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Disable Readyboost +  

This is a windows-Vista function. Windows 7 has a built in feature named Ready Boost. It allows the system to boost its performance by adding additional cache memory. It can be added in the form of a flash memory. This feature can be used by inserting the USB drive. This gives the user the option of using the flash drive as a Ready Boost. This feature can be used by auto play dialog box or the drive properties.

How to install OpenNI in Windows: Open Source Kinect Drivers in Windows +  

To get the sample applications included with OpenNI to run, you will need to install 3 separate packages; one of them is OpenNI. To get Kinect data with Skeleton tracking to work in Windows, follow these steps:

- Download and install OpenNI or later

Note the activation key on the download page -- you will need to enter this key when you install it.

- Download and install SensorKinect 5.0.0 or later

- Download and install NITE or later

Windows 7 Error 651 Fix: The Modem Has Reported An Error +  

This error code seems to be a bug in Windows 7 that Microsoft has figured out how to fix. It’s a problem with the modem connecting with the internet. Usually you can run an application on your computer and fix the problem but it is complicated. You must follow the application directly. Some people when they get this error code take their computer back for a refund, as it usually pops up on the initial try. Others have taken their computer to a technician.

Error Code 646 Windows Vista Update +  

Microsoft encourages Window users to always run the updates when one appears on your screen. It is generally in the best interest of the user and will make the system run better and more efficiently. If you receive Error Code 646 while applying the update, make sure first you have internet connectivity. Next, it may be the Microsoft server program that you can’t connect with. Finally, check your firewall and make sure that it’s not blocking the connection. If all else fails, go to Microsoft’s website and there you can find the answer to how to run the update.

Group Policy Error RPC Server Is Unavailable +  

Group Policy Error RPC Server Is Unavailable is the error code for group policy results wizard. It is usually a firewall issue and seems to be found more in Windows XP than any other version of Windows. Firewalls are designed to block unauthorized access to certain data on a server or computer network, however it can sometimes block access when undesired. Microsoft’s website has the solution to this error code and can offer you the step by step way to resolve the issue.

Group Policy Installation Failed Error 1274 +  

Group Policy Installation Failed Error 1274 error code is the dreaded scourge of asynchronous policy processing. It causes processing problems in certain computer functions. There are answers to how to resolve this error code on the internet on various websites. Just search the Error Code and answer websites will pop up for you. You can always go to Microsoft’s website and they will walk you through the steps to resolve the error code as another option to resolve this issue.

Group Policy Event ID 1006 Error Code 82 +  

Group Policy Event ID 1006 Error Code 82 is a group processing error code. When this error occurs, the message will read: “The processing of Group Policy failed. Windows could not authenticate to the Active Directory service on a domain controller.” If the server is down on a multi domain controller then this error code will pop up. To resolve this problem have your IT person fix it or if he/she has to they can go to Microsoft’s website for the resolution.

Event ID 1112 Group Policy +  

Event ID 1112 Group Policy applies to group policy. Group policy comes into play upon start up and log in. If the computer cannot get to the group policy server then the log in error will occur. The resolve for this event can be found on Microsoft Tech Net’s website. The computer accesses the server when a user enters his or her username and password, and the data is gathered for the proper user settings to be applied. This is especially true in large network systems.

Group Policy Event ID 7016 Error Code 0x4000000000000000 +  

Group Policy Event ID 7016 Error Code 0x4000000000000000 is a group policy error code by Windows. This important policy was created in order to maintain corporate standards. Information Technology professionals utilize group policy to securely manage neworks and to reduce operating expenses. It is important for them to understand how to locate, read and analyze information, which can make the difference between a minor network problem and long hours of downtime. Microsoft Tech Net on the internet has the solution to this error code.

Group Policy Event ID 1058 Error Code 3, 5 And 53 +  

Group Policy Event Id 1058 Error Code 3 5 And 53 refers to group processing on computers. Group processing requires network connectivity to one or more domain controllers. It the network connectivity stops working then the group processing stops. Microsoft does offer a solution to this problem on its website as do many technological firms offer ways to solve this error code. But networks need group processing to run correctly. This applies to Windows Server 2008.

Best iPad Dock +  

The official Apple iPad Dock is the best dock that one can find for the iPad. This dock enables users to gain easy access to a dock connector port, which is for syncing or charging. You will also be able to get to an audio line out port that is used to connect powered speakers by an optional audio cable. Sometimes Apple simply makes the best accessories for their own products, and the iPad Dock is one of those accessories.

What is The Best iPad Stand? +  

Depending on what your needs are, there are two options: The Griffin and The Compass. The Griffin A-Frame is a great iPad stand, which is made out of heavy aluminum. It swings open to hold your tablet upright. You can use it for both portrait and landscape views. If you need one for traveling, you should take a look at the Compass mobile stand. The Compass mobile stand is best for people on the go.

Best iPad Protection +  

The Apple iPad Case, available at the Apple Store, has the best reviews for its durability, soft microfiber interior, and propping ability. It is well-structured with reinforced panels, and it has holes lined up for the power button and headphone jack. The Apple iPad Case can be folded horizontally or vertically for typing or watching videos or presentations. It is extremely slim, and the stand holds very well. Just slip the iPad in and you can travel without worries.

What is The Best iPad Piano App? +  

Pianist Pro for the iPad is by the far the best piano application for the hardware. It enhances all of the best features from Pianist, originally created for the iPhone, and offers totally new features. The new version offers an arpeggiator, which allows users to play more complex notes easily. There is also a drum machine that players can use to add rhythms to their tunes. The Pianist Pro also provides both Single Keyboard and Dual Keyboard views.

Best iPad Pen/Stylus For Writing Review +  

Ipad users seem to agree that the best stylus you can get for the money is the Pogo Sketch. It works with great precision on touch screens and trackpads. It has a high-gloss curved pocket clip so it is easy to carry around and access quickly. It is as easy to handle as a regular pen, and is great for typing on a virtual keypad, making notes in your own handwriting, or signing your signature.

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