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Sovereign Bank Routing Number +  

The routing number for Sovereign Bank accounts depends on the state in which it was opened. For accounts opened in Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, and Vermont, the routing number is 011075150. For accounts opened in any state other than these, it is 231372691. This information is current as of January 30, 2011 and could change in the future.

About Kay Circle +  

Kay Circle presents high quality, easy to read, and easy to understand reference articles on everyday topics. The Internet has a lot of information, but much of it is longer than it needs to be, of unreliable quality, or has too much advertising. We are dedicated to providing only the best articles, across a broad range of topics, which we expand every day, as well as a top notch reading user experience. Be sure to bookmark us and check back often!

Is black a color? +  

There is much debate about whether black is, in fact, a color. It depends primarily on who you ask, though. In computer displays, black is considered a color. This is because in computer code, the color black is represented by the value 0,0,0 which means 0 red, 0 green and 0 blue, and this combination uniquely identifies the color black. In printing, black is also typically considered a color, for example, inkjets usually consist of four colors, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black. These four colors are mixed together to print all other colors.

What is Mortgage Rate Lock Deposit Definition? Terms on Investments +  

The Mortgage Rate Lock Deposit is a way for lenders to sell buyers a "locked" interest rate, that is one that does not change for a period of time. This deposit underwrites the increased risk assumed by the lender.

Expert Synonyms | Thesaurus +  

Synonyms for expert

advisor, authority, counsel, expert, freelancer, guide, master, maven, professional, specialist

Consultant Synonyms | Thesaurus +  

Synonyms for consultant

advisor, authority, counsel, expert, freelancer, guide, master, maven, professional, specialist

What is Experiential Marketing? +  

Experiential marketing, as the name suggests, is marketing or advertising of a product based on the experience that any customer had with the product or service. Marketers are roping in the opportunity to use blogs, social profiles and social messaging to make the best use of experiential marketing. Let’s look at an example: Adam bought an apple from Eve Supermarket. Adam went home and kept the apple in the fridge. He posted on his facebook “Bought an apple from Eve Supermarket. Real value for money” he also tweets the same from his twitter profile.

What is Competency Mapping? +  

In simple terms, competency mapping can be defined as the process of assessing and ascertaining the actual strength possessed by a person or a group of people. It helps to find out the striking qualities an individual owns like the ability to lead and take decisions. Similarly, competency mapping also attempts to assure the level of efficiency present in a group of workers, also when tried in varying combinations. This enables to tap top quality talent from the most efficient group to increase work potential.

Compaq 221470-B21 +  

HP Compaq 2Gb/s SFP SW Transceiver Kit 221470-B21

This fiber channel infrastructure component supports distances of up to 300 meters at 2 GB/s and 500 meters at 1 GB/s. The price ranges from about $70 to $200.

HP D6028A +  

The Hewlett Packard HP D6028A allows for the remote connection and management of NetServer brand servers. The price ranges from $34 to $80 on various markets.

Cisco WS-PB8-2FEHDTX-128 +  

SwitchProbe 2-Port Fast Ethernet HDX TX 128MB

This device allows for remote monitoring of network responsiveness by system administrators. The price ranges from $900 to 1100 on various parts exchanges.

What is Walgreens? +  

Walgreens is a large chain of drug and convenience stores in the United States of America. In fact, it is the largest such chain in the U.S. with nearly 8,000 locations. One of Walgreens's biggest competitors is CVS/pharmacy. Walgreens is quite popular on the West Coast of the United States, whereas CVS's stronghold is in the Northeast United States; particularly New England where their headquarters is located.

Walgreens sells over the counter drugs, beauty products, skin products, soap and household items, and also prescription drugs. Walgreens also sells some food items.

Where was Barack Obama Born? +  

Barack Hussein Obama was born in Honolulu, Hawaii on August 4, 1961. His parents were Stanley Ann Dunham and Barack Obama Sr. Contrary to some rumors, he was not born in Africa. It is currently a requirement for American presidents to be born inside the contiguous United States (this was originally to prevent the King of England from running for the Office of President).

Pictures/Maps of Constellations +  

We have collected pictures/maps of major constellations below. The ever-popular Big Dipper is shown here:

Map of the Big Dipper ConstellationMap of the Big Dipper Constellation

Another famous constellation is Orion, which is somewhat more complex, shown here:

The Orion ConstellationThe Orion Constellation

A somewhat lesser-known constellation is that of Scorpius, shown here:

Scorpius Constellation MapScorpius Constellation Map

What is the speed of a Neutrino? +  

The speed of a Neutrino particle is very near the speed of light. Similarly the mass is non-zero but very small (Neutrinos have mass). They are electrically neutral, and can change flavor (and effective mass) depending on circumstances, which is a bit counter-intuitive - imagine a basketball that changes weight as it moves through the air.

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