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What Are Some Good Tumblr Names? +  

Tumblr users typically like creative profile names with some catch or a double-meaning. Additionally the spellings of profile names also have a special mold, mainly in compliance with the spelling ‘Tumblr’. If you want to get noticed on Tumblr find a catchy profile name. However, it is important to see that the profile name stands unique when compared to other profile names. Using another user’s sense of humor usually devalues the attractiveness of a profile name.

Why Can’t I Download Anything on my Mac? +  

A MAC usually cautions its users meticulously against various software that may not be compatible or inappropriate for the machine. Although the hindrance is usually more than that of a PC, it can be useful to check if the software has a version specifically designed for MAC. Many downloads get blocked by a MAC due to the same reason. However, you should also check for a slow internet connection and saturated spaces in your hard drive before concluding.

Why Can’t I Download Anything on my Computer? +  

sNot being able to download files is a problem that somebody or the other comes across in every ZIP code of the US. Although the lowest available internet speed allows fast downloading of movies and other types of heavy files, certain features of your system may not permit downloading. One of the reasons is that your hard drive or the downloads section of the memory is saturated with previous downloads. You may also have been reported for counterfeit software usage. If none of these is the case, there may be technical errors happening at the service provider’s end.

Are You Able to See Who Looks at Your Facebook? +  

Facebook shields the identity of anyone who might be visiting your profile. Although certain services such as Trazkor helps in finding out the profiles that have been eager about your profile, Facebook does not allow such services to use their resources as a privacy policy. As a result, only Trazkor users can be tracked. This is not very effective, since a person who is aware of the availability of profile tracking, will avoid registering on services like Trazkor.

Can’t Open Up iTunes +  

Not being able to open iTunes is a common problem for many PC users. Although MAC users face similar problems, it is only on a rare occasion. Try uninstalling the software and recreating the folder in another account name. After that install iTunes and it should play. However, make sure that the folder for iTunes is incorporated in the iTunes software after that. Creating a new account name is easy. One has to visit the Control Panel and find ‘Create new account’ under User Accounts.

Am I Being Blocked on Facebook? +  

Every profile on Facebook may have a number of friends. Each person can block anyone by clicking on ‘My Privacy’. If you want to know if you are the person being blocked, you can simply go to the suspect’s profile and check if the header says “Add friend”. If the tag appears, it implies that the person has blocked you, or deleted you from the list. Usually, if a person chooses to delete a profile from the friends-list, he or she will usually choose to block the user from further communication as well.

Am I Being Blocked on Skype? +  

Service websites for finding out user blockers on online messengers are available for Skype users. One can easily identify the email id’s that may have blocked a particular user. Such services come free, and find out the suspects who may be showing reluctance towards communicating with you online. Skype provides the option of signing in as a different user and befriending the suspects. If you find them online, but offline from your original account at the same time, it proves, they are ‘hiding’ from you.

Am I Being Blocked on Yahoo Messenger? +  

In order to know if you are being blocked by some users while using Yahoo Messenger, you will need to find out whether or not the suspected users are online at certain times. Reputed block-checking sites are available. Another easy way of finding out is to hide your identity on the Messenger by signing in with another account. While using this account, you may be able to befriend the suspects online. They might be using the same identities while blocking you on the other account in all probability.

Am I Being Blocked on AIM? +  

Being blocked from any of the online communication servers can be a result of the controlling the settings wrongly. Another possibility is that a different user has done it owing to various reasons. In order to know the right suspect, it is important to understand the personal dynamics between you and your circle (past and present). Finding out the blocker is easy since AIM provides a procedure for finding out who are trying to or have been blocking you.

Am I Being Blocked on Msn? +  

Facing a problem such as getting blocked on Msn can happen due to a number of reasons. Try checking for the possibility of the system being in improper condition. Slow internet connections and counterfeit software use may be one of the reasons that might make other users unable to see you. One can easily check out the possibilities by using a different account and adding the login id’s that are suspected of blocking you.

How to Disable Real ID +  

Disabling Real Id is tricky but it can be done. One way suggested to do that is to log in to and find parental controls. Once found, you will come to a page that asks if you have set this up already. You hit “no set up now.” For address just use your email address in all the places it asks for address. Next you will get an email with a link that directs you to another page. Click the link and you go to an important page. On this page unselect Real Id and you are done. All options will immediately disappear from your computer.

Disable Referrers Chrome +  

It is possible to disable search engines from noting your every search but it is not easy. If you use Firefox, they have an ad on that deters search engines from finding out which sites you are visiting. The ad on is called Refcontrol and it will block the websites you visit from other search engines. Yahoo, Google, Bing and all other search engines are constantly monitoring websites you visit. But there are ways to disable them. Google Chrome it is really difficult. Usually you have to purchase software to disable these search engines from seeing the websites you visit.

How to Disable Remote Mac +  

When you have multiple Mac machines running in close vicinity, there is the challenge of remote trigger command in both the machines. In order to avoid this we could disable the remote option. This can be done by going to “System preferences” and clicking on “Security” option. As this is a challenge in Mac machines many prefer to disable the remote option as the remote can communicate with multiple machines making it cumbersome.

Disable Regedit +  

This is a feature which is often disabled by the administrator. A pop up message is thrown up when Regedit is disabled. There are some spy ware, anti virus and malware, which can cause this behavior. It can be enabled easily with the right command. At times the hidden folders and files too can be disabled. This can be enabled using the Windows Task master, Registry editor and then going to folder options and choosing show hidden files and folders.

Disable Resharper +  

Disable Resharper is a useful feature when working in big web forms or win form projects. This can be disabled or suspended temporarily. The ReSharper can be disabled using the visual Studio Add-In manager. The version 5.0 of ReSharper has a keyboard shortcut to temporarily enable/disable code analysis for the current file. The command for doing so is Ctrl+Shift+Alt+8 in the earlier versions. ReSharper can be disabled through the tools option.

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