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How to Recognize a Vampire

Knowledge is the most important weapon in the war against vampires. To be able to fight and survive against these creatures you must be able to identify them or your ignorance may get you killed. If you suspect someone you know is a vampire then you should apply the following information. If that person seems to have larger canine teeth than they should is a good initial Keep it close and you'll be safe.Keep it close and you'll be safe.indication that something unnatural might be going on. They might also avoid sunlight or squint more than it seems like they should in higher light settings. Their appetite might be greatly reduce or even completely nonexistent and they might appear thin and quite pale. A good test would be to chew on a clove of garlic and then approached them closely and see how they react to your breath. As well they may speak out against religion or appear pained at the sight of Christian crosses or other religious artifacts. Identify them before they have the opportunity to strike!

by Brandi Roberts on Wed, 12/09/2009 - 02:58
well religious stuff dont dont bother us vampires and we can go out in the sun pale some of vampires are pale andthe ones you d go out in the sun only want to live with humans with no harm done so becarful what you say humans only know a few things about us vampires

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