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Home Improvement & Carpentry Terms

What is a Fire Block in Carpentry Terms? +  

These are blocks of stone, ceramic, brick or other substance that are used in exceptionally tall walls to help reduce the damage in case of a fire as well as add increased structural integrity and even a small added amount of insulation.

What is a Doubler in Carpentry Terms? +  

When you nail to pieces of a structure together for the purpose of increased structural integrity. This is one of the more common carpentry terms as it is used throughout any construction.

What is a Developer in Carpentry Terms? +  

This simply refers to the client for whom the carpenter works. It may be a single person or a company and it is these people that provide the funds by which a construction is built.

What is a Custom Home in Carpentry Terms? +  

This simply refers to a house that is built according to custom specifications. It is usually unique and constantly designed for the buyer by a professional architect. These do not follow a commonplace carpentry layout and may require special training on the part of the Carpenters at work on it. These homes are almost always much more expensive than the average.

What is a Crown or Bow in Carpentry Terms? +  

This refers to the curve that any board used in the construction takes. If you put the board on its side and look at it whichever side is curved outward is known as the crown. Usually these boards are applied to the overall construction with the crown side up. This is for the purpose of holding its integrity better when under the standard pressures of everyday use of the finished product. It essentially allows the force applied to the wood to be distributed to both ends of the board rather than to the center where it is liable to crack and give way.

What are Cripples or Cold Jack Studs in Carpentry Terms? +  

You may also hear these cold jack studs or trimmers. These are simply vertical pieces of framing would or steel they run above and below the horizontal supports for Windows, doors, and other independently movable components of the wall. These are used to better hold these in place and to provide overall support for the wall’s integrity.

What is Conventional Roof Framing in Carpentry Terms? +  

This refers to the classic method of framing the roof. It simply means that each part of the roof is measured, cut, hoisted, and placed by the carpenters while on the job site.

What is a Cheek Cut in Carpentry Terms? +  

It is a cut of wood or steel that does not meet at full right angles with the framing that supports it. It is used to allow diagonally positioned beams and rafters to be seated properly and supported stably for the purpose of holding something up at an angle.

What is a Ceiling Joist in Carpentry Terms? +  

This refers to be horizontally positioned wooden or steel beams that rest between the top sides of a wall framing. This is what a ceiling or floor is supported by edits to what rafters and other support beams are attached to.

What is a Cat's Paw or Prybar in Carpentry Terms? +  

This is basically just a slang term for a nail remover. They refers to the back of a hammer that is used to pry out nails or to a specialty tool similar to a crowbar is designed specifically for this purpose. You should always carry one of these.

What is a Barge Rafter in Carpentry Terms? +  

A wide flat board is used at the end of the cable for the purpose of support. It is also commonly referred to as a fly rafter and may also be used as support when framing the roof.

What is a Fascia Board in Carpentry Terms? +  

A wide, flat board that is used as the edge of a cornice or string course. These are often used as part of Ionic, Corinthian, and Composite architectural styles.

What is a String Course in Carpentry Terms? +  

A piece of stone or wood that sticks out of the vertical face of a building. It is usually used to mount gargoyles, statues and other decorations and may itself be carved or molded in a decorative way.

What is a Cornice in Carpentry Terms? +  

A flat horizontal architectural feature that projects directly perpendicular to a wall in a construction. This is usually used to divide it up for the purpose of adding new floors or other architectural concerns. I cornice can also refer to part of a bed molding when it comes to furniture.

What is a Bottom Plate in Carpentry Terms? +  

This refers to the lowest horizontal framing beam or metal support in a wall. It is also called the soleplate and most elements of the wall framing rely on this board support.

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