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Digital, Computer and Internet Terms

What is LOL? +  

LOL stands for Laugh Out Loud. This term is used commonly on the Internet in chat rooms, email, and social networking sites.

What is a netbook? +  

The definition of a netbook is a small, low-cost, durable laptop with wireless connectivity. Netbooks are typically smaller than even an ultraportable laptop, often coming with 8 to 10 inch screens. Netbook computers also often feature solid-state disk or SSD, drives rather than conventional spinning hard disks which have moving parts.

A Netbook: The HP MiniA Netbook: The HP Mini

What is WiMAX? +  

WiMAX, also known as IEEE 802.16, is a wireless data protocol that was originally conceived to provide a completely wireless alternative to cable and DSL high-speed Internet. WiMAX can operate at up to 10 Mb per second, and was seen as a forward-looking alternative for the costly construction and deployment of fiber optic cables, and other data transmission lines to connect the customer's household after the Internet, particularly in sparsely populated areas.

What is Bluetooth? +  

The definition of Bluetooth is a short-range, digital wireless protocol for enabling devices to talk to each other. A very common example of a Bluetooth device is a Bluetooth wireless headset, which is a small battery-powered headset that a user can wear on their year, which can then wirelessly connect to a Bluetooth enabled cellular phone. Most currently available so phones, such as the Motorola RAZR or Apple iPhone include Bluetooth support.

Bluetooth LogoBluetooth Logo

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