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Can You Have Sex With a Vampire?

The Twilight Saga has us all asking the question: Can you have sex with a vampire? While it seems extremely dangerous and reckless to consider such a course of action the actual act of sex with a vampire is quite possible indeed. The sexual organs of a vampire are unaffected by his transformation from human into his empty or form and us remains a viable mate for a human. Pregnancy is also possible however I sure want to find out!I sure want to find out!is complicated by the fact that vampire bodily fluids are different from those of humans which can lead to complications with blood and other aspects of infant health. Another concern about sex with a vampire is that of the danger of this encounter. A vampire that is not able to keep control of his powers and thirst for blood while in the throes of passion may end up seriously injuring, killing or turning their made in the process of intercourse. Before getting sexually involved with a vampire you should really ask yourself if it is worth the risk. If you believe that it is that it is definitely possible.

by Brandi Roberts on Wed, 12/09/2009 - 02:43

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