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Bold MSN Name +  

There are various tools and format generators available in the market which enables you to change your MSN in a ‘Bold’ format. However, MSN itself offers a free program called ‘Messenger Plus’ which allows you to make formatting changes like ‘Bold’, ‘Italic’, ‘Strikethrough’, foreground and background colour of your text. You should type your name followed by back slash and then the letter ‘i’. Now press enter to convert it into a ‘Bold’ format.

Is MS-DOS Still Important? +  

DOS is still in use and very important because you can perform a wide variety of tasks using command lines. To perform automate routine tasks, batch files can be used. Also, one can correct mistakes as DOS provides scripts that commit the changes automatically. You can also do various other things while using DOS which is more difficult with other programs. You can rename thousands of jpeg and raw files at a time, keep track of time stamps and sequence them as well.

Memory Full on Local Disk C Error Message +  

If you are getting an error message that shows the memory is full on disk C, you need to follow some steps to fix this problem. You should empty your temporary internet files from internet option in browser’s history. You can also reduce the size and change the location of page-files by going to ‘System Properties’ and then clicking the advanced tab. You can opt for Disk Clean-Up tool to recover a lot of free space.

Why Do They Say “Break a Leg”? +  

“Break a leg” is an idiom that is commonly used in theatres. It stands for “Good Luck” and is a way to wish actors and musicians before going out to perform on a stage. “Break a leg” is also considered as a theatrical superstition where saying “Good Luck” turns an act in to a bad one. “Break a leg” has a synonym too which is “Chookas” and is used in Australia. This idiom is also often used outside the theatre in various other professions as well.

Making Smiley Faces on the Computer +  

While communicating with friends through an instant message, it is always pleasant to add a smiley face. The smiley face is a symbol of cheer which is expressed in terms of graphic representation or text representation. You need to hold down the shift key while hitting the colon key to make a smiley. To add a nose, you may use short hyphen located next to the number ‘0’ key. To add a parenthesis, you should hold down the shift key and then hit the number ‘0’ key.

Making Editable PDF Files So They can be Saved +  

There are various ways to edit a PDF file so that it can be saved. A wide variety of editor tools are available in the market. PDF files are an accurate representation of a file and are not meant to be edited. However, Adobe Acrobat & Acrobat Professional is one of the products and is used for small text modifications with the help of TouchUp Text tool function. For advanced text editing, Infix PDF Editor can be used which adds text to a book and offer impressive reflow capabilities.

Mailing a Letter Overseas +  

The cost of mailing a letter overseas depends in which country it is going as different countries charge different amounts. Your local post office can inform you the exact cost for the correct stamps. However, a normal letter less than an ounce will cost $0.90 with an additional $0.90 for anything over this weight. A local post office provides all information regarding mailing like how long it will take to get to the receiver and the procedure of mailing.

Get in Trouble for Using LimeWire? +  

In general, using Limewire is not illegal however it depends on the way you are utilizing it. If you are trying to download or use it by making all payments, it is perfectly fine. On the other hand, if you are trying to download some music, movies, software or games without paying, it can get you in trouble. You should be buying a thing in order to use it as in the case of Limewire or any other P2P program, otherwise it is called piracy and is illegal.

Legal Distinction between Selling and Licensing a Product +  

The legal distinction between selling and licensing a product is that while selling something, a person has rights to set the monetary amount for that item but licensing is a kind of binding agreement between an owner and the other person. Licensing a product enables an owner to set some mandatory conditions about pricing, profits and commissions for selling in the designated area. So, licensing is the legal form of selling a product with certain binding conditions.

6 Words to Describe Yourself +  

It is often difficult to describe oneself in just six words. However, you should always try to expose your positive characteristics in this situation. You may tell the other person that you are a self-confident person. You should explain that you are an efficient team player or you can easily blend with circumstances. You should never forget to answer in a logical way as it defines your attitude towards life. You should always be confident while describing yourself to others.

Is MySpace IM Not Working? +  

The problem associated with MySpace IM can be fixed easily. MySpace IM is delivered through a software program named ‘Skype’ that enables you to make calls through internet. You need to check if there is an error in your internet connection. You can also get a ‘HotFix’ from Microsoft if the problem is related to a bug. You may temporarily disable your security software for a while and try to reconnect.

What Type of Word is Hello? +  

The word ‘Hello’ stands for a greeting in English language. It is commonly used as an interjection or a noun. As per the Oxford English Dictionary, the word ‘Hello’ came from Old High German ‘Hala’ or ‘Hallo’ which was altered later. Hello is generally used while meeting other people and it is the first word that is said during introduction. The word ‘Hello’ is spelled in various ways in French and German languages but the actual meaning always remains the same.

I’m Really Annoyed Right Now +  

Being annoyed at times is really natural and a common thing for anybody. It is a bit tough but you should ignore the things that annoy you. If you are annoyed by other people, you should learn to avoid them. If you become upset, it shows that others can control you and you should not let them to do what they actually want. You should relax and talk to your close friends. You can always control yourself and remain cool and composed. That is how you can avoid all those things that really annoy you.

I need Information About Dongles +  

A dongle is a type of hardware and is used to prevent the unauthorized copying of software. The word ‘Dongle’ has come at random and describes how it was used for the first time. A dongle is attached to a computer for a secured software run. It is generally used in very expensive softwares which are prone to piracy. Some of the audio mixing and rendering software include a dongle to ensure their security. It is aimed at a small core market and provides a high end security.

I Need an AIM Screen Name +  

There are many interesting ways which you can use to create your AIM screen name. You can use symbols, Caps Lock, numbers and special characters in combination. You can also combine the name of your favorite flower with its colour. You may go for a screen name that suits your personality and defines you well like ‘sweet’, ‘Bold’, ‘Tiger’ or ‘Cool’. You can use your nick name along with your birth date that would be easy to remember and appealing as well.

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