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Home Improvement & Carpentry Terms

What is Melamine Plywood in Carpentry Terms? +  

This is just a plywood board covered with a finish made out of resin and paper that has been attached to heat.

What is a Lull or Pettibone in Carpentry Terms? +  

A large forklift used to transfer materials around a carpentry job site.

What does Level Mean in Carpentry Terms? +  

This can refer to two things. The first is simply an even perfectly flat horizontal line. This is essential for proper positioning of flooring and ceilings. It also refers to a tool called a level which is used for finding this out.

What is a Layout or Detailing in Carpentry Terms? +  

Often called detailing, this is simply markings made by the carpenter for the sake of positioning properly the different pieces of framing into their overall locations.

What is a Landing in Carpentry Terms? +  

This is simply a pause in a staircase between two flights of stairs.

What is a King Stud in Carpentry Terms? +  

This refers to a vertically placed support beam that is used on either side of a wall’s opening as in the case of a window or door. These are used to hold it in place as well as provide additional support for the above structure.

What is a King Rafter in Carpentry Terms? +  

This is simply a standard rafter or support beam that is used at one end of the roof to set the overall framing in place for the roof. It is used in standard hip roofing and must be placed very carefully for the sake of maintaining the structural integrity of the roof.

What is a Journeyman in Carpentry Terms? +  

A journeyman is any carpenter who’s been involved in a carpenters union apprenticeship or who is head enough years of carpentry experience to be considered a proper carpenter.

What is a Joist or Joist Hanger in Carpentry Terms? +  

A piece of structural framing in the form of a beam that lies horizontally between the main support beams at either end a wall. This is used to hold up other parts of the structure including upper floors and the ceiling.

What is a Jack Rafter in Carpentry Terms? +  

This is a piece of roof support framing in the form of a Rafter that is secured at one end to the top of the wall framing and tends to meet with the corresponding rafter in the middle. These are often supported by hip rafters for maximum support.

What is a Hip Rafter in Carpentry Terms? +  

These are the main support beams used to hold up a normal roof. They tend to be placed at 45° angles meeting somewhere perpendicularly with the common raptors for maximum support.

What is a Header in Carpentry Terms? +  

This is a support beam it sits horizontally on top of an opening in a wall framing. It is usually used to help support the rest of the structure when working around a door window.

What is the Stand, Height Above Plate or HAP in Carpentry Terms? +  

This refers to the additional length to which a rafter used in a framing sticks out past the outer edge of a building. A common example of this is in modern designer architectural homes or in the corners of a classic style log cabin.

What is a Girder in Carpentry Terms? +  

This is a basic support being used in many types of construction. It is often made of steel with n I-beam style of cross-section. This is used to give added strength and support for the load that bears.

What is a Gable in Carpentry Terms? +  

This simply refers to a standard roof in which the framing members on either side meet in the middle and are secured there for the purpose of added strength. Basically any triangular shaped roof constitutes a gable.

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