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How to Increase TV Volume +  

You cannot play your TV at a very loud volume as the speakers in TV do not possess that much capacity. If you want to increase its volume, you may add extra speakers to your TV. However, at extremely loud volume, sound becomes audibly distorted and it is really unpleasant to hear that noise. TV has outputs for speaker right on the backside and you can connect new advanced speakers through these ports. You may also go for self-amplified speakers and connect them to the line level audio outputs to increase volume.

How to Write Things in Spanish +  

It is often difficult to be grammatically correct while writing Spanish language. In Spanish, words ending in consonant are stressed on the last syllable and words ending in a vowel are pronounced giving stress on the second to last syllable. In Spanish, ‘I’ is written as ‘Yo’, ‘You’ as ‘Tu’, ‘She’ as ‘Ella’, ‘We’ as ‘Nosotros’ and ‘He’ as ‘El’. You should be careful of accent marks in Spanish as it may change the entire meaning of the word.

How to Use Byakugan in Real Life +  

Byakugan is the Hyuuga’s bloodline limit that enables its user to see precisely to perceive matter on a quantum state. If you want to use Byakugan in real life, you should get chakra to the centre around your eyes and then focus on a bright light. After 2 hours, you will see three black dots while looking at yourself in the mirror. Your blood vessels would also appear to be pulsating through the skin. You may turn on or turn off this blood line limit. There are various techniques such as ‘Eight Trigrams Sixty’ and ‘Heavenly Spin’ to complement the ability of Byakugan.

How to Unlock My Gateway Computer/Desktop +  

If you have accidentally locked your Gateway computer or desktop, you should follow some steps to unlock it. First of all, you should check your system settings and change them to default. If your keyboard has been blocked, go for a keyboard option in settings and undo it. You may also press the “F2” button while restarting your desktop. If these options do not work, you may deactivate “NumLck” key. Now, shut down your computer for a while and restart it to check if it works.

How to Unlock My Gateway Laptop +  

If your Gateway laptop has been locked, you need to follow certain instructions to unlock it. Firstly, you should check the BIOS setup if you have made any changes in settings. You should set it to the default settings in case the keyboard gets locked. You may now restart your Gateway laptop and press “F2” button immediately. You may also deactivate “NumLock” key by holding the Alt key and then pressing the NumLck key.

How to Patent your Stage Name +  

Patents are one of the seven subcategories of Intellectual Property Rights recognized by World Intellectual Property Organization or WIPO. If you want to protect your stage name, you can opt for the Trademark or Tradename as stage name does not come under Patent Protection Act. You can apply for a Trademark in the US Patent and Trademark Office. You can also surf through its website where all the allotted Trademarks are listed.

How to Keep Sharpie on a Shirt +  

If you do not want to let the sharpie ink get off your shirt, you need to be careful. You should not wash your shirt immediately and wait for at least 6 hours. You may use mild shampoo to wash it and never forget to iron it twice after washing. You should always prevent your shirt from dust, sweat and perfumes. However, sharpie pen with permanent ink options are also available in the market and it is always better to use a permanent marker.

How to Keep Sharpie on Rubber +  

It is often difficult to keep sharpie ink on a rubber item for a long time. However, if you want so, you should follow some suggestions. The best way to prevent sharpie ink from fading off is to keep your rubber item away from dust, rain and sprays. You may also apply a transparent nail-paint over sharpie ink. Presently, sharpie offers permanent ink markers and you need not to be conscious about it all the time.

How to Keep Sharpie on Plastic +  

If you want to keep the sharpie ink on a plastic item for a prolonged time, you need to be careful. You may put that plastic item in a separate case so that nobody an touch it often. You may also use transparent nail-polish to coat the sharpie ink so that it would not be exposed to outer environment. You may opt for Krylon, Artist’s Fixative along with the sharpie ink to increase its life on plastic.

How to Keep Sharpie on Your Skin +  

If you want to keep sharpie on your skin for a longer time, you should apply it many times over the skin as the blood stream of our body absorbs sharpie ink and it tends to fade. You should also protect your skin from water as it may wash off the sharpie ink. You should put some talcum powder over your skin to keep it dry and avoid sweating off. You can prolong the sharpie ink for maximum one week.

How to Keep Sharpie on Clothes +  

If you want to keep sharpie ink on your clothes for a longer time, you need to follow some suggestions. Firstly, you should immediately iron the area written with sharpie. You will have to make sure that the piece of cloth remains dry for about 5 to 6 hours at least. Now, you may hand-wash that cloth with a mild shampoo. Spraying a hairspray over the ink is another good option. You should not bleach your clothes as it lightens the sharpie ink.

What is the Average Cost of a Toys R Us Franchise? Average Toys R Us Franchise Price +  

Toys R Us, Inc. is one of the leading toy and baby products retailer in the world. It operates more than 1,500 franchised stores in U.S. and 690 stores in 33 countries. The average initial start up cost of a Toys R Us franchise is around $430,800. There is an annual royalty fee that is 3% of the net revenues with a 20-year term of agreement. The parent company charges a sum of annual advertising fee that is 2% of gross sales.

What is the Average Cost of a Macys Franchise? Average Macys Franchise Price +  

Macy’s is an American mid-to-high department stores chain, headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio and New York. Macy’s operates more than 790 franchised stores and eSpot Zoom Shops in addition to New York flagship stores in United States. The average investment required to set up a Macy’s franchise is around $550,000. The parent company charges an initial franchise fee which is in between $10,000 and $15,000. The franchise owner has to pay a royalty fee that is 7% of annual revenues.

What is the Average Cost of a Sams Club Franchise? Average Sams Club Franchise Price +  

Sams Club is a major warehouse retail chain in United States and operates more than 500 franchised operations in 20 states. To get a Sams franchise, one needs to prove his financial resources to the parent company. The initial investment to set up a Sams Club franchise is around $250,000 with a liquidity of $60,000. The annual royalty fee is 5% of the net revenues and the advertising fee is around 4% of net annual sales.

What is the Average Cost of a Borders Franchise? Average Borders Franchise Price +  

Border Magic offers continuous landscape borders, curbing and walkways for residential and commercial use. It operates more than 500 franchises all over the U.S. The total investment cost to set up a Border Magic franchise is in between $51,100 to $102,300. The parent company charges an initial amount of franchise fee that is around $25,000. The franchise owner has to pay a royalty fee that is $250 per month for initial six months and $400 per month thereafter. There is also a renewal fee that is $2500 per year.

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