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Sexting: Are My Kids in Danger?

There’s been a new craze among teenagers that has parents worried and confused. It is called sexting. Essentially it means texting with cell phones with people that they do not know in a sexual manner. It may seem like innocent flirting and a way to act on hormonal instincts but doesn’t involve unprotected sex, however it can be far more dangerous. Sexual texting leads to exposure of your kids with all the wrong Every mother's worst nightmare.Every mother's worst nightmare.types. The Internet is the source of most sexual contacts for your kids, allowing for what they think is anonymous and innocent fun. However the Internet is also a haven for sexual abusers who can easily manipulate and control your child. Some studies show that as high as 10% of sexual abuse cases are spurred by sexual texting. Sexual predators lure your children out of their homes and into secret meeting places where they are then abducted and potentially raped. As a responsible parent is your duty to make sure that this can never happen. The best way is by prevention. Get a cell phone plan for your child from a reliable company such as Sprint or T-Mobile that allows you to monitor your child’s texting partners. Figure out who these texting partners are and be sure that they are safe for your children to be around. Only you can protect your child from the sick individuals that use sexting as their hunting ground.

by Kathy Taylor on Wed, 12/09/2009 - 03:32

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