of Warcraft. It is designed to show you how much threat everyone in your group has on the enemy that you have targeted. It can be used to tell if a monster is about to switch to attacking you or someone else in your party. Omen is an extremely useful tool, particularly for tanks and anyone interested in serious raiding. Omen does nothing in PvP. The Omen WoW term definition is known by all players who participate in raiding, and many others as well.

What is Healbot in World of Warcraft? Healbot WoW Term Definition +  

The term Healbot in WoW refers to an add-on used by healers. Healbot assists in healing-intensive fights by suggesting targets that are in need of healing and provide better information for your healing needs. Some players consider Healbot to be a major asset for anyone serious about healing, particularly in raids. Others think of Healbot as a cheat, taking all the skill out of healing. The Healbot WoW term definition is known by all players who participate in raids and other coordinated group activities.

What does AH mean in World of Warcraft? AH WoW Term Definition +  

When used in World of Warcraft, the term AH is an abbreviation for “auction house”. The auction house is a means of buying, auctioning and selling items in the game for gold. You can access the auction house by talking to an auctioneer in any racial major city in Kalimdor or Eastern Kingdoms. You can also use the auction house if you are an engineer by talking to the auctioneer robot located in the engineering shop in Dalaran, or by using Jeeves, a special engineering pet. The AH WoW term definition is very common, so expect virtually all other players to know what it means.

What does LFM mean in World of Warcraft? LFM WoW Term Definition +  

The acronym LFM when used in World of Warcraft has two possible meanings. The most common use is “looking for more”, which means they need more people to join their group for an instance, PvP, raid, etc. It also sometimes means “looking for mage”, usually when a mage is needed for crowd control, the intellect buff, or some other special purpose in a raid. The LFM WoW term definition is commonly used by players, so most others will know what you mean when you say it.

What does DB mean in World of Warcraft? DB WoW Term Definition +  

The term DB has two meanings in World of Warcraft. It can either stand for Dragonblight, or Dragon’s Breath. Dragonblight is an area in Northrend in the middle of the continent. Dragon’s Breath is a mage spell that shoots a cone of fire. It is obtained from using talent points in the fire tree. The DB WoW term definition is somewhat rarely used, so not all players will know what you mean.

What does LFG mean in World of Warcraft? LFG WoW Term Definition +  

If you’ve ever heard people say LFG while playing World of Warcraft, you might have wondered what it means. The definition of LFG is “looking for group”. This simply means that they are trying to find a group to do an instance dungeon, raid, or group quest. LFG can also refer to the LFG queue, which tries to group people up who want to run instances or raids. The LFG WoW term definition is used by almost every player in the game, so expect to see it often.

OnLive Game Release Schedule +  

The following games are currently available to play on the OnLive game service, now available in Beta:

- Assassin's Creed 2
- Batman Arkham Asylum
- Borderlands
- Colin McRae: Dirt 2
- Just Cause 2
- Lego Harry Potter: Years 1-4
- NBA 2K10
- Prince of Persia
- Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction
- Trine
- World of Goo
- AaaaaAaaaaaa (sic)

Some games that will be coming soon:

- Mass Effect 2
- Dragon Age
- Crysis 2 (rumored)

What is a Chinese Gold Farmer in WoW? World of Warcraft Terms +  

Whether you are a World of Warcraft player or not, you have most likely heard the term “Chinese gold farmer” before. This basically refers to a Chinese person who plays World of Warcraft to gather together as much in-game currency (gold) as possible. This person then sells it online Chinese Gold Farmers in actionChinese Gold Farmers in actionto other players for real money. This may be done professionally in some cases, or as a part-time job. Gold farmers are not all Chinese, nor are they all Asian.

What is a Debuff in WoW? World of Warcraft Terms +  

For many new players of the game World of Warcraft, the term “debuff” often makes little sense. This term simply means a spell or ability that applies a hostile effect on an enemy or on yourself that lasts for a time. For example a Curse of Agony spell lasts for about 30 seconds, dealing damage every few seconds, making it a debuff. A Shadow Bolt on the other hand deals its damage instantly, and so it is not a debuff. A debuff is the opposite of a buff, and may or may not be a DoT.
Ever wonder what a debuff is?Ever wonder what a debuff is?

What is a Buff in WoW? World of Warcraft Terms +  

If you have played World of Warcraft for any length of time you have most likely heard party members say things like “buff up” or “give me some buffs”. The word buff in this case simply means any type of friendly spell that lasts for a while. For example, Power Word: Fortitude is a priest buff that increases your stamina, while the paladin spell Holy Light is not a buff because its effects are applied instantly.
What is a buff?What is a buff?

What is a DoT in WoW? World of Warcraft Terms and Moar DoTs +  

A lot of people who are new to the game World of Warcraft have probably been puzzled over players talking about DoTs or dots. You might think that this means they are talking about dots of color or something similar, this term is actually quite different. Instead, it refers to a “damage over time” spell, often Moar DoTs?Moar DoTs?abbreviated as dot. A dot spell simply applies its damage every few seconds over a period of time, rather than all at once.

What does PUG mean in WoW? World of Warcraft Terms +  

If you have heard your fellow World of Warcraft players mentioning PUGs, you probably wondered what they were talking about. The term PUG, pug, or PuG stands for Pick-up Group. This means a party or raid group that is formed by people who do not know each other, as opposed to friends or WoW players say some strange thingsWoW players say some strange thingsguildmates. Usually pick-up groups are annoyingly flaky, and can fall apart easily, or fail miserably at the simplest of tasks, such as summoning people to a raid instance.

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