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Bluetooth Tethering for iPad: Can you Tether the iPad to an iPhone 3G/3GS/4? +  

The iPad does NOT currently support bluetooth Internet tethering, so you will not be able to connect it to your shiny iPhone 4 to share its Internet connection. To get online in the great outdoors on the iPad, you will unfortunately need to buy the expensive 3G version.

Deer Hunter: African Safari for iPad Review +  

The latest installment in the long-running Deer Hunter series, African Safari for the iPad pits you against a good array of exotic creatures. Your hunting skills will be tested as you bring down Zebra, Buffalo, Lions, and Elephants (although no deer). The gameplay is simple but polished, allowing for tight control and easy aiming. The graphics of this title are quite excellent and place it near the top of the list in terms of iPad graphics. Unfortunately, there are some negative aspects to the game as well. Much of the cooler weapons and gear are only available by paying additional money.

Skee-Ball for iPad Review +  

At first glance, Skee-Ball for the iPad might seem too simplistic to be worth your time. This is definitely not the case. One of the most addictive and entertaining games available for the iPad, Skee-Ball draws you in quickly with a low learning curve and has you earning prizes in no time. Gameplay is as simple as drawing a quick gesture with your finger to launch your ball. A great array of winnings keep you coming back for more. Unlike many other iPad games, Skee-Ball does not suffer from any instability and crashing issues that plague many titles.

Flight Control for iPad Review +  

No matter what your favorite gaming genre is, Flight Control for the iPad will have something to pull you in. With a price tag of only a dollar, this game immediately comes across as being highly polished and well designed, with addictive gameplay that will keep you interested for days. While the core concept of landing planes might initially seem to be a little too simplistic, this game quickly draws you in with its excellent design. A true classic in mobile gaming, Flight Control has a lot to offer anyone who likes gaming.

Pocket God App for iPad Review +  

The concept behind Pocket God is simple: You are an all-powerful deity of a primitive tribe of pygmies. As their omnipotent ruler, you get to mess with them and generally make their lives miserable. Pocket God for the iPad is simple but extremely funny and addictive. The sheer variety of different activities is astounding, with 37 updates currently, and many more to come. The latest update features a pack of mischievous monkeys that can really wreak havoc with a little prodding from the player.

Call of Duty: Zombies for iPad Review +  

What better way to spend an afternoon than blast a bunch of zombies with your friends? Call of Duty: Zombies does just that. The gameplay is simple, but fun: Get cool guns, kill lots of zombies ala first person shooter. Graphically speaking, COD: Zombies is one of the best-looking games available for the iPad and comes with support for top-notch multiplayer coop over Game Center. The game was originally released with a hefty price tag and an additional $5 charge for each additional map, but no more!

Tetris for iPad Review +  

The gaming classic Tetris has finally made its way to the iPad, but how does this latest installment in the long-running series measure up? The first thing you’ll notice when you start playing is the difference between manipulating pieces with your finger instead of with arrow keys or a D-pad. Being able to flip and move each piece with simple finger gestures allows for tight control and an added level of interest. A good selection of new gameplay modes also help to broaden the experience and freshen up the old formula.

Predators App for iPad Review +  

A gory and satisfying game, Predators for the iPad makes for an excellent change of pace from the typical run of puzzle games that generally dominate this type of platform. After about a five minute learning curve, you’re ready to get out there and start carving up your fellow aliens with an excellent array of insidious weaponry. Infrared vision and classic sound effects help to draw you in, as the game itself offers a cunning blend of skill and strategy.

Color Splash for iPad App Review +  

Among the large array of photography apps available for the iPad, there are few that stand out from the pack, but Color Splash is definitely one of them. Once you get the hang of its relatively simple interface, Color Splash allows you to visually enhance photographs by maintaining the colors of certain areas while converting the rest of the image to black and white. This simple act can have a dramatic effect upon images, making them much more interesting to look at. With a low price and learning curve of about a minute, Color Splash is definitely worth a look. Overall Score: 9 out of 10

Star Walk for iPad App Review +  

Star Walk for the iPad is a neat little astronomy app that allows you to surf the stars in the palm of your hand. The first thing you’ll notice when trying this app is the excellent graphics, which really help to bring out the wonder and beauty of the night’s sky. The smoothness of animation as you manipulate your view makes for an excellent sense of grace and power. At the same time, it is also important to note a few drawbacks of the app.

Knight’s Rush for iPad Review +  

Every platform needs a good old fashioned hack and slash RPG game with tons of loot and leveling up. Knight’s Rush delivers just that in a nifty little package. Insanely addictive yet simple and easy to learn, the gameplay of Knight’s rush combines nicely with the over-the-top graphics and animations. While multiplayer support on Game Center is still lacking with the latest version, the frequent free updates suggest that multiplayer modes may become available in the near future.

Words With Friends for iPad App Review +  

Words With Friends is essentially an iPad app adaptation of the classic Scrabble. With excellent multiplayer quality and a solid design, the app is a great choice for anyone who loves a good game of Scrabble. With that said, there are a few issues with some of the newer versions. Crashing should be noted as a serious issue, although it can often be fixed by simply reinstalling the app. A lack of certain words in the game’s dictionary can also be somewhat annoying, while not being a deal-breaker.

Talking Baby Hippo for iPad App Review +  

Talking Baby Hippo is the latest installment in the talking animal series by Outfit 7. Is it entertainment worth your money, or just a waste of time? The answer really depends upon what you’re looking for with this app. The baby hippo is extremely cute and easily lovable if you like the style behind it. Its baby-like mimicry of every word you say can be really funny and lead to hours of entertainment. It can also get old really fast. A variety of features such as feeding, poking, and tickling can add some extra value to the somewhat simple package.

Talking Larry the Bird for iPad Review +  

Talking Larry the Bird is one of those apps that you will immediately love or hate. To start off, Larry is equipped with some excellent graphics, charming artwork, and some really funny voice effects. Sending silly greetings and messages through Larry can be immensely entertaining. On the other hand, there is something of a lack of lasting appeal once you get over the initial buzz. The bottom line is, if messing around with a talking bird and sending goofy voice messages to your friends is your idea of fun, then Talking Larry the Bird is worth every cent. Overall Score: 9 out of 10

Doodle Jump for iPad Review +  

There is a good reason behind Doodle Jump containing the words “BE WARNED: Insanely Addictive!” in the listing on the iTunes store. The game features highly innovative gameplay that sees you blasting off little green aliens. To add to the excellence, the developer Lima Sky has released numerous free updates with loads of new content to keep you wrapped up in this game for weeks. In addition, new versions of Doodle Jump feature support for retina display. So if you haven’t played Doodle Jump, it is time you bit the bullet and coughed up the 99 cents.

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