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Best iPad Organization App +  

Corkulous for the iPad provides an innovative way for users to gather, organize and spread ideas. It is priced just under $5 and has several great features. The program includes a vision board, which is the base for mind mapping, notes, labels, photos and more. Corkulous also contains a simple to do list, a shared message center, and contacts. Updates are free and there is helpful technical support available via email. There is also a group of how-to articles available on the website.

What is The Best iPad Organizer App? +  

The best organizer application for the iPad is DejaOffice. This suite provides a calendar, notes, contacts, and a tasks list all on one application. Contacts can be sorted by a variety of ways to make searching for companies or individuals easier. The calendar offers day, week and month views and it also has a reoccurring event feature. Tasks and notes can be dated and linked to the calendar as well as sorted by color-coded priority levels. It is simple to use and it is free.

Best iPad Writing App Review +  

My Writing Nook is a great iPad application that offers very useful features and an uncluttered on-screen writing space. It is particularly helpful to those who are working on novels. Features include autosave, word count tracking, dictionary and thesaurus. Another perk to My Writing Nook is the ability to sync with an online web application so that you can write from any other space. Documents can be grouped, sent via email, or downloaded to the computer. Best of all, it’s free.

Best iPad Word Processor App Review +  

Pages for iPad is an excellent word processor application for the iPad and it is compatible with (and comparable to) Microsoft Word. You can easily import Microsoft Word files into iWork Page without errors. All parts of the document remain and are fully editable. You can also create new documents with the same ease, and you have the ability to customize the fonts graphics. The program also features a virtual keyboard for users who need to type using the touch screen. Pages for iPad has everything you need.

Best iPad Finance App +  

The best iPad finance application is certainly Square. The tool is downloadable from iTunes and allows users to quickly and securely accept cash, credit or debit payments with the help of an easily attached card reader. Sales tax can be automatically calculated when needed. The program creates receipts that can be sent via text or email. Square is a free download and there are no usage charges or other undisclosed fees. There are also no contracts. Whether you are running a small business or raising money for a worthy cause, Square is a free, easy to use, complete finance app.

Average Price Of A Computer 2011 +  

Computers come in different sets and upgrades. Most laptops usually cost more than PCs and famous brands cost more than less known manufacturers’ PCs. A Mac PC price would almost double an IBM one. But, the average price of a PC in 2011 is about $600 and may range anywhere from $400 to $1,000 per unit. Amongst the key factors influencing the average PC price are the following: the kind of monitor one gets with the PC, the size of the hard drive, the size of the operation memory, etc.

Passwords App for iPad Review +  

Passwords App for iPad is the perfect app for those who need to don’t want to forget their passwords and must keep a track of a number of password protected websites. Passwords App for iPad can also automatically log you in to websites with a single touch. Not only do you not have to remember the password, but the username and even the website address are taken care of too.

iTeleport for iPad Review Jaadu VNC +  

One of the most convenient apps on the market is iTeleport. For those who travel a great deal, iTeleport for iPad is perfect. iTeleport allows you to gain access to your computer from anywhere in the world. With iTeleport for iPad, you can access your computer’s files from anywhere, control your media player from anywhere, use a remote control and watch over your child’s behavior to make sure they are safe and more.

Go Calc for iPad Review +  

Go Calc is an app that allows you to create calculations for your problems and record them to return to later. With Go Calc, you can export and import calculations and backup all your calculations. You can also share your calculations with others and look at others’ calculations. Go Calc is not only used by students, but loan officers, vets, real estate brokers and many more.

Assignments for iPad Review +  

Assignments for iPad is a smart and convenient way for students and other people to keep track of their work. Whether it be homework, projects or tests, Assignments for iPad will keep you covered. Besides students, this app can also be used by a number of different professions or to keep track of your personal tasks. Never forget an important assignment again!

Calc Pro Calculator for iPad Review +  

Calc Pro is an app that allows you to create and record calculations to fit a wide range of mathematical needs. With Calc Pro, you can export and import calculations and backup all your calculations on numerous devices. You can also share your calculations with others. Calc Pro is used by real estate brokers, students, vets, doctors, loans officers and others. This app is the professional version of Go Calc.

PCP Remote for iPad Review +  

PCP Remote for iPad is a great tool to make the process of creating a podcast more convenient. Some of the features of this app are; ability to browse and control the camera, stop, start, pause etc. a recording, and option to query about information on workflow accessibility. PCP Remote for iPad controls several features of an Apple Podcast Producer Server.

iSwitch DMX for iPad Review +  

This app is handy for electricians, technicians and the like. iSwitch DMX is an app to use binary DIP switch to stage lighting electricians, programmers and technicians. Some features of this app are; ability to select a DMX address which updates the DIP switch graphic with the correct settings, as well as ability to select an offset for your next DMX device to display the following address.

iNote for iPad Review +  

iNote for iPad is an apt which takes notes for the user. It is a universal application, as it is found on the iPhone and iPod touch as well. Some of the features of iNote for iPad are; note-taking ability, wireless syncing, transferring notes, full-screen read mode, customizable clipboard, email notes, Google docs and more. The convenience of this a
pp is that any information you gather on your iPad can quickly be linked to your other devices.

Scene Partner for iPad Review +  

Scene Partner for iPad is a great device for actors and actresses to use to help them learn their lines quickly and easily. With Scene Partner for iPad, you can enter your script and use the text-to-speech technology to play back your lines, your cues, or whole scenes. You can also record yourself saying your lines, or record your fellow actors saying their lines.

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