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SharePoint iPad App Review Shootout – What is the Best SharePoint iPad App?

There are several iPad apps available for accessing SharePoint on the go – but which one is the best? We take a look at them and crown a champion. With the growth in popularity of SharePoint at many companies, having a good SharePoint app is essential for the iPad experience.

In this review, we looked at 5 recommended apps on the Apple App Store. Of those, 1 did not work with our server, so it was excluded. Of the remaining apps, there was one clear standout in everyday use: Sharekami/Sharekami Pro.

If you are a heavy SharePoint user, then the most important thing is that the basics, the features that you will use every day, not only work, but work well, and are fast and responsive. This is an area where Sharekami really shines – it was the fastest of the apps that we tested. When visiting sites, lists, or document libraries that I had visited before, I found that Sharekami opened these instantly, without having to wait for the server to respond. It was so nice to be able to navigate around commonly used sites without having to wait. Even better, because Sharekami is able to do this without waiting for the server, you can access content quickly even when you have a slow Internet connection. While it would be great if cellular data connections were always fast and reliable, they can often be slow or unresponsive, like when you are an on elevator. But that is exactly when you want to get at your content! In our testing, we were very impressed with Sharekami’s ability to open frequently used content so quickly, even with encryption turned on.

Uploading Content with Sharekami Pro

Another make-or-break for a mobile SharePoint client is reliability. You don’t want an app that is going to crash, lose data as it is entered, or become unresponsive. In this area, we also preferred Sharekami over the other apps tested. It didn’t crash during our usage on an iPhone 5 and an iPad 2, even when working with large files, and very large lists. We created a “torture test” task list with a few thousand tasks in it, and it performed very well with this, while some of the other apps froze or crashed.

Creating a List Item

Of course, you also want your apps to be intuitive and easy to learn. Some of the apps were quite hard to learn, while several were easy to pick up. One feature that we really liked about Sharekami was its inclusion of contextual help and directions, that helped us setup VPN access to the server. Overall, when taken together with the speed and reliability mentioned above, we liked Sharekami the best in this area as well.

When it comes to Enterprise features, each company/user will have different needs. In our testing, though, Sharekami Pro included everything you will likely need: password security for app access, encryption, uploading documents to libraries and as attachments, adding and editing list items, and library syncing for offline use.

Thus, in conclusion, we found Sharekami and Sharekami Pro, to be the best SharePoint app currently available from those tested. It was the fastest, and easiest to use in our testing, and was also reliable and offered all the enterprise features needed to get things done on the go.

Overall Rating: 5/5 Stars

by Margaret Walker on Sun, 05/19/2013 - 04:16

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