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Does Sex With a Vampire Turn You into One?

There are many schools of expert opinion as to the effects that sex with a vampire has on the human partner. They generally agree that the effect is different depending on what gender the partner is. A male vampire with a female human is theorized to result in more dramatic effects. Internal ejaculation has been rumored to cause bodily changes in the woman sometimes even completely converting them into a vampire. Depending on the power of the vampire in question, the girl may simply inherit a few of the vampire’s lesser powers including ability to see in the dark and enhance strength. Successful insemination will most likely lead to pregnancy with a half vampire or day walker, although most forms of birth control seem to remain effective.
A female vampire having sex with a male human usually has less notable effects at least in terms of the act of penetration itself. Female vampires have a greater tendency to scratch and bite their partner however and this may easily lead to the transference of powers or even a full transformation of the man into a vampire. Caution is to be advised as there is a possibility of death due to the extreme strength of the woman. Pregnancy may still occur and birth control is still effective. A notable fact is that vampires are highly resistant to disease and in particular sexually transmitted ones. Thus it is actually harder to contract STDs from vampires and so sex with them is actually considered quite safer.

by Claire Evans on Wed, 12/09/2009 - 02:52

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