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Excel Help: Count Matches to (in) a String +  

Use the following formula if you want to match how many times a particular string (substring actually) occurs in a cell:


You will of course need to replace "matchthis" with whatever string you want to count. This formula takes in A1 as the input so you may want to change that as well.

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Papers for iPad Review +  

Papers for iPad aims to help one manage their bibliography of papers better, while also letting one read the papers on the iPad's beautiful screen.

The bottom line is that this software is "almost good." It is still useful but it has a number of glaring omissions that will leave you fighting it more often than you like. Sadly, there are not many alternatives at the moment so you're pretty much stuck with it, and it's better than nothing.

Papers for iPad ScreenshotPapers for iPad Screenshot

GoodReader for iPad Review +  

GoodReader is a very popular offline-capable PDF reader for the iPad. Here we take an indepth look at the app in this review.

Here is the high-level summary: this app is mediocre to poor. While there is nothing seriously wrong with it, it suffers from a low framerate, glitchy next/previous page interaction, and a lack of annotation features. Bottom line: it could be much better.

GoodReader for iPad ScreenshotGoodReader for iPad Screenshot

What is the Android Froyo 2.2 Release Date? +  

The Google Android Froyo 2.2 update has a scheduled release date of Q2 2010 in the United States. HTC plans to incorporate the OS into new phones shipped once it becomes available. These phones will include the HTC Droid Incredible, HTC Desire, and HTC EVO 4G.

The Froyo release, the latest in desert-themed Android service updates, will include a number of new features and performance improvements over the currently available 2.1 release date. To commemorate the launch of the update, Google has built a statue of a Frozen Yogurt on the Google campus.

What is the Chrome OS release date? +  

The Google Chrome OS release date is currently set for Fall, 2010. The source code of Chrome OS is currently available to developers, however the official launch will take place in the Fall. The operating system is one of the first truly cloud-based OSes and is built on top of the Google Chrome web browser.

What is the iPhone OS 4.0 Release Date? +  

The previewed iPhone OS 4.0 release date will likely coincide closely with the launch of the next-generation iPhone. This is likely to happen in June or July of 2010. Since it is widely believed that this will take place, to coincide with the 2-year contract of iPhone 3G owners, it is also widely believed that iPhone OS 4.0 will make its debut on this device.

iPhone OS 4.0iPhone OS 4.0

Some unannounced, but rumored features include:

- Support for a screen with 4x the resolution of the iPhone 3GS

What is an ActiveX Control? +  

An ActiveX control is a program that can run inside your Internet Explorer web browser. Other browsers, such as Safari, Firefox and Chrome do not support ActiveX controls.

ActiveX controls can consist of safe programs that help, say upload files, or show a video chat, but they can also contain highly dangerous viruses. Because ActiveX controls have the ability to do anything an installed program can do, they can potentially trash a computer, install lots of spyware, viruses, trojans or rootkits, steal personal data, etc.

Weather HD for iPad Review +  

Weather HD for the iPad is a simple, but elegant application that actually makes quite excellent, animated use of the iPad's enormous screen. You can add locations to the application either by hitting the "Use My Current Location" button or by adding a City/Zip Code:

Weather HD Title/Setup Screen (Screenshot)Weather HD Title/Setup Screen (Screenshot)

Notice that even this screen is animated. Here the user is flying through the grass.

How to run a C# and WPF application on the Mac? +  

Since C# is based on a virtual machine system, much like Java, many have wondered whether their WPF-based C# applications can be easily ported to the Mac.

Unfortunately, this is no easy task. If your application is command line-based, this may be possible. Check out Mono, a CLR emulator for Linux and Mac. However, no one has yet created a wrapper for the WPF library, and so this part is not so easy.

The Solution

Does the Motorola/Verizon Droid have pinch zoom? +  

Many potential buyers of the Motorola/Verizon Droid are wondering whether it has pinch to zoom in and out of web pages.

The answer is yes, provided you download and install the latest software update from Google (which will probably happen automatically when you are connected to the Internet if you don't have it already).

Once you have this update, you should be able to happily pinch to zoom in and out.

How to update your Android phone/Motorola Droid to the latest version? +  

To ensure that you have the latest version of the Google Android operating system on your Verizon/Motorola Droid, follow these steps:

- From the home screen, tap on the small pop-up arrow at the bottom

- Tap on Settings

- Tap on About (at the bottom)

- Tap on System Update

You should now see information about any available updates and if there are any, the option to install them.

How to skip/bypass/avoid activation on the Verizon/Motorola Droid, and other Android phones? +  

To skip activation on Android phones like the Verizon/Motorola Droid, simply do the following:

- You will see a screen with a large green icon that says "Tap to Begin" -- don't do anything yet.

- Now, tap the top-left corner (there is no button there to tap so just tap the top left corner of the screen). No visible change will happen -- this is good, continue on to the next step.

- Now, tap the top-right corner.

- Now, tap the bottom-right corner.

- Finally, tap the bottom-left corner.

CRM software price information +  

Customer Relationship Management, or CRM software, is a powerful way to support your salesforce with improved lead organization and tracking.

There are a number of products currently available, however pricing information is generally not available publicly and requires contacting a dedicated sales team.

For web-based CRM, some pricing information is available. For a brief time, Microsoft's CRM was available for $19/user per month. However, this was a limited time offer and may no longer be available.

The Latest Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) +  

This article takes a look at new versions of integrated development environments, or IDEs -- that is, the tools used by software engineers and developers to build computer software applications.

Visual Studio 2010Visual Studio 2010

There are numerous commercially available IDEs and several freely available IDEs. For this article we do not consider the simpler text editors which are often also used.

Eclipse (free)

What is Just-In-Time-Compiling (JITC) in Java and other languages? +  

Just-in-time-compiling or JITC is a technology that is used by Java, the .NET Framework, and other managed code-based programming languages that assists in creating hardware-optimized code.

Just-in-time-compilation (JITC) -- what is it?!Just-in-time-compilation (JITC) -- what is it?!

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