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Video Game Terms

What does AV mean in World of Warcraft? AV WoW Term Definition +  

The term AV in World of Warcraft is short for Alterac Valley, a PvP battleground. Alterac Valley is the largest of the battlegrounds with teams of 40 vs 40 facing off for dominion of an icy valley filled with forts and NPCs to kill. The horde faction is Frostwolf Clan, and the Alliance faction is the Stormpike Guard. The minimum level required to enter is 51. The AV WoW term’s definition is known by most players of the game.

What does Arp mean in World of Warcraft? Arp WoW Term Definition +  

The World of Warcraft term Arp is short for the armor penetration stat. Armor penetration is only attainable directly through gear and certain talents. It mitigates enemy armor, increasing physical damage done. The Arp WoW term’s definition is known by many players.

What does AoE mean in World of Warcraft? AoE WoW Term Definition +  

While playing World of Warcraft you may have heard the term AoE being used. It simply means area of effect. This generally refers to spells and abilities that deal damage or healing in a wide area rather than a single target. For example the mage spell Blizzard deals AoE frost damage in the area in which it is cast. The AoE WoW term’s definition is known by virtually all players of the game.

What does BB mean in World of Warcraft? BB WoW Term Definition +  

The term “BB” can refer to two things in World of Warcraft. The most common use is an abbreviation of Booty Bay, a town located in southern Stranglethorn Vale, at the very southern tip of Eastern Kingdoms. Booty Bay is a neutral quest town with a flight path and a boat that connects it with the town of Ratchet in the Barrens of Kalimdor.

What does EPL mean in World of Warcraft? EPL WoW Term Definition +  

The World of Warcraft acronym “EPL” refers to the Eastern Plaguelands, an area on the continent of Eastern Kingdoms. The Eastern Plaguelands are infested with the undead Scourge along with the Argent Dawn that fights to destroy them. EPL also contains the starting area for Death Knight characters as well as the Stratholme instance. EPL was once home to the Naxxramas raid instance when it was balanced for level 60 characters, but it has since moved to Northrend and become a level 80 raid. The EPL WoW term definition is known by a large number of World of Warcraft players.

What does AP mean in World of Warcraft? AP WoW Term Definition +  

The term AP when used in World of Warcraft can refer to one of two things. Most often it means attack power, a stat that increases damage done by melee and ranged attacks. Attack power is a stat on many items designed for physical DPS characters. Every 14 points of AP will increase your base damage per second by 1. This usually ends up increasing your actual damage per second by considerably more, thanks to special attacks and increased attack speed.

What does AQ20/AQ40 mean in World of Warcraft? AQ WoW Term Definition +  

The terms AQ, AQ20, and AQ40 in World of Warcraft all refer to the raid instances of Ahn’Qiraj. AQ20 refers to the 20-man raid called the Ruins of Ahn’Qiraj, while AQ40 is the harder 40-man version called the Temple of Ahn’Qiraj. Each of the raids has entirely different sets of bosses, but both take place in desert ruins and involve fighting many insect-like enemies. The two AQ raids are located in the south of Silithus AQ40 contains the boss C’Thun, considered by many to be the absolute hardest boss fight in the game, until the increased level cap reduced the difficulty.

What does AI mean in World of Warcraft? AI WoW Term Definition +  

The term AI when used by World of Warcraft players can have two meanings. Most commonly it refers to the mage skill Arcane Intellect, that boosts the intelligence of whoever has it by 30 minutes up to an hour. This include the other mage skill Arcane Brilliance, which applies the Arcane Intellect buff on all party or raid members within range.

AI can also mean artificial intelligence, referring to the strategies used by computer-controlled enemies. The AI WoW term’s definition is pretty well-known, especially by anyone who has a mage or participates in instances, raids, and PvP.

What does Bio Break mean in World of Warcraft? Bio WoW Term Definition +  

While playing World of Warcraft, you may have heard the term bio or bio break. They both mean the same thing: “I’ll be right back, I need a break to use the bathroom.” Bio comes from the word biology, something of a reference to “nature calls”. The bio WoW term’s definition is known by the majority of players.

What does Ganking mean in World of Warcraft? Gank WoW Term Definition +  

Ganking is a term used to describe an unfair battle in PvP. When a high level player kills a low level player, that’s ganking. It is also considered ganking when one player has PvP gear and the other doesn’t, when attacking a player who is eating or fishing, away from their keyboard, or alt-tabbed out of the game. Ganging up against a player is also considered ganking. Ganking comes from combining the words gang and kill. The gank WoW term definition is well-known.

What does Pull mean in World of Warcraft? Pull WoW Term Definition +  

When used in World of Warcraft, pull can mean one of two things. “Go pull those monsters” means attack or walk near enemies that have not been engaged so that they will attack you. Generally enemies are pulled back away from where they were so that they can be fought without other nearby enemies joining the battle. While in an instance or raid, pulling is usually done by the tank or by a hunter using Misdirect.

What does Flagged for PvP mean in World of Warcraft? Flagged WoW Term Definition +  

In World of Warcraft you may hear other players talking about being flagged. This simply means that you can be attacked by players of the enemy faction. You will be flagged for PvP when you enter a battleground or arena, or if you attack another player or NPC who is flagged for PvP on the opposing faction. If you are playing on a PvP server, you will automatically be flagged for PvP any time you enter a contested or enemy territory. You can also manually flag yourself for PvP by right-clicking your character portrait and choosing enable PvP or by typing /pvp.

What does Tagged mean in World of Warcraft? Tagged WoW Term Definition +  

While playing World of Warcraft, you may hear other players using the term “tagged”. Tagging an enemy means attacking it first so that you will get the experience and loot from killing it. If a monster has been tagged by another player, their name bar will be grayed-out instead of red, which means you will not get loot or experience for killing it. Most World of Warcraft players are familiar with the tagged WoW term definition.

What is a Daily Quest in World of Warcraft? Dailies WoW Term Definition +  

The term dailies or daily quests refers to a particular type of quest that can be completed once per day per character. They are unlike normal quests, which can only be completed once per character. Dailies can be told apart by their blue exclamation marks over the quest giver, rather than the gold of normal quests. Daily quests can be performed once per 24 hours, with the timer resetting at approximately 2:59 AM EST. A message will displayed telling you that dailies have been reset. Instanced dungeons are on a different timer that resets every day at 11:00 AM EST.

What does Focus Target mean in World of Warcraft? Focus WoW Term Definition +  

The term focus in World of Warcraft refers to a game mechanic that lets you set an enemy or ally as your focus target. Whenever you press the focus hotkey (F by default), you will target your focus. This can be useful for quickly re-targeting something after changing targets. Your focus target’s health and status bar will also be displayed on your screen so you can keep an eye on them or target them by clicking on it. The focus WoW term definition is quite commonly used and known by players.

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