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Home Improvement & Carpentry Terms

How to Fix Scratches in Wooden Furniture +  

There are several ways to deal with a scratch in your wooden furniture.

1. A surface scratch can be camouflaged with a marker in a color that closely matches the color of your wood. Such special markers can be found in a hardware store, or in the hardware section of variety stores like Wal-Mart.

2. A scratch that is a little deeper than a surface scratch can likely be repaired with paste wax or even melting colored wax that matches the color of the furniture.

What is a Vaulted Ceiling in Carpentry Terms? +  

This refers to a ceiling usually found on the top story of the house in which the top is sloped in either coming to a point or a meeting between the slats and a horizontal flooring for the attic.

What is a Valley in Carpentry Terms? +  

The joining point between two gables. This forms a valley shaped point where the conflicting roof slopes come together.

What is a Carpentry Trimmer? +  

This is a wooden beam that is nailed down for support between the two ends of a roof frame to support the weight.

What is a Truss Joist I-Beam or TJI in Carpentry Terms? +  

A specially crafted item in framing that is commonly used with roof framing as well as in floors. It takes this name due to its shape being similar to an I-Beam girder.

What is a Carpentry Template in Simple Terms? +  

Simply a pattern used to cut or mold identical pieces. These are often used to mak sets of rafters, treads, risers, shingles, beams, and other items.

What is a Stringer in Carpentry Terms? +  

This is the beam or set of beams that hold up a staircase. Each individual step and riser is attached to this for support and structural integrity.

What is a Story Pole in Carpentry Terms? +  

This is simply a 2 by 4 with measured markings on it. Story poles are usually used in building and framing staircases, with each mark showing the height of an individual step.

What is Stick Framing in Carpentry Terms? +  

Business style of carpentry involving putting up one piece of wood at a time rather than putting up multiple panels or modules at one time.

What are Stair Gauges in Carpentry Terms? +  

Useful tools used for making repeated markings and measurements. A function similar lead to an adjustable ruler if you can imagine that.

What is a Speed Square in Carpentry Terms? +  

A framing carpenters tool. It has many uses.

What does Snapping mean in Carpentry Terms? +  

This is a chalk line used in designating where different elements of a floor plan will be placed. It is important in laying out the framing for walls in the house.

What is a Carpentry Shear Panel? +  

These are asked here he or panelings applied to a typical wall frame to give it extra strength.

What is a Carpentry Seat Cut? +  

This is a position on the top of a wall framing that allows for horizontal support beams to be placed at a perfect level.

What is a Scissors Truss in Carpentry Terms? +  

This is a pre-built diagonally inclined ceiling that is attached to a building via roof trusses.

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