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Prentice Hall California Algebra 2 Answer Key Page 76 Problem 9 Section 2.3 +  

9. Yes, constant of variation = 12

The constant of variation is another term for the slope of the line which the equation maps.

California Algebra 2 Answer Key Prentice Hall Section 2.3 Page 76 Direct Variation Problem 8 +  

8. y is not directly variable to x

In this particular case there is no direct variation between y and x, meaning there is no constant of variation. y and x are related by some indirect means instead.

California Algebra 2 Answer Key Prentice Hall Section 2.3 Page 76 Direct Variation +  

This section deals with direct variation, the answers for problems 1-5 are as follows:

1. The constant of variation is 2
y = 2x
2. The constant of variation is -3
y = -3x
3. y is not directly varying with the value of x
4. The constant of variation is 1/3
y = 1/3x
5. The constant of variation is 7
y = 7x
6. y is not directly variable to x
7. The constant of variation is -2
y = -2x

Algebra 2 Answer Key Glencoe McGraw-Hill California page 43 problem 7 +  

7. -2 < x < 2

The answer to this problem essentially states that x is between 2 and negative 2, establishing limits upon the domain of x.

Algebra 2 Answer Key Glencoe McGraw-Hill California page 112 problem 4 +  

4. (-2,5)

This is the answer to problem 4 on page 112 of Algebra 2 by Glencoe McGraw-Hill.

Algebra 2 Answer Key Glencoe McGraw-Hill California Lesson 1-4 Solving Absolute Value Equations Page 30-32 +  

Here are the answers for homework problems 1-10 from section 1-4 of Glencoe McGraw-Hill’s Algebra 2.

1. The absolute value of a can equal negative a if a is a negative number.
2. a. Absolute value of x = 4
b. Absolute value of (x - 6) = 2
3. Always
4. Absolute value of (4-6) is 2
5. 8
6. 9
7. -17
8. {-21, 13}
9. {-18, -12}
10. {-11, 29}

SharePoint iPad App Review Shootout – What is the Best SharePoint iPad App? +  

There are several iPad apps available for accessing SharePoint on the go – but which one is the best? We take a look at them and crown a champion. With the growth in popularity of SharePoint at many companies, having a good SharePoint app is essential for the iPad experience.

In this review, we looked at 5 recommended apps on the Apple App Store. Of those, 1 did not work with our server, so it was excluded. Of the remaining apps, there was one clear standout in everyday use: Sharekami/Sharekami Pro.

Sinking Feeling in Throat +  

If you are having a sinking feeling in your throat, it shows that you are suffering from anxiety disorder. It is a common type of mental illness and can affect anyone. Firstly you should remove all irrational fears and unrealistic worries about a thing, that make you feel sinking in your throat. You should try to be courageous and composed. You should not hold onto your fears over time as it may turn your problem into an acute one. You should also consider talking to your family and friends about it.

Sinking Feeling in Body +  

If you are having a sinking feeling in your body, it is a sign of anxiety disorder. Anxiety disorders are a type of mental illness and can be treated easily. The first step to overcome this feeling is to relax and avoid unnecessary worries about everyday activities. You should dissociate yourself from all those things that upset you and decompensate your mental state. If the problem persists for a long time, you should consider talking to a therapist.

Sinking Feeling in Heart +  

The sinking feeling in the heart is one of the symptoms of panic attack. It is also a kind of depressive disorder which is the most common thing in present times and can affect anyone. Firstly, you should consider taking help of a psychiatrist who is able to fix your problem right quick. If the problem is a medical one and not a psychological one, you may visit a cardiologist to get proper therapeutic treatments. You should not ignore your problem for a long term as it may worsen your illness.

Sinking Feeling in Chest +  

A sinking feeling in chest is one of the signs of depressing disorders. You should be extremely careful about it. Firstly, you should consider talking to a psychiatrist who can help you to overcome this problem. You should opt for a medical check-up as well as it could be a medical problem. If you are over-weight, try to reduce it and follow a healthy routine. You may also hang out with your family and close friends and talk to them about your problems.

Sinking Feeling in Bed +  

When you feel like sinking in your bed, you experience a kind of paralysing state which is absolutely natural during certain stages of sleep. This type of feeling is the most common one when you wake up suddenly from your sleep. In other cases, sinking in bed is a symptom of epilepsy which is a disorder of the nervous system. To avoid this feeling, you should not wake up at sudden from your sleep. You should try to take proper rest and sleep on a regular basis and avoid all negative thoughts. You may also talk to a neuron specialist about your problem.

What does the Shutter Button do on a Digital Camera? +  

The shutter button on a digital camera plays a very important role in clicking proper images. If you do not press the shutter button on your digital camera in a right way, you may end up with improperly exposed pictures. The shutter button has two different functions at two successive intervals. When it is pressed half way down, it allows the camera to adjust to take correct images and when pressed down fully, it allows you to capture the image. You should learn to use the shutter button correctly as it is one of the most important techniques to be learned in photography

What does S2 mean in Text? +  

S2 is an acronym that stands for ‘heart shaped’. S2 is one of the most common slang words which are used in instant chats, text messages and other internet conversations. S2 is used as an abbreviation for ‘Love’ or ‘Hearts’. It is often used by teen agers to express love for each other. S2 symbolizes the feeling of love and is typed frequently in web talks. It adds a kind of romantic feeling to a conversation and enhances its emotional appeal.

How do I Quit Being Jealous? +  

There is no reason for being jealous of somebody else because everyone has a unique quality in himself. The most important thing is being yourself and not to pretend to be a fake personality. It is obvious to be jealous of others at times but you should not forget that what you want may not be the thing you actually need in your life. You should be confident of your abilities and focus on your strengths, rather than being worried about what others have and you don’t.

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