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Soccer Moms as a Stereotype: An Outrage

The media and a large part of the population at large seem to see soccer moms as a stereotype and looked down on us because of that. They seem to see us as SUV-driving femi-nazis who can do anything except complain and take their children to soccer practice. This is a truly ignorant point of view and shows the narrowmindedness of the people who share it. It is also in outrage on a level almost approaching that of racism. It is a negative label when in fact soccer moms are Soccer Moms are the pillars of our society.Soccer Moms are the pillars of our society.the pillars of the modern-day society. No one would know what to do if their errands weren’t run and their sheets were cleaned. No one would know what to do without the strong moral fiber that we exude as we fight for what is best for our kids. Children are the future and they need the best attention possible. So no task is to light the amazing superwomen who hold all of society together. Some people seem to think that society would get along just fine without soccer moms. Let’s show these people what we think!

by Julie Bartholomew on Wed, 12/09/2009 - 03:52

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